What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Is there anything you’re struggling with while writing your stories lately? What are your biggest issues when writing or what do you struggle to write in general? Feel free to discuss them in the comments below! I’m struggling to get past the first chapter of my story so that the ball can get rolling with the plot


Do you have an outline? I find that having a plan for every chapter pushes me to write past the first parts of the story. Also, you could just skip that first chapter and get rolling with the plot straight away :grin:


I feel like the writing quality of my story went down hill after chapter 10, and I can’t seem to get it back up. The words just don’t want to flow anymore.


Same, I know what I want to happen but getting there is the struggle.


I usually just write and let the story tell itself. If it turns out to be garbage, oh well. Go back later and change it once a new wave of inspiration hits you. The point is to keep writing.


I feel that. I often struggle when my story hits a bit of a (necessary) lull in the plot… I’m going through that again now about 20K words in.

But as for the first chapter bit, I often start first drafts with the inciting incident instead of the necessary lead up, that way I get right into it a bit faster, and then I go back to the lead up and add that in later on or in the second draft.


I’m struggling with defining a symbolic incarnation of love/obsession/abuse. I feel like I need to make it real and call it something but a part of me doesn’t. Not sure what to do.


I’m struggling with a scene opener and the interactions between two characters in my most recent chapter. One is tailing the other and I have no really smooth way of having Person A break into conversation with a startled Person B without A being like “so you and I are in some deep shit and I kinda need to talk to you”. It just doesn’t really flow with the character or the scene to come, so I’m stuck.

Also struggling with perfectionist syndrome. If it’s not perfect the first time I beat my head into a wall trying to make it work, which I know is stupid. The whole thing has me in a tangle


Everything’s been going great lately… Except that now I can’t get over one scene. I’ve always been bad with fight scenes no matter how much advice I’ve read on them, hahaha. What makes it more difficult is that before (in my past drafts) I only needed to write that scene from a POV of someone watching the events but this time, I’ve changed the protagonist so I gotta write the scene about my MC getting his butt kicked.

I think it might even be that I’m not as much struggling with writing this scene as I am dreading to start doing it, lol.


I’m not necessarily struggling in the sense of writing, it’s more of how I want to put the story across. I guess, so like the plot. I love writing but I know my writing won’t be any good if I don’t create a decent plot to go with it. In other words, I managed to write roughly sixty thousand words but I’ve found that it makes the story drag out so I’m re-writing/revising and just re-releasing the chapters slowly. I suppose, for me its the inner part of the story. :laughing:


Unfortunately, the biggest struggle is the lack of selfconfidence :sleepy:


I am at the point where I am starting to build the main intrigue/problem of my novel. I am worried about writing the statement of the problem to come across as important, but do not drag it out.


I’ve hit the lull, too, at 67k words in! There’s plenty of plot but I messed up the pacing. My purple prose doesn’t help with that. Oh well, trekking on. Good luck to you!


Plot. I am having problems with the plot. I know what I want my story to be about but I don’t know how to piece it into a plot. Then I am troubled by making the characters. Overall, I am having issues with making the story. I will soon have a problem starting the story and sticking to it.


I would say my biggest struggle right now is accepting the pace that I write at. I wouldn’t call myself a slow writer, and I feel like I’m doing a lot of work as I try and post several chapters a week, but it still feels like I’m not doing enough. I think it’s just giving myself that permission to just slow down and accept that maybe I can only write 500 - 1,000 words a day.


Conflict is one of my faults. I love my characters too much and I have a hard time making them go through tough situations without making it a little easy. So I’m trying really hard in my revising right now to make sure that their struggles are real and that they actually have a difficult time overcoming those struggles.


COMPLETING IT. :tired_face:

Like, my heart screams ‘complete the damn book’, but then my brain screams ‘your English essay is due 12 a.m. sweetie what are you doing on Pinterest

Honestly, I have a lot of respect for people who have lots of completed works in their shelf while only having been here actively for, like, two years.

Unless you’ve pre-planned all your work, of course. Which again, I have a lot of respect for as well since you must’ve also dedicated so much time for that :'o


Actually writing it. I have the plans and outlines and theme songs and everything…but I lose confidence in the story every time I actually start writing it.


Currently going through what I wrote and editing them has been a major struggle. I feel like until I do that I can’t continue writing. My biggest issues when writing is mostly having more ideas than time to write and completing something from start to finish. I get all these ideas and I’m totally into them but translating ideas and making them into reality takes a whole lot more work and that is where my issues begin.


the enemies and mysteries. i’m really bad at mysteries, and so far one of my characters is on a hunt to find out who is trying to kill someone dear to him, but i’m having a hard time deciding how he should find out who the enemy is, whether they capture him or not, etc. it really sucks