What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Always stay true to yourself, despite what analytics show - it’s the most important part, if you’re not writing for yourself, who are you writing for? First, write for you then write for others, you can adapt for them, as long as the body of it is for you! I dont have any tips to others finding your content interesting, I too struggle with the same thing (rather intensely, thanks Anxiety - cue sarcastic eye-roll) but if youre getting reads, then you do what youre doing and you’re going to draw people in from your authenticity AND your content!


Any ideas on how a man tells the story of his human-vampire life not corny or overbearing?

The main characters asks how he lost his relationship with God and the vampire’s like, “well I’m gonna have to tell you about my life in order to do that!”


I would not do a lead on line, just do some imagery of the vampire setting up to tell, romanticized or otherwise, depending on the style of your story, and then let him speak. If it is bettter handled in the first person,you can always do an old fashioned title cut-in, I.e you set up, then tag

Ferrante’s Story

Should I burden you with my sorrow… etc


Yeah, there is a lot that happens in this chapter before this. The main character meets with his distraught fiancee who feels betrayed and upset but she doesn’t know why (she barged in on the vampire and the main character during a very brutal fight in which she learned the vampire’s identity and came to the conclusion she’s being cheated on and tries to kill the vampire. After he erases her memory but not the emotions behind the event, the vampire and human decide to cool off for a night and have a talk the next evening which is after the events I’m about to talk about). He tries to reassure his fiancee that things are fine, they sneak away, get physical, and he tells her that he refuses to confess to his pastor until he’s on his deathbed (confession is what caused the brutal fight involving holy objects last chapter). That night the vampire arrives so they can understand why everythung happened as it did.

Basically, the main character confessed to his pastor that he had sex with the vampire (a no no in the Catholic church) and the preist (who honestly was just trying to help a brotha out) gave him holy objects to ward him away, leading the terrible encounter.

So after deep heartfelt explanations and apologies are given, the human asks the vampire why he stopped believing in God. Maybe a better way to address this is for the vampire to sigh and set it up…and do the switheroo to first person.


Well, give it a shot, see if it works for you.


I personally love that method and I know readers would appreciate some quality time in Haydn’s head. I know I will.


I’m just burnt out on writing. I have three stories all thoughtout and outlined. And I still don’t feel like writing anything. I don’t see the point anymore. I’m really struggling with motivation to keep going.


Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take a break, pick the one you really love above all else and fly solo for a bit. :slight_smile:


Thanks. It’s been going on two weeks so far. I used to write everyday. I think I’m stressing myself out because I want to finish these two books because I know how it feels to be invested in a book but the writer never finishes it or takes forever to finish it.


I have a question, how do you guys make a general outline of the events in a story? I don’t exactly mean plotting. It’s more like when you have multiple POVs and there are specific points that push the story forward, but they’re parallel (in my case, a city is divided in two so it’s literally one side and the other) and conflating those and criss-crossing everything… How do you do it without losing your mind like I am right now pls


I basically wrote paragraphs on what is going to happen with POV and timeline tag on each paragraph, then shuffled them around to know what I want to go where. I did not care about grammar, just shorthanded everything.

I also apparently maintained a running synopsis for quite a while, wow. I guess, I really dreamed of publishing it or something.

I am very embarrassed to show it, but that’s how a paragraph looked like

To the Victor Go the Spoils Spring 3 Shanjiang’s POV Maybe insert a whine on how hard it is to describe the battles and who would read them? The Temple of Serene Joy spells prohibit the landing to the demons, the elemental and human magic is battling, so it is the human land forces that capture the city in the end. The Emperor Wo Jia commits an honorable suicide.Zha Yao, Lady Chen Guang and Zhu Zhao swear an oath on behalf of the humans to never creating a seafaring navy. Zha Yao ceremonially gives his pistols to Du announcing that they host an old spirit of righteousness, and every Emperor need a faithful servant ready to stand up to him in the name of righteousness, etc. Lyn publicly announces 3 year mourning rites to protect herself from the marriage.


I should be as detailed as that when laying down my ideas. I have zero organization skills and moving on impulse doesn’t always work, heh.

And don’t worry about the synopsis! We all keep those little notes for ourselves that only we can understand (I have a few notebooks with a series of weird things scribbled down that even I struggle to understand. Since I don’t like to throw anything away so I can look back on it, it’s fun to revisit those)


@all Hello! I am having trouble with my fantasy story. I have a world, a set of characters, but I don’t have a plot…I have the beginning of the plot but I feel like its becoming cliche and its not really going anywhere…

Any suggestions on finding inspiration or anything at all?


Heh, no, my synopsis was that summary that you submit to an agent, a list of what happens chapter by chapter, like this:

The ladies take refuge in the hidden Pagoda of the Thousand Fleeting Thoughts, owned by an ancient Mage, a distant relation of Lady Chen Guang, known only as UNCLE. He casts Tien Lyn’s bone horoscope and tells her that she is destined to bring about the raise of a new dynasty. Finch, however, cautions that the most powerful word when it comes to fate is ‘maybe’. The Uncle sends the ladies to find refuge with his business associate, CHONG HO, in the former capital Port Sutao.

Lol, I was young and naive back then.


Well, a lesson there! We’ve got to admire our own courage when we make mistakes, though :smiley:


What do they say? If you can’t be a shining example, at least serve as a horrible warning?


Thank you so much for answering! You have many good points and I try to keep them in my mind as I descend fully into this world of writing. Being true to myself seems like a good way to go - if I’m not happy, why would others be? Haha, let us both do our best! Thank you so much for taking time advising me. :relieved:


Hello, I’m gonna pop in here.

For my story, what I’m wrestling with is laying out the scenes where there is basically little to no action. For example, I know where many of the major turning points / scenes play out, and how characters will react, but when it comes to the stuff between, I get stuck. Because it’s boring, lol. It’s tedious, but necessary.


I would make sure SOMETHING of any degree of importance happens each chapter. Like for my book, I have a Chapter by chapter outline. But it all features something important.

Prologue: sets story and setting, mysterious bat.

First Chapter: meet Elijah, asks Abraham for his blessing to marry Irina

Second Chapter: Elijah proposes, engagement party.

Third Chapter: During party, wedding date is set, Elijah is scratched by “something,” moves in with Irina and her father.

Fourth Chapter: Elijah is stalked by shadow man in the middle of the night



We’re always here to help - even if we doubt ourselves at the best of times!