What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Idk the relevance of those scenes naturally, but I keep a rule of thumb that, if a scene is boring to me, I skip it, it will probably be boring to the reader. Alternatively, I mention it in the scene that comes after with the needed detail.

For example, I had a scene that was just a few people talking, important for what comes later and what is being said, and then I had another where the two MCs show up at someone’s house. I tried to bridge between the two but it was just boring, so I skipped it. I tried to mention that in the new scene: when they stood at the door, one of them kept glancing around because the past week, living out in the open, had made them vigilant - even though they are struggling to build trust with the people in the previous scene. Like, tiny things like this, just what matters to highlight what mattered from that moment that really didn’t require me going into depth. Idk if it’s your case at all, of course, but it might help :slight_smile:


I love the chapter I’ve written so far, with Xi’s bathhouse, solitude and loving-hating the foreign city, but I wanted to end the chapter when he knocks on the house doors, expecting his mother to be there…

…and it will give me 1.3K words chapter. I can grow it a little, maybe show the stranger who opens the door, but I am not sure. It feels too short. But I always wanted that break after he knocks on the locked door, and start the next chapter with the door opening up.


Definitely the plot right now. It feels like a basic dystopian story and I hate that. I’m also at a point where I want an event to happen, but I don’t know if it’ll hold emotional weight because we’ve only seen this characters in 5/20 chapters.


Ooooh, just reading that first section of paragraph sounds so enticing to read!


This is very valuable advice! Write for yourself, but also be conscious if you feel a certain way about something the readers may too! I do “chapter splits”, with a little symbol for small jumps in time to prevent boredom!


Too kind :slight_smile: I did end up tying it off on Xi knocking, with a bit more inner drama, and now I have to start with the door opening up. I should be good for a bit, heh.


Finding the time to write it. XD


We could be doing it now…but we ain’t, seee???


I actually unpublished about five chapters (meaning, everything I’d written) because I felt the chapters were too short as well. Mine were also about 1k in length. They also needed some general revision anyway, so … yeah.

I also was very motivated to post up the prologue and now … I’m just. How do I write boring things again lol.


Oh, I never publish till the book is done, so I am just writing. :slight_smile:


Tbh that’s probably smart, I’m just impatient lol


casually joining this thread lol

i’m having trouble adding personality to my chapters! i know what i need to write, but every time i write it it’s boring (and the main character is supposed to be the opposite of boring). or, at times when i want her to be mad, i always seem to write her being really chill, and i’m not sure why haha. anyone else experience this?


Sometimes the characters just resist you.

As for being boring, well, that’s my bane. I fight it by writing as funny books as I can. I am worried I am boring every time I write something more serious.


i feel you. my mc is witty, so i’m currently working on that. i see some authors write wit and humor so effortlessly and it makes me jealous!! does it come naturally to you?


Absolutely. I live a life of suppressed amusement, and let it out when I write.


I’m actually getting to the point where all the other characters except my MC seem more interesting to me. Which is probably not good.

Maybe I made my MC a little too ‘perfect’ lol. Probably gotta give him another few doses of flaws.


In my one story, I’ve gotten bored. I just want to get into the major point of conflict, but it’s hard to write the build up.


In my other story, I’ve realized I know very little of how a musical is produced, since I made my MC a lighting designer.

Like, do lighting designers physically work at the theater at all times, or do they also visit the rehearsal studio?

Also, when does a lighting designer become a part of the musical creation process? In the beginning? Or only near the end?

Ugh, I’ve tried googling the answer, but it’s hard to find.


Now I am curious, that sounds like a super interesting job, but I don’t know anything about it either. Are you talking about the people that control and set the lights during a concert and such?


Omg, I relate. My characters are finally dating, and I want the conflict to just happen. But at the same time, I feel like their relationship doesn’t have much at stake if I write about them getting together in one chapter, and them breaking up in the next. At the same time, writing about them going on dates feels pointless. Like it’s not carrying the plot forward.