What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



there’s nothing wrong with a little fluff :slight_smile: i’ve always appreciated being able to breathe in books, especially in the romance if it’s had a build up


worked at a concert place when I was a teenager. almost everything you’re worried about depends on the venue, so none of it is unbelievable :slight_smile:


Ah, I’m glad you relieve me of my worries.

Even though I write fiction, I still want my plots to be believable. I guess that’s why I don’t particularly like stories about billionaires or princes. The characters always seem to have way too much free time for personal drama, when their professional lives should probably be taking a much larger portion of their days.


you’re right, i guess i’ve never really thought about it like that.
thanks for the tip!! i’ll definitely use that to my advantage later on in my story :smile:


Thats excellent, thank you


I’m struggling to actually write the last few chapters.

I have a little deck of 3x5 cards that say a sentence or two each about what has to happen, so it’s not like I don’t know what to do. All the players are in their places and all the situations are set up. I’m even happy with the writing so far and the planned ending is consistent with it.

But this is where a lot of things start happening very fast and they’re all synchronized and connected, and I sort of look at the pages and start assembling all the things in my head that I need to keep in mind when writing the next one, and there’s a barrier of concentration/intimidation/etc that I have to push through.

I should just be throwing words at the wall and then rewriting, again and again, as I see all the mistakes I’ll make. Instead I’m getting in my own way trying to get everything right in the first draft.

The work on the chapters so far feels like sculpting or building parts. Getting them up to good quality is a challenge but each part, individually, is relatively simple. This last few chapters where it all comes together is like assembling an intricate watch out of the parts.


Ah, but that’s where it gets interesting too, in the outcomes. Persist, and you will see it come together.


you have one of the most cinematic and best climactic ending i’ve read


Right now, I’m dealing with rewrites.

I was pumping out chapters at a good pace, but eventually the quality and passion started to go down. I tried to wiggle my way out of my writing funk, but eventually realized that the two months worth of chapters had to be taken down.

I was failing my readers, though they are way too kind to say so, and failing my character’s. I had to admit that I wasn’t writing well enough and my book deserved more, so I backtracked and found where my passion started to dwindle and took down all those chapters.


Thank you, I have terrible troubles with the beginnings, but I so love writing the endings. :slight_smile: The word “End” is my absolute favorite word to type.


I respect this very much.


My worry is that the novel I just put up doesn’t have enough meat to it. I’m proud of it, but feel like I have to flesh out some more. It was my first novelization, and I did add some of my own flourishes to the source material, I just think I still need more. I sat down to write a novel and it came out moreso a novella.


Any ideas on how to flesh it out? I outlined all of mine by the chapter to give it that meat.


I’m thinking some more backstory with the main character, and some more development with another. At least for starters. But the lastthing I want it to be is filler. I like the pacing.


i just never feel like my characters come across the way i want them to. and that really puts me off writing overall because if the character’s aren’t great then the story as a whole can’t be great and i don’t want to write something that i know is going to be bad… and then i don’t write fro weeks at a time, then lose all inspiration, and stop writing altogether.

it’s a vicious cycle for me


What a mood


well at least it’s nice to know i’m not alone in my suffering


We all feel you


hopefully not literally


Hahaha ni