What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Not a bad idea. Some filler isn’t bad but you’re right. Overdoing it sucks




It happens. Sometimes it’s fixable, sometimes, well, see what you can do with it. It might not be exactly what you have seen in your dreams, but it will be something


yeah i get that, but i hate doing things that i know aren’t going to go the way i want them to… idk i might just quit writing altogether i’m not very good at it


Not having enough followers, maybe because there are few readers for that genres. And due to that I lack in motivation to write.


I feel you. What I just put up is a novelization for a TV movie that was made back in the 80s that hardly anyone has heard about or even remembers. And with no teens or romance in it, there’s little to attract. But I know there is more to Wattpad. So while it can be discouraging to see a stagnant or barely increasing number of reads, I’m holding out for the few that might enjoy it. I hope you do too, and that it doesn’t discourage you.


Everyone does, try to find others… WP is huuuuge.


Well, it’s always best to take things to the end though. It’s more gratifying than quitting, I find.


Right now, I’m struggling to even begin the story, the characters are fleshed out and the plots are done but how the story begins and flow is the hard tidbit on my end


idk… i’d probably rather be either writing or not writing than in this weird limbo i’ve been finding myself in recently where i say i’m writing but in reality i’ve typed maybe six words in as many weeks

i just need to motivate myself, i guess, but the problem is i just don’t know how to do that


Struggling with the fact that idea came to me last night that has nothing to do with my current story. It’s stalled the process and I CANNOT AFFORD TO START SOMETHING ELSE.


Just write it down, and get to it after your story is finished. It is a good thing to have Project Next, not a bad one. I have a couple of short stories ideas, a couple of novels sitting on the parking lot file. If I think of something for one of them, I just keep adding to that file.


Hey I am new at this thread


I am struggling of writing a dark humor story and I need help


What kinda dark humor we talkin?


It’s a supernatural/paranormal dark comedy which is my first time writing it but I’m not sure how to do it?




For me, Im struggling with actually writing something. At the moment, Im about 3 months deep with writers block .


It’s about Connie May a broke guitarist who is looking for a new apartment after she got fired, the ex-stole half of her savings, landlord kicked her out and the band member left to join her ex. So, the night before she left, Connie went out to the bar and got drunk. Then, she suddenly found a stranger was cornered by gang banger and Connie used her police alarm app to scared them away. The stranger is a girl covered with stitches(her name is Marianna), drunk Connie thought that she is a cosplayer. Without thinking straight she invited Marianna to her place for her last day. As they drink and talk to each other, Marianna is naive or took pity on Connie. She gave her a business card to an apartment building and tells her about an available room with three of her roommates.

Next morning, Marianna is gone and Connie has a massive hangover which is the reason why she was confused. When she found the card and slowly remember the available room. Connie just thought to just check it out for a bit since she has nowhere to go.

What she didn’t know is that the building is a portal to another world called “Earth X” full of monsters, aliens, demons, devils, and conspiracies inspired government.


That’s pretty cool and all…but why did she give her the card?