What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Marianna can be a little naive to bring people into her home for comfort and wanted to hang out with people a bit.


But the problem is how to write dark comedy into the mix?


The comedy is in how you write it. What you have is a situation the character finds herself in. Your book is going to be about her extricating herself from it. Whom she encounters on both sides, how they interact between each other and her will give you the comedic fodder.


I am still not confident to make a good joke or funny situation.


Then don’t write comedy? Write to your strength.


But I still wanted to write it as my own creation, I just want a guide to know the basics of a dark comedy.


A damn title. I can’t think of a good one.


In general, you want to take a scandalizing or grim issue or character and make light of it.


Okay I just hope that it’s not cheesy


I have a hard time planning my story. Plans have never been my strong suit, in anything, but I try to think of different ways. Also I have no idea if what I’m writing is actually good, but I have no confidence to ask anyone for opinion. I’m just happy to write for now I guess. I hope for the best. :sweat_smile:


The only thing you can really do, write till you yourself love it :slight_smile:


Yes, I am trying out hard. I know, I should hold on, have patience. But I recently unpublished my work out of frustration thinking I am doing something wrong. My mom says that I shouldn’t be worried about the followers and all, and concentrate on my story, then only I would be successful as a writer. I know she is right deep down, but still a writer needs motivation, tbh.


I am trying to find people who write my genre. Another problem is because WP is huge there are lot of people who are talented than me, so it’s like they would pass my story and consider a good well-written story. My grammar sucks and my writing is mostly towards sensitive side.


It take time to improve writing, so don’t give up!:+1:


Thanks. I think I have improved but it may not be enough. And when someone says ‘don’t give up’ I feel that have I doing it wrong? Why can’t I get even on step one? I mean, if writing is really for me? Or am I kidding myself on that part.


naa I haven’t read your story TBH, but you kinda sound like your about to give up. Anyway, it sounds like you want some encouragement from someone. your welcome:grinning:


I am on the verge of giving up. I don’t want to. Seriously, I don’t want to. But, I feel sad that I haven’t gotten anywhere concrete. All I have written are WIPs.


That is true. Especially when you’re proud of what you’ve written and just want to share it. Or you see super successful stories that are cliched and poorly written and wonder how that happened. Let’s hang in there. Your mother is right.


Writing is for everyone. Ability to express yourself is an important social skill, and with electronic media everyone can do it. You do not waste ink and paper. Reading and writing helps you interact with others. It always did, it just got easier in the modern world. We are all literate and have access to the net.


Haha! Yes, she is always right. She said it’s better to ignore such stories and read the stories which would actually benefit your work.