What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



ask strangers to read your book


Yes, I have got reviews and they were bad.


all you need is patience. You not gonna improve your skills all in 1 day.


Yeah, I love brooding I guess. :laughing:


About my story I can’t think of any good title name:tired_face:


Can I help?




What is the story about? Genre?


Fantasy. It’s a girl who married to demon king and turned into a weird looking angel. Her wings are white and black. Oh yea, her villager treats her as a witch because of red hair.


Xi and I are stuck on the top of the wall atm. He sees the dust, I have a quick banter planner where the old archer tells him he is demonfodder, then praises his master… but I have no transition to eventual battle scene.



Demon Swan

Odile’s Wings

Tarnished Wings



Do not worry about titles. Or at least, not much. If the book is ever trad-published, the publisher will pick a title and the odds they pick the same one you did are pretty darn slim. They may ask you to rewrite a chapter or two to give some character a “title drop” line, or not.

What you have control over is just the “working title” - strictly speaking, the name of the manuscript, not the name of the book.


When someone says “don’t give up,” what they mean is more like,

"Everybody starts with about a million words of worthless crap in their buffer. You’re not likely to see very high-quality output until after you’ve written your first million words.

There’s no shame in it, there’s no problem with it, there’s nothing wrong with you. Don’t be discouraged by it, there’s nothing unusual or strange or shameful about it. Probably every last one of your favorite writers started in the same place, because literally EVERYBODY starts with about a million words of worthless crap in the buffer.

You’ve just got to keep writing until you get past that first million words, figure out what’s wrong with things you don’t like, and keep trying to improve it and polish it, and then you’ll have that crap out of your buffer and you’ll start getting to the good stuff."

Seriously. Good writing comes from practice, from rewrites, and from critical reads where you can actually see what’s wrong and what doesn’t work. It takes time, but most people who really want to write, if they plow through that first million awful words, become good writers.


Thank you @RayDillinger or responding.

This is the best advice I have ever received. Encouraging at most. Yes, I agree with your point that the first draft would always be horrible than your second or third draft. Still, sometimes I feel if I am doing wrong and that realization gives me nothing but stress.

I also tend not to take criticism very constructively but I guess that is something I need to change. I know the answer to my question is right within me, but I require push one time or the other. Sir, if I may ask - what is the best way to battle the writer’s block when you are in the middle of the novel? I have tried restarting my novel but so far it doesn’t work.


The more critics you will receive, the easier it will be to take a deep breath, and then think it over to see what you would want to take from it, and what you will ignore.

One of the best lines in my book I owe to someone who casually said, “that just does not makes sense, b/c he cheated” in regards to the line I was proud of, and I have replaced. one of the best scenes I owe to someone who made my blood boil by writing in closed critique forum something like “nah, that does not work because it’s too easy for him, I am no longer interested in your story’. I had to do some deep breathing for half a day, fighting all the objections that came to my mind to tell that guy off, then I sat down and rewrote it so it would not be too easy for the character.


My biggest problem is naming and detail i have a idea on what types of stories but when it comes to detail i suck


Start small, always start small. Can you write a 1K story that has enough details, beginning, middle and end? If not, make it your first goal, and, once successful, grow from there.


thank you i will try


Good luck, it is very fun to see something come together. :slight_smile:


Yes, that would make sense. Let’s see how I go through this story.