What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Right now I am down to my last few chapters and I’m just struggling in general trying to finish these last few.


Keep at it!


Transitions. The transitions in this chapter are killing me.

I have two scenes left, the dancing demons looking intimidating, and the Fenghuang landing on the towertop…

Those both should be extremely fun to write, but the transitions had been exhausting.


Right now, I’m struggling with my perfectionism LOL. I’ve been writing a series for two years now, and I know the world and the characters inside and out, so even the first draft of a new story in that series came out pretty clean. And I guess I’m really spoiled in that regard now.

But now I’m writing a story which hinges on the fact that the main character can’t physically leave her house. Yet she still tries to prevent a murder. Intriguing as her handicap is, I feel like all my scenes are too dialogue-heavy, there’s not enough action (even if it’s just characters interacting with the environment), not enough description, etc. It drives me up the wall, and I flee into revising my other story…

I need to glue a post-it on my screen YOU CAN FIX THIS LATER or something.


I am currently struggling with how to describe my characters without being so wordy readers get bored.


Do you need the transitional scenes? I use a jump-cut whenever possible, because I hate them.


You don’t need to describe them all at once. Think about how we perceive a person - we size them up quickly and focus on the most noticeable details. For most, that’s height, weight, and hair/skin color (NOT eye color!). And then how they move.

Everything else is too small to be noticed in the first three seconds of an encounter. You can mention their crooked teeth later, once your character has interacted with them some more.


Yup, like here:

“I did not ask you to, Chong Xi. I asked you to record the translation of the ‘Word of the Ancient Days of the Principality of Daghrajan.’”; She did not look at all disappointed, but he still felt like a black slug on a gleaming lotus flower. It was so much easier to be a hero when all you had to do was to bury demons alive!

“Daghrajan it is then,” Xi sighed, resuming his place, brush poised, the half-destroyed flower tacked in his sleeve. Men grew white hair arguing with the faeries, they said. And those who said it, had not even met Sister Sayewa.

The fourth morning from the day when they’d locked the city-gates brought the ancient days of Daghrajan back to life.

The distant army came so close that Xi could pick out the riders from the milling mass… etc.

So, yes, I cut through, moving Xi back to the wall after they have a big argument, but I need a connection/transition before I could go to my army display, then the dances. I have been fighting with it for most of the day.


I am currently struggling with the longest Mexican stand off in the history of Mexican stand offs. I’m pretty sure 1000 words is too long for this portion of the scene. but it doesn’t feel right to describe only the action and not my MC’s thought processes.


I really just need to blow one of my bad guys out of the airlock and have done with it.


Bad how? There’s bad critiques as in useless (vague, attacking the author, rude tone, etc.) and then there’s useful bad critiques that tell you what specifically doesn’t work in your story. Try joining a book club or critique group - not only will you get valuable feedback for your stuff, but since you’re required to critique others’ works in return, you’ll learn how to read with an analytical eye, and that will help your writing, too.


I’d leave it long for a few days till you forget it, then come back a few times with the pruning shears.


Hmmm… maybe try to think of transitions not just in terms of physical movement from A to B, but in terms of other connections, like a line of dialogue towards the end of one scene - and another character says something similar in the next one, picking up that thought, in a way. Or an object that turns up in both scenes, implying that someone brought it from the last scene into this one.

More like a thematic transition instead of a literal one, if that makes sense.



That’s what I did, using that text they are discussing in one scene, then starting the next scene with mentioning it in another location and new time stamp. It still feels clumsy to me.



You can have my post-it, I just need it back later XD


Is there anything you’re struggling with while writing your stories lately?

  1. Yeah beside the personal problems I’m having and before them, I can’t seem to write up the first chapter.

What are your biggest issues when writing or what do you struggle to write in general?

  1. My biggest issues is writing down my creative thoughts down for just ONE story, coming up with words that are not the same or boring AND not knowing what research is good for the stories.


Well, I am writing a self-indulgent book, and transitions is one thing I really want to be happy about. But this chapter is just torturing me.


Those aren’t things you should worry over when you write down your first draft. The important thing is to write the words at all. Fixing and polishing is for revisions.

As for research, have an extra sheet/file to jot down questions when they appear in the course of your writing. Then set aside a time to research the answers. In the beginning, before the story takes form, you can’t know what you won’t know :wink:


Well, I didn’t mean to ignore the issue forever - just leave it for the second (third, fourth, thousandth…) revision.


(Hugs) thank you for listening!