What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?





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I think I’ll try joining a book club. Giving a review would be a good option since I would be reading new stories and would learn about new narrative styles. Could you recommend me some book clubs or atleast let me know where can I find it?

The kind of bad I am saying is the one which provides a feedback but also gives a rude tone and attacks on the works.


To all who feel as you do… that “sometimes I feel as if I am doing it wrong and that realization gives me nothing but stress.”

Well, yeah. There’s nothing wrong with that feeling. If we’re ever to get any better, we have to be able to tell we’re doing it wrong. If we have any desire to get better, we’re going to feel that stress. These are the basic requirements for learning to write well.

There are basically two ways to stop all progress as a writer. One of them comes when you can no longer tell what’s wrong with your writing - or that anything’s wrong. When you can read your stuff and absolutely can’t find a single flaw in it - then whatever level you’ve reached is the best you’re ever going to do. Even if it’s not actually very good. The second comes when you stop feeling that stress - when you don’t CARE any more that the thing you just did could have been done better.

So, yeah. When you feel that you are doing it wrong and find that stressful? That’s okay. That’s more than okay. That’s necessary.


Okay. I never looked at my stress in that way, but I always feel burdened that I am not good enough. Thank you for that perspective. I think it’s a writer’s curse, to transform into a developed writer through the stress and burden going onto your mind. Writer’s need to have a strong mind to accept criticism and always accept that there is always a room for improvement.

My another question - “I find lot of people (including myself) who need motivation for their writing.”
Let’s take me an an instance – If I don’t find enough feedbacks or reads in my novel, I feel dejected. I may even stop myself writing for sometime but then again, after few months, I would start writing. But there’s a negative feeling of dejection.


I’m struggling with my blurb! I need some help please.


I need help with my plot!


Also, I have problems on how the characters move as the plot moves. I just don’t know how it should work. For example: The plot is she should be engaged with someone she doesn’t love, but because of money. How is that? How do I show that she becomes engaged with someone that way… how do I make her agree? It’s hard.


Would you like me to help? I could have a look at your plot?


Pm me! I can help :slight_smile:


Yeah, I would appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Just PM me your plot


I first off cant write a summary for this story worth a crap. But im going to put that off until im done, since Im not publishing it on Wattpad until its completed.

My main problem is that I can’t get past the rising action and move on to the climax. I keep adding to the rising action as I feel like its a huge jump from where I’m at right now vs where I want the climax to be, but It was originally going to be a short, 15K word novel, and im at 7K and still in the beginning stages of rising action. (Im writing about a barrel racer who went through a car crash and is now a paraplegic. I just got to the crash, and I need to write all about her recovery, depression, therapy, retraining the horse, etc, and other aspects of getting her back into the saddle.)

my climax will be when she goes back to barrel racing with her new saddle that allows a paraplegic to ride and barrel race.

how to I speed this up, but still get a more accurate recovery?


I really wanna write a very emotional (non-romantic) scene. I mean, I did make a few readers cry in the latest chapters, but I can’t help but feel that they were crying bc they loved the characters and felt sorry for them, not because of my descriptions and writing style.

So yeah. That’s what I’m struggling with right now and for a few chapters by now. I really wanna show intense sad emotions and scenes.


So the pace is what you’re struggling with? If you said you’re writing it fine, but it got longer than what you were expecting, then don’t worry. As long as you feel you wrote it right, not in a boring stretched-out way.

I originally planned my story’s climax chapters as only 5 chapters. Well, that didn’t happen. The number of chapters multiplied by 2 :joy: lol. Yup, the climax was written in almost 10 chapters
But it was still interesting. The readers loved it, and that’s what matters the most.


Now I’m struggling with reads for some books. Like some already have fandoms dedicated to them, so I’m really worried about getting reads for an original story.



I’m still struggling for a subplot to at least shows flaws in the most perfect characters in my story.