What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



There’s always the struggle of getting people to actually find my book ]:
But also I have trouble fleshing out endings. There’s one I’m stuck on right now where I know how I want it to end, but I don’t want the next chapter just to be a summary of my thoughts.


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What have you come up with so far?


I struggle a lot right now with the middle part of the story I’m writing. Sure, I outlined the chapters and already wrote a little over one third of the story… And I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy writing the ending. But the middle part is where I’m stuck. Badly. It just feels like going to a boring nine to five job: I know what I have to do but I’m too bored to actually do it :smiley:


I too am dreading saggy middle syndrome. And I’m only half way through Chapter One of my story. I know how it starts, I kind of know how it’s going to end, but the middle is a big scary blank right now. :weary:


I’m shrugging with writing a very upsetting and emotionally-charged scene in a way that conveys visceral horror without being obscenely graphic. It’s kind of a pivotal scene in the story too, so it has to be done right.


Hey, I have this bad habit of getting distracted and procrastinated of my story. How do you break the mold of that?


I have the exact same problem , lol


I just don’t know how to break this habit.


I struggle with procrastinating a lot too. There’s just so many things I’d rather do than sit down and write for a few hours.

It’s easier for me to write in short bursts. You could try setting up a small writing goal like a few hundred words at one time then go from there


I’m not sure


That’s how I tackle it too. Set yourself the goal of doing 3 short bursts of 330 words each during a day and by the time you go to bed you’ve got 1000 words you didn’t have when you woke up.


What are the community profiles and where they are?


I don’t know if anyone had this problem…

Anyway, in my WIP, each of the three parts opens with a single chapter in a different POV than the narrator of the rest of the book.

Like, Rustam narrates the first chapter of Part I, Zijun narrates the first Chapter of Part II and Shan Jiang narrates the first chapter of Part III. Xi narrates the rest of the book.

Anyways, I just finished Part I, and I need to write Zijun’s chapter. And I am sitting in Xi’s head!

Also, as much as I am trying to keep WIP standalone, I and staring to see that it will not be very interesting without Book I. I think I failed that goal :frowning:


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I’m paranoid that my MCs come off as passive characters, or worse, that one of my MCs is a damsel in distress even though my writer friends say they’re not.


Same. And I did it because everyone was clamouring for ‘regular’ characters, not heroes in the gaming community. But, apparently, a gal who struggles with her mediocrity is a hard sell as a character’s dilemma. (Hugs)


My biggest issue at the moment is simply writing. I’m so tired and my head hurts so much, I can’t do anything that requires intelligence or creativity

Domi, are you stalking me?


I hear you! I’m getting into exams and stuff here so finding the time and mental energy to put some words out is getting really tough


My way to write my story’s plot is to have a basic, structured sequence of events that I know are going to happen and improvise from then, in order to connect them. But I’ve put my MC in a situation that is making it hard for me to connect the dots on how she’ll move past it. I don’t want to re-write it because I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out. I’m just feeling almost as lost as my character is in my own story - she doesn’t know what she should do, and neither do I. :joy: