What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Deciding on a damn title


I’m struggling with writing the first chapter of my story. I’ve been rewriting it for a while, but it still doesn’t seem right. It feels like I’m writing too much dialogue in it. So, for right now, I’m creating a new story — a Christmas story — until I get past whatever insecurities I have.


coming up with dark pasts for characters that aren’t really basic and stereotypical - any tips are great thanks :upside_down_face:


Subplots, backstory, subterfuges and colorful minor characters grow like kudzu around my stories. I have trouble bringing one to a close because I have to decide what to resolve and what to leave dangling and what to just plain cut and leave for a different book, and it can be an agonizing choice.


Transitions again, heh. I need to go from the exhaustion of the battle in the jungles, and stuff to a more uplifting moment of sending a bird with the word of the victory.

And I am like… you cannot start a paragraph with ‘but…


I’m trying to write the backstory of one of my characters who lives through a pretty horrifying historical event around the 1930s. At first I was thinking about making him Haitian, because he’s French-speaking, and having him live through the Parsley Massacre. But he also speaks English fluently, so now I’m thinking maybe he could have a Jamaican mother. But he also plays violin, and I’m not quite sure how common it was for Haitians to play violin around the 1930s and what socio-economic status they would likely be if they did or if that socioeconomic status would have likely been effected by the Parsley Massacre in the Dominican Republic.

I’m not even sure how to go about researching all this shit.


Editing. I wish i wasn’t so bad at it :joy:


Starting another chapter.

But what I am most terrified of is the looming second draft where I will have to try to be less dry, injecting all those descriptions and feelings. I am much more interested in events and dialogues, but I have to learn to write emotions. (Sigh)


I don’t know if it’s just me but but I only like just plan chapter by chapter like I have no idea what’s going to happen in my book, I just write. So I just roll with it and now it’s not working I don’t know where to go with my book.


People call it pantsing. I am not a pantser, but when I get to the point where I just have a couple of sentences describing what is going to happen next and I don’t know how, I try to read back, what I already have, then look far forward to see where I want to end up. Then the scenes start filing in.

Do you know how your story ends? If not, maybe try to imagine a few outcomes and pick your favorite?


The fact that you’re not supposed to have parts that bore you seems like BS to me, because I do. But I need them. Getting from one part to the next, my characters can’t just APPEAR there. And I try to include aspects that are interesting to me, throwing in bits and pieces, but I find that this detracts too much time from the actual plot. It already took me way longer to get to the MAIN PLOT OF MY NOVEL because of this, but I needed to keep myself (and my readers) invested. I got a lot of lovely subplots, and even a few deaths along the way, but I’m just struggling for the in-between bits of my major plot.

Anyone else got this issue?


Ugh. I bowed to the pressure to add more paragraph breaks to my prologue and ended up having one that started with ‘However’. It’s irritating me immensely and I may have to remove that break. It doesn’t belong there. Sod it if people find my paragraphs too long.


I am the opposite: I do notice long paragraphs, I do not notice but/however starts.


Maybe it’s my age but I was taught paragraph breaks are to be used for scene changes and for moving between thought, action and dialogue. Anything more breaks the flow of the prose. I find it as jarring to read text where there are multiple paragraph breaks in a single scene or train of thought as other people find my old fashioned paragraphs too long to read.


I think it is not old-fashioned, vs new. It is more that different media looks for a different technic.

I do not have a successful work to back up my assumptions with, but I have an inkling that net writing values brevity and high impact more than paper does.


I think you’re right. When I compare my paragraph length to the authors I read on my Kindle there’s no difference. Some of my favourite authors may only have one paragraph break a page if there’s no dialogue.

I’ve been putting breaks in to my WIP on WattPad that don’t actually exist in the manuscript on my laptop, and readers are still finding them too long. It’s frustrating, because I think it ruins the flow.


I am currently struggling with starting the second book in my series. I fear it may be to soon for it, but I feel it is necessary to get an idea down for how this character is and how his story will be. But… I haven’t finished my first book and it is about roughly 9 chapters away from done. Give or take a couple of chapters.

I am not like most writers and write every day. As much as I would like to say it is a “stress free” environment… it is not. There is days I stress and struggle with characters or plots or general ideas. Sometimes I start a character one way and he/she morphs into something outside of my idea range. Which is frustrating. But, I guess that happens a lot.

So, yeah… struggling finishing one story and struggling to keep myself from starting a new one to soon.


I put my sequel aside to write a long short story with different chars/setting. I think it’s helping. Just a suggestion.


I have a hard time completing my stories.


Starting it. It has come to the point where I decided to make the last chapter first. I already know how everything is supposed to go, but I cant start