What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?


I am usually good at starting stories. I have have the opposite problem.


Help me then! I’ll message you later


Ok, let me know when and maybe we can help eachother.


I have a hard time writing relatable, likable stories. Also, I suck at any scenes involving emotion >.<


I’m struggling with introducing my second MC. I have his first scene written in rough draft, but I’m struggling to find his voice. He’s a world weary, cynical, heavy drinking man but compassionate and lonely, although he would deny that last one. Perhaps I just need to continue writing him and get to know him organically, rather than trying to pin him down from the start.

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Usually, it works. Then you can always double back and touch up on the first pages of his POV

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TIME ->I had a lot to do IRL
PACING -> my pace still bad
GRAMMAR -> it hinder me to actually write it freely (I wrote 80 chapters n stopped to edit ALL the grammar behind while my story haven’t even close to finish)

SPEECH PATTERN ->everyone sound the same

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Finding the time to write lol. College classes have been KILLING ME! lmao and The lack of reads I’ve been getting is somewhat demotivating…
Grammar mistakes been hitting me like a hammer lol


Writing the first word. I already have a plot in mind but when it comes to writing it down, my mind goes blank. I tried walking it off and listening to music, which is the usual when I’m in a funk but nothing is working.

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You know what also sucks? Wishing you had the time to write and when you finally get the chance…BOOM :boom: you’re hit by writer’s block. :sob: What do you do when that happens?


I take a brief moment to recollect my thoughts maybe have a snack or two listen to music and get inspired. It’s perfection over time not perfection overnight! Think about sculpting that shit takes the longest and it’s not done over night it takes time


Well rn, I’m struggling with flow and finding the perfect tense to write the story in.


I’m in the really early stages of my WIP and I am struggling with the plot and what should happen.


Getting started. I can write a character well enough but full-on writing a novel is difficult, but I’d like to graduate to it since i know I’ve role played the equivalent of a novel before. The trick is figuring out how to both get started and keep going without someone to constantly bounce off of…

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Hey I sorta need help a bit.


I’m smack in the middle of the novel, literally at the halfway point, and it’s a swamp in here. Spent a few days in writing hell / writer’s block to figure something out, and I had to make changes in the last part of the previous chapter to get going again on the current chapter. This way, the character moments in the fight scenes don’t get too crowded into one overall setting and delay the action when they’re split up into two locations. Hopefully that’ll speed things up. Hopefully.


I’m currently struggling with my MC having Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome. :c There’s not a whole lot on it to go by. She has Classic EDS btw. I’m not sure what I’m doing is right, and I really want to!


Going back to my stories and editing them. Some might get rewritten.

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This. Going through editing and posting a draft, the other book is waiting on the third draft after peo0le’s commenting.

Also, trying to cut a 3.2K chapter into two chapters before posting. It did not look this long in the draft. How did it end up this long? Argh.


I have been unable to motivate myself to write the last few chapters of this book - where everything comes together - for at least three months. It’s just been too big, too intimidating, too interlocked and complex and all the parts have to move together like a swiss watch…

Or so I’ve been telling myself.

I was wrong. None of that stuff is beyond my abilities. That’s not what’s been intimidating me and staying my hand.

I realized last night what the real issue is; There is one particular scene that I absolutely dread writing. There’s a character who’s been through Hell. She’s had an absolutely horrible life and been mistreated and abused and exploited until she doesn’t even think of herself as a human being any more. She’s a character whose harrowing scenes I’ve literally brought myself to tears when writing.

(Spoiler Alert: If any of you are following my current story, then you already know exactly who this is and you probably want to skip the rest of this message).

She’s going to die. It is the necessary, inescapable, and absolutely correct conclusion of her character arc. Doing anything else would reduce the story and undermine some of its basic themes making a story with impact and clear resolution into a pointless muddle.

And it’s worse than that. She’s going to die by her own hand.

She’s going to die because she’s been made so damn miserable for so long, and made to feel worthless, and has learned in the most brutal possible way that every scrap of happiness she’s ever known was faked.

She’s learned to think of her own existence as literally a crime against civilization and the abuse she’s suffered as the inevitable, inescapable criminal act AGAINST OTHERS that she enables horrible people to do. And which she mistakenly blames herself for.

She’s developed such intense self-loathing and hates her life so much, and hates the purpose that she’s been abused for, and absolutely despairs of ever escaping that abuse, that she can’t reasonably recover and she will gladly end it all it the instant she can. And, as author, I have to let her do it because otherwise she loses most of her meaning.

In short she’s an abused, innocent puppy who’s getting kicked for the last time. It’s totally unfair to her.

And I have been bullshitting myself when I have claimed that there is any other reason besides writing THAT SCENE that has kept me away from finishing this novel. THAT SCENE is the real barrier, the bogeyman I’ve been dreading. THAT SCENE is going to be emotionally wrenching for me to write.

But this is the only possible correct resolution in the story I set out to write. This is what this story demands of me.

And now that I have faced that fact, I must go and do it.