What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Sometimes I just struggle to write. xD It’s like, I know what I want to do. I am going to do it, but starting it is the problem, or going ‘eh, I am bored with this. Let’s do something else’. :rofl:


Sometimes I struggle to muster up the motivation to write. I will start a story and lose interest quickly. It is hard for me to stay focused on one story and keep it going.


I’m struggling to come up with the basic premise for my story XD


I have that most of the time, but just keep going. Never delete anything you wrote.


Getting readers & feedback. LMAO


Well, I’ve figured out the end and the middle, but I don’t know how to start the beginning :sweat_smile: So instead I just write seperate chapters that lead up to the middle and towards the end until I figure out the beginning … :joy:


aaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is exactly what I FEEEEEEEEEL


Want to try writing a modern day romance, with an overweight main character that is part of the plotline, but I am stuck conceptually.

If I make the lady overweight, and the guy - fit, then it will sound like wish fulfilment.
If I make the man overweight, and the gal - fit, then it will not be attractive to the female readers.


I just finished up writing a four-book series, and I’m now diving into a standalone story, but it feels so strange to be dealing with new characters. I’d been working with the characters in my series for so long that it was like I knew them as real people. We had great writing chemistry.

These new characters are interesting, but I don’t know them quite like I did the others just yet. It’s like getting to know new friends; there’s some hesitation and awkwardness right now. Hopefully now that I’m getting into the meat of the plot it’ll get easier.


I was struggling to get my next chapter kicked off. Not so much writer’s block as having to work for a living. I finally completed the first scene today. Now I have to get back in to my writing stride again. :persevere:


I can never:

Stick to one plot.

Stay focused.

Make it past chapter one.

Understand that I am writing a rough draft.

Stay motivated and stop procrastinating.

Have true dedication.

Bonus: I can never stop being bored with almost every story I try to do.


Because somehow… I feel like a failure for some reason. :sob:


Meeeee, I was so proud to make it to Chapter 27, but now I feel my want to write this chapter slipping. But it’s such a fun chapter. I have to push through.


Making it to chapter 27 would seem like a miracle or some sort of blessing.

I don’t know but I would be so proud of myself and even prouder when I finish it.


Looking at the plot ideas, worrying I won’t have enough content for the core of the story. I don’t have time atm to work on the outlines, I just put the ideas down for each plot idea.


The longest I ever did before that was 15 chapters, like 4 years ago and the word count was rather small, but it was completed.

This is a monster lol, over 100k words already and I have a planned 44 chapters, prologue and epilogue. I’m just over half way done.


Currently struggling with how to transition to a battle scene and finish out the story. I’m less than fifteen chapters from the end of my current project. The villain heads to where the MC is also going to confront them in a final battle, and I’m trying to keep readers engaged in the story.

I also guess I’m struggling with publishing bonus chapters. It feels like publishing bonus chapters throws readers off, even with letting them know in advance. I’m sure people are just busy, but it’s difficult to not get discouraged when activity is slower than normal compared to my weekend updates.

I need to keep reminding myself that people will have more time on the weekends to read stories.


I’m really struggling to write something that some people would call a filler chapter. There has been a lot going on past few chapters and I feel the need to just have a lighthearted one with maybe a just small conflict to keep things going.

My mc and her partner are on a long trip back to her old college and life. Her foster parents live there plus she was semi part of a werewolf pack for almost three years. It’s a difficult place to come back to since she fled before the story started after some heave losses. I want this chapter to be a bit more fun because after this, things will start moving fast towards the ending where things turn darker very soon.


Laundry listing. I’m trying to fix it but… :sweat:


I’m struggling with making my story more diverse. Like I want more characters to be of color, but since I didn’t outright describe this early on I don’t want to come off as a JK Rowling.