What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Whenever I dealt with new characters in the past - (from my time roleplaying and writing short stories at school) - I think it’s fun to do like “get to know them” mini stories that serve the purpose of you getting into the “groove”! They can be things added to the real story later on, but sometimes starting with mini-stories about the characters - (like filler type chapters) - can help!

It’s also a fun way to really describe their personality type and work with it in ways that can inspire you to really understand them.

New characters are difficult! ; o ; )/ Good luck!


Yeah, I did that with my series and it really helped. Love backstories.


I struggle sticking to one story and staying with it long enough to make a decent dent in the word count.

I currently have 5 wips and I’m always jumping between, this has been an issue since I started writing though :joy:


I’m not that good at making dialogue flow very well and the chapter I’m working on now is very dialogue heavy and low-key annoying to look at, but I’ll figure it out :slight_smile:


My biggest struggle is getting the ball rolling. I have the first chapter complete, and the outline for the second chapter, but everything else is a mystery rn haha.


That’s exactly what I’m struggling with. Right now I need to get my characters to dive into the climax of the story but I can’t make it happen. I’m stuck on the intro and I need to head towards the “Rising action.” What do I do?


You say your having trouble with the characters. My advice for this is to write down a characters name like so:


and then write down dot points about that character. Get to know your MC - or side characters - more that way you can write about them better. Write about their family history, or maybe just their history, and the connection they have to other characters. Once you have this information continue writing your story. Something is bound to come to you.


Realized that the lovely name Arseniy is not going to be lovely at all to an English speaker. Scratch it.

Pondering renaming the next book to edit from ‘Stellar Cruises’ to ‘The Space Spinster’ or “The Adventures of a Space Spinster”. Dunno if it is going to help or harm the chances to find readers for it.


I know how you feel on this one. I’ve come to the conclusion that my WIP is destined to be a slow burning epic and I should just go with the flow.


That’s the hard one for me. The modern requirement to go in hot is almost counterintuitive for me - because it either dictates a shorter book - which nobody is going to buy commercially and apparently indie as well - or necessitates slow parts later on. As a reader, I naturally prefer to build up, rather than drop off.


The thing I always struggle with is the description of my characters physical appearance. Somehow I can picture it in my mind and fail to put it into words.
It can not always be tall, short, blond, blue eyes, etc… :roll_eyes:


Do not try to go from top to bottom. Look at the character you see in your mind. What stands out? Then put that feature in when someone is interacting with him or her - either in their POV or by the character attracting attention to it.

If you have a picture reference, instead of plastering it in the cast list, look at it, and pick out what draws your eyes and what everyone else will notice. For example, I look at a famous figure skater, what I (and millions other on Twitter) pick on and mention is how his hair seem to always get into his eyes, how infectious his smile is because his teeth are even and his face is rounded giving him that fortunate adorable aspect they exploit in anime - something that everyone would mention again, and again, and again.


Thanks for taking the time to answer and thanks for your good advise. I am always unsure whether readers get enough information to be able to imagine the characters.


Human mind is wired to fill the gaps to our liking, and we love to be provided a springboard for our imagination. There is nothing more accurate than a train schedule - but very few would read that. The aim is to be captivating, not comprehensive.


Very nicely put! Thanks a lot! Do you give writing lessons? :blush:


Nah, I just have opinions & stuff. I share with others what I want to achieve myself.


I struggle little bit with description


Welcome! Just on time for that topic here I suppose. We were just discussing character description… :slight_smile:


Similar to previous comments, my advice would be to look at reference pictures. Finding someone with similar features then just describing what you see is so helpful! Also, reading other writer’s descriptions and seeing what you like from their styles can help to shape your own. (Obviously don’t just steal a description though)


P.S. I’m in a Philosophy lecture and should be paying attention, but :woman_shrugging: