What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



Right now, I’m doing touch up edits on work I have up here, No biggie. (four titles)

On the table is a novella I’ve completed save for a scene or two deep in the text, that I am unsure how to complete yet, because they could affect other arcs I may add,

Also on the table, a short story addition to a series of shorts that is turning out to be a novelette. (The plot is more complicated, and will take more time and word count to bring to conclusion than I first envisioned, so it sits there glaring at me.

Behind those are three other partial novels, some of them sequels,. In the wings beyond that,are two sketch outlines with first chapters, that I will likely never get to on my own that have real potential, sad to say. Or, as is said, “*Not with a bang,but with a whimper.”

Also on my plate, a brush up edit of three works I retired to draft statue here, and have not returneds to my roster yet. I probably need a crew, but well, Its just me, so…


I’m having issues with getting past my first chapter too! My story is a futuristic magic world and i can’t decide if i want to have a prologue explaining the history behind it, or if I want to save that for later on as I write. Anyone have any experience in this kind of situation?


Generally, it is better to drip in the lore, instead of starting with a textbook like info dump. It is really hard to care in chapter one who fought which war ten thousand years ago, and nobody, guaranteed, is going to memorize it. Add things as you go and need them. :slight_smile: you can put a setting guide in the end if you want to write one as well for reference.


Hello, I thought I would scoot in here cause I think this is a great thread :smile:. For the first time I’ve written practically a full length novel and I’ve hit my word count goal twice. I’m nearing the end of it and I’m sorta scared about going in to a second draft. I know there’s a few things I’m going to change, but does anyone have any tips on how to “kill your babies”, as some might say?


I need to get going with my sequel. I don’t wanna lose the momentum I’ve picked up but im worried might take another 7 years to write a new book.


Alright I’ll keep that in mind, thank you!

How about if I just want to explain how the world got to where it is? Like I’m not mentioning historical figures, just the events that took place.


Time is the only thing that helps me, taking a few months to write something else before redrafting. If it bleeds when you cut it, it’s too early :slight_smile:


Try it, you need it anyway, then you can always move it, split it or retell it and cut it. It is amazing how many ways you could resolve it. When someone without the knowledge of the background reads it, they can point to you what is missing. :slight_smile:


Okay! :slight_smile: Thank you so much! :sparkling_heart:


My biggest issue right now is continuing on with certain parts of the story without making it seem like I am trying to rush through. Without giving any spoilers, my MC is doing a series of ‘self-assigned projects’, but to her they are incredibly simple and easy to accomplish. Unfortunately, because of that, it makes it difficult to ‘expand’ a scene and provide a lot more detail, because it will be pointless considering she is only there for about five seconds.

There are the two sides to this that I see. Either people will see that each event is only really taking place in the span of one or two paragraphs, and they will realize that it is so incredibly trivial and pointless to write out everything, or they will see it as me rushing the story and just giving lazy descriptions.

THIS SUCKS. I like the part I am at in the story, but it is just awkward to write without making it seem too simple, but also not over-explained for what it is.


thanks for advice:hugs:


worldbuilding is so difficult


Like describing how a world looks or building a society?


I’m struggling with the romance part of it. I have two characters who are well thought out, but well the romance just isn’t there.


Maybe if you’re in a relationship or you know people who are, ask them questions to see how the romantic side of their relationship looks?
Or do a deep dive of romance movies.

OR do you need the romance at all in your book? Will the plot be affected if you take it out?


What if you place them in a place/situation that is unfamiliar to them? Sometimes the chemistry comes out in an unexpected situation.


The book is romance. I don’t normally write that genre and wanted to challenge myself. Oh boy it sure is a challenge.

I’m married and the romance in my relationship is “interesting”. I “sorta” proposed when my dog’s vet called my then-boyfriend my husband because we were together for almost 8 years. I asked him, “Why don’t we get married? Your friends and family thought we were and lastly my dog’s vet.” He knew my family was crazy and just how crazy so it wasn’t a blind decision he was making.

Yup, it was real romantic.


both honestly

its difficult to focus on character interaction as well as world and setting lol


Good idea!


Pretty much the same struggle as always … that other fancy story that I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to work on and keeps distracting me. LOL