What Are You Struggling With In Your Story Right Now?



I feel like I need this quoted on a shirt :joy:


how to keep the plot interesting without making the problems repetitive and annoying


How to start it, lol.


I really need a serious help here.
The book I am about to write would be a “Dog Fiction.” I am stuck with imagination, as where should I start? What should be the main plot of the book. Could anyone help me out here?


I’ve hit another small section of my WIP that is giving me fits in Chapter 18. It’s an important conversation between two characters and it really needs smoothed out before moving on.

I want it to answer a question a lot of readers have about one of them. But I think it is forced and might need dropped or rewritten.


I kind of dropped off half way through editing Epilogue, and got busy with life. Now, I don’t feel like going back to finishing it, but I should. I am really looking to the summer break after I post it, that’s for sure.


My problem is looking for long term r4r right now. I used to have a lot of these, but one by one the partners go away. I run my own service on the Story Services section, but the request tends to be one or a few chapters only. The problem is this: I excel at action scenes more than anything else, so I decide to only offer my service for action scenes; don’t wanna disappoint anyone all the while it helps filter the kind of book I want to read as part of r4r.

My own book club is actually a decent place for long-term r4r due to the small amount of members, but right now, the amount is even smaller to the point that it’ll die anytime soon. I used to join many book clubs, but slowly they’re getting annoying. I do not mind having to read sappy high school teen romance although they bore me, but I just can’t stand that several partners don’t understand the nature of anime logic and fuss over logic. Every. Damn. Time. It’s even more annoying than drop-outs actually.

I’d love to join a book club that is for anime fans only because of the anime logic thingy; there’s one good club, but I can’t join it due to a certain rule about genres…


My lead male and female characters have met but the exact scene is unclear in my head. I can’t write further until I fix that.


Ah. I feel.
For describing the setting, I’d google places similar to what you see in your head then describe them (sort of what I’ve said about character descriptions).
For creating a society, that one takes a while. I know whenever I’ve attempted that I’ve really wanted to make the society seem like it could function, so I’ve had to do a decent amount of research.

Also I feel like I’m talking too much on this page. Sorry guys :joy:


What I’m struggling with right now is that I already had an outline for my final chapter in my book, and I recently read the newest chapter of a book from the same sub-genre as mine and the most recent chapter is so incredibly similar to my final chapter, I feel like I have to change mine.

I made a post about it asking for advice and most people said not to change mine. But I’m still conflicted. They are just so similar.


I’m struggling with staying motivated to write. I feel like I’m a horrible writer and will never accomplish anything.


My first book is almost completed but I have a huge problem- there’s I feel about a 2 or 3 chapter gap between my third and last rising actions, after that everything else is written. I have no idea what to write for those two chapters, complete dead end.

The way it is currently set up, it looks like originally I was going for a minor conflict(a minor battle between two groups)*. However, where the book picks up again is the middle of a different conflict(a father/daughter argument with tragic past explanation) So I’m having trouble seeing where to take the book after the man vs man conflict without rushing into the man vs fate one.

*I am actually unsure if this was going to culminate to a battle or just a spying session.


It is not against any law to be horrible at what you love doing. People jog in the park, and we all think they are better for it, despite them not being neither Olympic athletes nor the most gorgeous human bodies out there. Same with writing. It is easier than ever to write nowadays, so many do that, and it is a good thing. It keeps your mind active.


Go slow, maybe? You can do it, you are so close! It could also be a good time to show it to a beta reader too, to see if they even notice the gap :slight_smile:


i struggle with getting reads. Is my story not enough? Am I not too descriptive? Do I not write well? Im just a person with passion


Im struggling with what happens next to my mystery story


Sounds like you’ve go a real mystery on your hands …

ducks thrown object aimed for head


Yes its mystery even for me


Its more on readers. When they throw snarky comments that’s when I struggle a lot. And i hate it.

I love constructive criticism but to read a hollow comments and nothing to offer, tip me off. :persevere::persevere:


I’m struggling with what happens in between big events/milestones. It seems so easy when I plan it but I actually try to write something and get the words down onto the screen, it just doesn’t seem to come out.