What are your antagonist's goals and motives in life?


Take an antagonist from your story and list their goal and motives that they have in their life.

What are they trying to accomplish for themselves? Are there any conflicts or obstacles that stand in their way?

What are your thoughts?

Bonus Questions:

  1. If your antagonist had a role model, who would that person be?

  2. Where would your antagonist be if they didn’t have their goals to keep them going?

  3. Besides the hero, who else does your antagonist hate?



Well for one of my antagonists, they’re sort a basic bishh LOL. They’re goal is basically world domination and what motivates them is wanting to have all the power and be a god. He wants people to both fear him and praise him.

  1. Their role model I suppose would be anyone with more power than him.
  2. Honestly doing bish work for others.
  3. Almost everybody except his minions and those who decide to join his side.

Still working on the antagonist,sorry i don’t have much info.


That is all right. Just come back when you are done working on your antagonist.

Elysia/Carli/The Mistress + Saris/Perfection

*Elysia combined her soul with Perfection to be able transfer her conscious into soulless clones. So it’s two villians but one body with them.

She wants power and control, but to her they are synonymous with freedom. She joined a nameless organization nicknamed the Ravens to do so. As the Mistress, she is third in command, under only Perfection and the Boss. But she wants to be at the top where she believes she’ll find the most freedom. She’s also trying to get her son back after a government organization kidnapped him. She’ll do anything to have everything she wants and that includes him.
Because their organization is the under the radar type, it makes it harder to achieve her dreams, forcing her to stage elaborate plans that sometimes fail to achieve her goals. Her son also poses a problem for her, as he is very defiant and doesn’t really want to stay with her. And of course, the other half of her soul perfection has her own goals and often interrupts her plans when she takes over the body they inhabit.

  1. N/A
  2. She would probably be a drunk living in a distant town. She would likely control a vast portion of the town as she’s very crafty, but would succumb to her vengeful tendencies and undermine herself without being able to realize a bigger picture.
  3. She hates her mother, who wasn’t always there for her when she needed her. Her father for leaving her behind. President Morari because he is sexist and ignores her ideas while she remains undercover. Perfection because she undermines her goals. And the Boss because he is exactly where she wants to be.

Being a dead ghost/soul her main goal is revenge on her murderer and former friend. She also wants freedom, but rather than in the form of power, she desires it through anarchy. She will only be satisfied when everyone else can feel her pain.

Obviously, her other half The mistress poses a lot of problems for her considering that she remains in control of the body the majority of the time. The Boss often tries to rein her in as he only wants to expose the world for what it is and bring freedom to those like him. Her murderer also stands in her way as she is one of the few people that might be able to banish her from this world.

  1. N/A
  2. She would’ve faded away as her insanity consumed her, eventually becoming nothing more than a memory.
  3. Her murderer for obvious reasons. The Mistress because she traps her and holds her back most of the time. She’s got a list of random people who wronged her too, but they either died before she could gather enough consciousness to do anything or because she killed/ordered their deaths.

I’ll choose Castiel for this.

Castiel (Caste) is the queen of the oni, a race of demons that value strength as their highest virtue and weakness as a sin. They believe the world is theirs by right because the dark god that created them promised them the world. They severely punish any who do not conform to their religion and societal law and make slaves out of the other races. There is a faction of oni who have chosen to leave this way behind and join the rest of the world. They came about after a plague of infertility became popular among their race. They found that this plague only affected pure bloods, but if they mated with other races, miscarriage rates dropped significantly.

Those who still follow the old ways loathe this faction of oni and have declared them not true oni. They slaughter the half breeds in a much worse fashion than the pure bloods who defect.

Caste belongs to those who see themselves as the true oni, the ones who follow the old ways and believe the world is theirs. Her goal is to give her people the world as promised and her motive for doing so is because her race is nearing extinction due to the low birthrate. She believes the reason for the infertility is because they’ve exhausted the resources of the land they inhabit, a small corner of the world known as The Abyss. However, she understands that to accomplish her goal, the oni must adapt their old ways. She struggles to find a way to maintain their traditions while adapting some of the thinking to secure her people’s future. She has to project strength above all else while doing this, and show it through her ruthlessness as the queen, which can be difficult because of the ways she knows her people need to adapt.

When the protagonist is the first of their slaves to escape, it gives her the reason she needs to rally her people and march into the world with the goal of reclaiming their strength by finding the slave and killing the slave, and taking the world along the way.

  1. If your antagonist had a role model, who would that person be? Her father. It would’ve been her mother until she felt she abandoned her.

  2. Where would your antagonist be if they didn’t have their goals to keep them going? Dead. The oni are an unforgiving race, and without her goal or resolve, she’d be seen as weak and executed.

  3. Besides the hero, who else does your antagonist hate? Her mother, and by extension, all the oni that have abandoned the old ways.


I am getting major Supernatural vibes. LOL!

Never even seen the show. Is that a character name?

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Yes. That is the name of one of the characters.

Funny enough, that character is an angel.

Interesting haha.

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Alfonso Rivera (Overdid this character, I know, but it’s the best for these kind of games)

He wants, basically, to establish a totalitarian dictatorship on the world under his command, under a fanatically religious leadership that would “unite” humanity for ages to come, this new world wouldn’t have poverty, hunger, inequality, or anything, it is the perfect world, everyone dresses the same, culture is built enterely around the creation of this world, the “last crusade” to achieve it, the great leader Alfonso Rivera, and Jesus

He truly thinks he is doing the best for humanity, he believes himself to be the second coming of Jesus

Bonus Questions:

  1. Most definitively Jesus, or so would he say. He also takes influence from Napoleon’s and other conquerors tactics, and from Hitler’s ambitions but to the tenth power

  2. If he didn’t have those goals, he would have probably graduated university as a normal person, and lived the rest of his life doing normal stuff, instead of becoming a dictator and genocidal maniac

  3. Anyone who defies him

Second antagonist, Leon, from The Nazi Huntress

He is the heir of Adolf Hitler. He wants to maintain the rule of the Aryan race and cleanse any inferior races, he strongly believes in German superiority and thinks he is applying the will of God in this (He doesn’t know that the nazis won in the first place thanks to the Devil)

Bonus questions

  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Probably would have graduated Berlin University and lived in the Nazi-occupied planet as a normal German citizen until Kim Yeong-Min killed whoever is the Führer and liberates the world
  3. Jews, blacks, homosexuals, etc. etc. etc.

General Sophia, from the same book as Leon

She is a nazi general, obsessed with purity of the aryan race, she wants to maintain the world clear from any form of “degenerancy”. Her main motive is hate for anyone deemed inferior to her. A strong superiority complex also makes her think she’s superior to everyone around her, even if Aryan, as well, the only exception is Führer Leon, who she stays loyal to

  1. Führer Leon and Adolf Hitler
  2. Probably wouldn’t have joined the military, despite possible, it’s a hard career for women of the Reich, so she probably wouldn’t have bothered, she would probably be a German Worker as anyone else, and would have been freed by Kim Yeong-Min when she kills Leon
  3. Jews, blacks, homosexuals, degenerates, etc. etc. etc.
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Sounds like your typical antagonist, honestly, there is nothing wrong with being cliche, though you should develop him/her/them a little more, ya know, add better motives than just power for the sake of it haha


Sounds interesting!


Love those nazi and totalitarian vibes. Some of my favorite books are that kind of historical fiction (if that’s what they call those history rewrites). Also Sophia is a true queen. I love your villians because their personalities could’ve also made some great heroes too!

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to destroy and conqueor

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Wow, that’s direct

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when ainty i


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