What are your best poems?

I am creating a magazine for school about art and expression. Anyone who would like to have their poem possibly feachered in this magazine, please share a favourite poem you have written. If you would not like your username attached please say so, or if you would like your real name attached please say so.


This poem is from my book


It was one of these cold autumn nights where the fog vanished all human insight away in its gluttonous stomach.

Nothing left to care for. My senses were my guides. Everything what used to be me is burried behind my home’s walls mold.

The streets were deserted. Only the bats were following every step I made to my unknown destination. Their bloodthirsty stares were shining in the moonlight.

But no sound could be heared from these majestical creatures of the night. With awe in my drowning heart I walked even deeper into the fog until

I dissappeared in darkness’ child where no star shines.

A visible aerosol, so poisonos yet too addicting to stop breathing it in until my lungs are filled with confusion.

Harnishing the pleasures of the flesh in random places. Locations - unknown.
Everything is connected through a simple cause.

Who cares for winter’s snow, Christmas presents or Santa Clause?
Those who have something to
fight for, these saints who’ve seen more dicks than any young mother, you call a dirty whore.

Mind your own business.
You don’t know what she’s been going through. Working as cashier in a dirty old supermarket from 6 p.m. to midnight.

There was this young girl, her daughter, who was raped by a former employee in July.
In which store was it?
The one at ‘Prince Andrew - street 7’.
Wait a minute, when it happened you didn’t give a fuck.
Well, that wasn’t a very noble
act but that’s how the world rolls.
Just like the wheels
of a new Rolls - Royce in Buckingham Palace.
Where is your emphatic
foresight, Kevin?

She’s doing this for her abused kid, a sacrafice she has to take, while you’re getting pissed off when some ‘Jewish pig’ is getting money from the state due of being in a worse situation than the Anti semetic you.

You reality tv - addicted prick,
shut the fuck up and
Keep on listening to Rick Astley
only to pick
out the first impressions you share with
the rest of society so all

of us unwanted scum realizes to never give up on their destined dreams where everything matters more than the dark seems
to show
in our corrupt universe.
Just put the dicks out of your mouth so all of us can understand what you’re trying
to tell us about how unfair it

is that a colored woman gets
the job you actually didn’t apply for. You think she’s a whore,
keep on doing this. At least I know, because your brain’s semi - functioning on hatred, you aren’t complete full of sperm because you’re in reality full of shit.

I think she was more qualified than you Kevin, you sick

Lost in my thoughts
but my eyes are opened up again.
On the cobweb hiding in my head my darkest memories caught on like flies that desperately try to escape.

But the more I try to forget them with my wife, the earlier the spider will suck the filling out of its prey.
And when this happens, less human you become.

In every form and shape.
Forgetting the name of
your daughter’s doll,
sleeping in your own vomit
and freezing in the cold
until one day you die,
can I say goodbye, my friend?

All I see are maggots who feast on the accomplishments of true heroes. Slinking in our meat to breed the eggs of an upcoming
generation that can’t breath
tonight’s air.

They all used their intestine as slings to create tight slipknots.
What for?
To hang themselves before they even had the chance to
receive the serpent’s kiss.

What about those lonely soldiers who fight the corrupt system every day that takes away your broken soul?

They become the prey
of the heartless wastelands which every city has.
Isolated and suffering
in a cycle of Crystal’s
lovely hugs
and sleepless nights
full of visionary

Prey I have become.

Dissolution, this solution,
is my catharsis. - Not my demise.

I am one with the fog.
A creature beyond your imagination.
I have no doubt anymore.
My life,
it does suck.

I stab my father’s knife in my eyes.
Not once, but twice.
To unsee my shame,
my unpaid sacrafice.
To send a signal to
those who’ll marry Crystal
after me.
She was the reason for my demise.

Now I lay down to thee.
But wait, where’s the light coming from?
Do you hear the angel’s lovely chants?
They’re calling out for my name.
I’m free.

It was one of these warm autumn mournings where the sun is shining through the windows.
I turn to the left, only to see my darling’s sweet lips.
Then I Iooked into her hazelnut brown eyes.
They were shining like crystals and then she whispered. -

'My love, you’re not dreaming
anymore. I’ve heared you talking while you were asleep.

The things you and I are going through for our daughter are always worth it.’

I responded with - ‘I love you and I always will do that


My best poems are published in my poetry book on my profile titled Between the Lines. I can’t link stories here cause it’s not a share your story thread but here’s the link to my profile https://www.wattpad.com/user/FantasySkies
If you end up using any, use my full name, Maygan Angland

There isn’t too many but if you cant be bothered sifting through, my favourite is Paper Ghost:

Paper ghost and scattered pages
Dried ink and lost places
Pale words
Hidden faces
Paper ghost and all her graces

Tempting lies
Incomplete lives
Sweet little paper ghost
And all her spies

Written emotions
Quivering motions
Paper ghost and her devotions

Constructed love, simply woven
You will never see her
You will never hear her
Paper ghost, she’s but a blur
Paper ghost, you’ll never deter

Paper ghost
Simply fiction
Paper ghost
It’s her addiction

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Quiet seeps
Quiet creeps
In the dead of night, quiet is found
Quiet whispers
Quiet twitters
Quiet can make
The loudest sounds

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The poem is called “Quiet” by the way lol. I found it in one of my old poem journals a while back, and I thought- oh I actually kind of like this. Pretty short and simple but that’s how I like most poetry :slight_smile:

All rights reserved here. Okay this is the first poem I posted on Wattpad.

Do opposites attract?

One unhappy union,
Going through enough strife to last an eon,
I watch them fight before me everyday,
A messed-up relationship in which I do not have a say.

My tell? It’s been years and they’re still strangers,
Oblivious to what’s happening to them and its dangers,
They’re like pigeons, you don’t know if they’re mating or hating,
But I really hope whatever love’s left between them isn’t fading.

Debates escalate over and over again,
The same facts repeated more times than ten,
Arguments between them are trivial and immature,
There is no end to the feud, no solution, no cure.

Cracks in the barrier are mended with cement as a quick fix,
Yet I’m scared that someday the wall will come down because of their sharp kicks,
The cover they put on, what the world sees, is fake,
When will they stop? The very thought gives my heart an ache.

A reason to be together is offspring,
But once they grow up, the bell of unhappiness will be back to ring,
My opinion? One of my morals is forgive and forget,
Will they give up their ancient grudge? That is something I cannot bet.

Opposites attract,
Is it true or just a science fact ?

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Here’s mine! I was inspired after getting Starbucks this morning, lol, but I still like it!

Its warmth sends a shiver

down my spine

and as the foam dissolves

so do my worries.

It tastes of bitter caramel

and happiness.

A kiss of purple

seals my promise

and a single, plum fingerprint

says, “this is who I am.”

Blinking through heart shaped glasses

into the sun,

I know

I made the right choice.

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“Into My Shell”

lightning never ends
my reservoir descends
below the line, my mind declines
to depths without amends

instead of interacting
sometimes I retract
beneath my skin and stay therein
to keep myself intact

yet someone once would peek
beneath my covers bleak
would lure me out with fruit and sprout
then peck me on the cheek

the world right then was bold
with flavors - bright, untold
although I shook, I’d overlook
the lightning, ever gold

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From my book Horses Of Bones

I can’t dream at night
seeing shadows,
dancing together hand in hand.
I see her face all day and night,
my darkest hour I go down Brogden Road.

Sweet bay filly I broke in
our bond is full and grown.
Her hot breath soothes me
I saddle to ride.
Full moon out with countless stars
I wonder how far you’re?

White sand truly glows
in the darkness
I mount her.
She walks off when I tell her,
hoof beats begin to drown her out.
My Irish beauty
the love I let go.

I see her green eyes
in every woman that I’ve known.
The only time I find my peace
is when I’m on a beautiful beast.
The creature God sent to me
when I was a child.

Eighteen years of riding
and now I’m twenty-four.
Two long years of hell
since we went different roads…
I still love her so,
I start to lope her
closing my eyes I feel every stride.

We become one together
whispering through body language,
I let completely go.
I can’t see her
when I ride,
it’s the only time my mind is free.

We flow as one
together in the sand,
I find my peace with every stride.
My Irish beauty forever on my mind,
sweet bay filly drown her out tonight.

My only peace in life
is when I ride every stride,
she’s the reason I ride horses day and night…

Copyright by: Neil Taylor, You can use my name

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Power Within

She’s got something,
Very promising,
Don’t be close-minded,
For you must see for yourself.

You believe,
She’ll be relieved,
But don’t think
She’ll be bowing to a boy,
Being rendered a toy,
You’ll be bitten before you blink.

You boy, full of ego,
Thinking she’s an object,
A title she rejects,
Don’t you even say item,

She’ll tear out your brain stem.
You come with a ring,
What a proposal
Instantly receiving refusal,
Your pride getting a sting.

What you call sass
Is what gives her class,
Only good guys can pass,
For equality makes love last.

She may seek a guy,
But one acknowledging
Her personhood,
With her words she can live by,
So sad you can’t supply
Her happiness,
Not that she’ll be silenced.

No one defines her,
Not a single person,
She won’t call anyone sir,
For she can take care of herself,
Better than you do yourself
In the 9 months carrying a baby.

She lives without a husband,
You see her doing it now,
Why don’t you bow
Instead or face her wrath?

Mess with this woman,
Turn her a slave to your will,
Reduce her to countless cries,
But still, she shall rise.

She’s got something,
Very promising,
Haven’t figured it out?
See for yourself.

By Jared Nera. You may use my real name

You’re giving me wings

Without you, my pretty witty kitty,
I would be lost in my forgotten city.
You’re my salvation, my lifesaver.
You’re my poetic muse, my fate engraver.
Before I met you, shy white-winged dove,
I didn’t know what is the real love.
I wish we lived our whole life, just you and I.
Because my wingless soul only with you can fly.

Twilight is a


Where you can tuck away

The burdens you bury

Where you

Stay in stillness

Where your

Blessings and your curses

All look the same

– Azri (me) from Of The Moon