What are your other character's thoughts on the main character of your book

Name your main character. Then, you name as many of your other characters as you want along with their thoughts on the main character.

Main character

  • Other character 1: Thoughts
  • Other character 2: Thoughts
  • Other character 3: Thoughts
  • etc.


  • Alex: “He’s a good kid, though he has issues.”
  • Wildcard: “Interesting kid. He is very skilled.”
  • Dynamite: “A good friend.”
  • Knockout: “I like how he carries explosives to make things go kaboom!”
  • Eagle: “He ended my winning streak.”
  • Phoenix: “A good friend. He will always come to help if you are in a jam.” I also kinda like him a little more than a friend.


  • Gayle: “Well, you weren’t supposed to be like that. That’s not how I designed you.”
  • Lazuli: “You’re so cool!”
  • Aelita: “Censored
  • Damon: “F$#@ing android stole my wife.”
  • Logan: “Look at that, he’s a real boy after all.”
  • Andrew: “Quite a feat of science.”
  • Evander: “You are mine and I will make you how I intended, you beautiful abomination.”
  • Mandolin: “F$#@ing android stole my father.”
  • Mac: “You poor s.o.b.”

Alex Kingsley

  • Will, aloud: “She’s impulsive. Stubborn. Nosy. And violent.”

  • Will, in his head: But…she’s also compassionate, virtuous, intuitive, and strong. And I’d follow her to hell and back, no questions asked.

  • Fudge: “She gives me hope.”

  • Mason: “She’s a feminazi from hell.”

  • Tom: “I would die for my sister. But then she’d kill me.”

  • Rover: “Fuse is my official adopted niece, and if you so much as look at her the wrong way—”

  • Siren: “She’s like me – fierce, passionate, and lethal.”



Ulric: “She has a lot to learn, but her heart is pure and inspires me to be better.”
Soren: “The daughter I always wished I had.”
Gerard: “I owe my life to her and will stand by her every step of the way.”
Leda: “My new little sister.”
Guinevere: “Utterly annoying, but I guess she cares a little bit which is nice.”
Zora: “Confused and lost, but she’s all we got, so we’ll work with it.”



The Lion: “This immature brat gotta man up and face his past.”
Robert: “He is a powerful and prolific mercenary, but my family and I are in danger unless he faces his past.”
Neil: “Oh, he’s just your typical tsundere. Sour outside, but sweet inside.”
Lyn: “Wish he’d be the sweet guy he used to be. I get that he’s actually nice, but he often goes too far as a meanie.”
Edwin: “He’s mean and nitpicky, but when he gives you a sincere compliment, it’s safe to say that you truly are impressive.”
Sylvia: “I’m gonna kill him now! He broke the academy rules and…and… This son of a b*** called me an old spinster whose breath stinks worse than a skunk pee!”
Darren: “I’d love to have a hardworking mercenary like him here. He broke the academy rules back then, but it wasn’t his fault. He was just a kid who joined the wrong crowd.”
Douglas: “My little bro, stop blaming yourself, okay? Big bro took the bullets for you because big bro loves you.”


Eryn Kingsly

  • Ace: “When I’m around her, something is different, but it’s good. I want to see her smile and smile with her.”
  • Clue: “Since the moment I saw her, she changed something in me. She made me a better person. I know she doesn’t like me the way I like her, but it’s okay. I would do anything to see her smile.”
  • Duxim: “Eryn is my second bestest friend. My first bestest friend is Rugisque. I like Eryn. She’s kind and I like giving her hugs.”
  • Sisha: “I hate her. But she’s okay.”


Rowan: “She drives me insane, but it’s not the same when she’s not here. She’s so full of energy.” I also think I like her a bit too much for my own good.
Ellie: “She is a curious person, very curious.”
Larry: “She’s a nice girl, and just as stubborn as Ellie.”
Head Sister Ursula: “I love her as if she were my daughter. Although I can feel darkness inside her, I know that she’s a good person and that she will do what’s right.”



Sia- He is my friend. But one day I may kill him.
Dai- Why is he wound so tight?
Sophia- Why can’t people say no to him?
Suffle- The brains on this boy…If only he could find peace of mind
Natalia- I hope that one day he will forgive us. Still he is the best son I could ask for.


I like how you did that I’m going to do it too


Code Name: Olive


  • Noah: We met in a bar in Paris when I was eighteen. I don’t know what it is but from the moment we met, I couldn’t get her off my mind. I traveled the world. I created several lives and met a million women but there was something about the girl in the bar with a dislike for birthdays. I knew I shouldn’t but after seven years I called her. Not even sure the number would still be working but it did and a whirlwind later I don’t know how to tell her our life is a lie.

  • **Luka:**I used to love to tease her when we were children. I knew she had a crush on me and it was funny. Now I would give an arm so she can look at me like that again; but in all, I just want her to be happy. Even if it isn’t with me.

  • Daegon: My sister is under the impression she can compartmentalize her way into heaven. I’ve made my peace a long time ago there is no god.

  • Levi: Pen is an artistic soul, she sees the beauty in life and knows how to appreciate it. Olive is destruction, two side of the same beautiful coin. I use that dynamic a lot in my pieces, my sister is my muse the fact that she is so impulsive is inspiring.

  • William: I’ve always hated that she had my mother’s name. I love my sister. I love all my half-siblings, but I don’t need a reminder of what happened. What I saw. I think her name, and the fact that she is our father’s only daughter is what allowed her to be so impetus. We coddled her. We let her do what she wanted and she did it anyway without repercussion when we told her no. I shot my best friend because of her and I would probably do it again because all in all she is a monster of our making.

  • Camille: Everyone gets all bend out of shape about Penny but I fucking love it. We were raised to kill people, Pen’s rebellion was just putting down gun. Big deal? I mean I wish I was old enough to have met Olive, sounds like a badass to me but I’ve always known Pen, sh’s protective, headstrong, and has the best wine stocked.


Phoenix Zi-Yueng Chamberlain:

  • Reece: “I don’t care about her very much.”
  • Natasha: “Who’s she again?”
  • Cathrine: “She stole my spot on the basketball team as a freshman; she isn’t even good.”
  • Michelle: “She’s a stuttering mess. I don’t know how that girl is in honours.”
  • Pearl: “She’s kind of ugly, not gonna lie.”
  • Claire: “I’m the better green-eyed red-head.”
  • Bethony: “I’m over her.”
  • Penny: “Who’s she again?”
  • Ava: “She’s important, I think. She’s important, right?”
  • Abby: “She’s super shy and nervous all the time, except when she’s playing basketball. That girl is a monster when she’s playing basketball.”
  • Ruby: “I don’t like her, never have, never will. But I respect her.”
  • Russell: “Her last name is really long.”
  • Kira: “She can be sweet, but she’s way too tall. What, is she six feet tall?”
  • Morgan: “Uh, she’s part of our squad. She’s alright, I guess.”
  • Jamie: “She’s kind of cute, in the same way that you would call an abandoned kitten cute. A shame I don’t swing that way.”
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  • Dawn: “Love him to death. Even when he’s annoying.”
  • Maranna out loud: “F@$%ing asshole…”
  • Maranna in her head: “F&ck you’re hot”
  • Owen: “My brother from another mother.”
  • Analia: “He’s like my brother just less annoying.”
  • Blakely: “UNCLE KAIIIIII”
  • Lexi: “He’s so fine. I’ll make him mine I swear.”
  • Gael: “The guys like big as f&ck…”

Nameless book cause I’m bad at book titles but

Lucien Draconis

  • Ren: Don’t tell him but I love him. Just kidding, go ahead, he knows.
  • Gwen: Dude’s got issues. He’s literally upset at the fact he has nothing to be upset over. I admire how he can hold his alcohol though.
  • Tullius: He’s a good kid. Now I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s smart. But he’s intimidating. That’s all that matters.
  • Atiel: I seriously think there’s something going on with him. I’m worried for his wellbeing. He just gets so angry over nothing. It’s not natural. He’s kind of an ass in general though, even aside from that.
  • Iveri: I don’t like him. I’m sorry, I just can’t. There’s just something terribly unsettling about this whole thing. He’s so angry. So bitter. When he looks at me I go cold.
  • Loren: He’s a little bitch, that’s what he is. A spoiled brat. Nothing more. He can have as many accomplishments as he wants. He can be praised all over the world. But I’ve seen him. I know what he’s like. A rich, spoiled, ungrateful brat.
  • Titus: I mean, I’ve known him my whole life. His dad worked with mine. But he wasn’t ever in my life. I only ever got two impressions of him: one when I was a little kid, and he tried to get me to play pranks with him, and the other when he was brought to my court 30 years later. When he looked at me, his eyes looked completely void of feeling. And he was so still. It was like he was dead. I can’t imagine what he could have gone through to go from such a happy, outgoing kid to… this.
  • Reuben: He hates me. His entire family hates me. But we grew up together. I know him. Better than most. I know what he’s like. I know all about him. Trust me.
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My main dumb boi Kitani

  • Pippika: He’s a reckless ass, but he’s my ass so it’s okay
  • Finnea: I’d be surprised if the hormonal lemon had any brain cells
  • Sihnion: He’s that fly that’s always buzzing around and that you can never quite kill
  • Quillian: I just wish he could tell me how he ended up without a belly button…
  • Hiro: Mistakes were made…
  • Aybliix: So squishy… [pokes him multiple times with a stick]
  • Aylie: A BABEY
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Main Character: Kaona

  • Xander: “Love her but she’s an idiot and can be fooled”
  • Carlise: “A failure, disappointment, and annoyance”
  • Dr. Hayre: “My everything”
  • Andon: “Strong and ruthless”
  • Mika: “She only means destruction and death and can’t be trusted”
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  • Iggy: “Annoying, but surprisingly reliable.”
  • Christoph: “Reliable, but unfortunately annoying.”
  • Drea: “A scrawny, weak and worthless thief. I won’t rest until I kill her.”

These opinions will change as the story goes on.


I have two main characters, but I feel like only doing Thura soooooo.

Avery: “They are an absolute dear. I’m flattered and honoured that they are my fan.”

Metatron: “A total sweetheart, so naïve and pure, yet that’s how they have always been. They’re also rather brilliant. They’re gentle and warm.”

Lisa: “They’re like a little sister to me!”

Airis: “Uh…weird…but I mean that’s why we’re friends.”

Erzulie: “A loyal friend with entirely too many puns in their arsenal.”

Judith: “She claims she’s 21 but the way she acts says she’s still 16. She doesn’t understand that adults don’t have obsessions over dead actors.”

Rachel: “Just because she’s obsessed over a dead actor doesn’t make her less of an adult. She’s intelligent and witty. Got that from me.”

Gabriel: “She’s a total dork but that’s how I raised her. I did try to teach her better on her sarcasm but she still needs to work on her aim.”

Sheriff of Nottingham: “He’s rather clingy to his uncle, but I do say he’s rather intelligent for a child.” (Sheriff and the following characters do not know Thurid is a biological woman; this is for good reason LOL. They also don’t know Thurid is actually 21, and they can get away with pretending they’re 13 because they look like they’re 13).

Joan: “He’s an arrogant little snot!”

Matilda: “Cries a lot for a boy but that was explained when I found out his true identity: he is actually a she.”

Guy of Gisborne: “Arrogant brat! If he hadn’t brought his uncle here, my aunt would still be alive!”

Father Kirby: “WITCHCRAFT!!!”

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Lucifer: “She’s my amazing wife. If anyone tries to hurt her they’ll have to say hello to Hell.”
Pride: “I love her! I love my mother more than I love myself!”
Wrath: “I get the badassery from her. She takes no sh*t from anyone.”
Lust: “A queen! I got my insanely handsome looks thanks to her!”
Greed: “I hate that my brothers get to spend more time with her but I’m always so damn busy. I deserve to hang out with her just as much as those idiots.”
Gluttony: “If you need someone to listen to you and make you the best food you’ll ever have, go to her. Mother is the best cook, better than me.”
Sloth: “I remember when I was a kid, Mother always sang to me before I took my daily naps. Sometimes I wish she could sing to me now…don’t tell my brothers that!”
Envy: “Mother is the best person to talk to when you need advice :). She’s also beautiful, intelligent, powerful, and really short :).”
Calinaigh: “That’s my sis! We’re not related by blood but us Witches are all sisters. We gotta stick together. I will forever remain grateful for Virago for giving me a place to stay all those years ago. Without her, I’d be lost today.”
Michael: “She was so weak when I killed her. Serves her right for laying with an Angel and creating devil spawn.”

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Aries: “The only angel I’ll ever love.”
Silas: “She’s great.”
Lila: “My annoying best friend.”
Rafael: “I love her.”
Mateo: “Ah, my baby.”
Aimi: “My bestest friend.”
Lucifer: “Spoiled brat.”
Jasmine: “She’s super sweet.”
Sofia: “Hard worker.”

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