What are your “red flags” in books?


Yes. That is a perfectly acceptable way to do it.

I do em-dashes like this: shift-alt-dash. I think that holds through.


With the exception of the last bit here:

I’m not really upset with the rest, in spots. I end up with Caps in my dialogue tags after anything other than a comma when my ‘automatically capitalize the first word of a sentence’ option is on. I usually catch it, but not always. It the price I pay for automating , LOL

I’m talking more like this:

Susie is a mean girl and she hates me and my posse because we aren’t like her and i dont see what mike sees in her. my bff jane tolls me “you should punch her in her face” and ia say “i don’t want to hurt my hand.” i stick my tonge out at susie every time i go by her in the hallway but i smile at mike cus he’s just HOT! A/N remember mike loks like harry!

[OMG trying to type something as bad as I’ve seen is almost impossible. :woman_facepalming:t5:"]


I’m not against quotes at the beginning of chapters, especially if they are original. If it sets the mood for the chapter/act, I’m not against it. As long as the writing also sets the mood. I find too many authors relying on quotes to make me feel something and then their writing comes up short. As long as the quote helps me to feel something in addition to with the writing, I’m not against it.


What the hell.

No, no no no. That is something I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.


Well I don’t write in the Wattpad editor, but rather copy my texts from Ulysses’ “rich text” preview, so the em-dashes automatically come with them—only for Wattpad to kill them in the published version, even though they were there just seconds ago. I’m at a bit of a loss tbh. xD

Ah well. That is a perfectly valid reason, and I can totally see what you mean. You just put it into better words than my convoluted attempt at describing the sensation texts like that give off. :smiley:


My first novel I had to convert google doc to word for my beta reader, then port it back to google doc, then post on Wattpad.

The joy was endless.

That said, Wattpad formatting options are far better than most other sites, so it would be sinful to complain.

I still wish that you could apply the formatting to the entire paragraph of the copied text (gasp) not line by line - I think it is a unique problem with posting from google doc though.

But, hells bells, I spent years replacing my italics with that’s italics! for a closed workshop, so going line by line to re-align my epigraphs is nothing.

And, yes, I do epigraphs before every Act. Like I said, I am the last century girl.


I don’t used em-dashes much, so I can’t say for sure, but you might have better luck coming from a .doc or .docx format (and doing your pasting in Chrome.) I write in .rtf but I cut and paste into MSWORD, then cut from there to paste into Wattpad (in Chrome) or it loses all my italics and bold. Rich text doesn’t paste in properly.


That is a well-meaning advice, but I simply can’t write in Word or any other editor you named to save my life. xD So I rely on the preview function of my writing software, because I simply have no other choice to work properly, sadly. And the hassle to copy it from A to B to C? I might as well just edit the chapter again. :smiley:


In my present WIP I have two languages (three actually) going on, with one in regular print, one in italics and one in bold italics (just a few words or sentences). Being already in 16 3K+ chapters and probably that many to go, the thought of reformatting all that is :no_good_woman:t5:. I was thrilled to figure out that cut and pasting to and from MSWORD kept all my italics intact and I think it saved my sanity.

In the end we all just do what we need to to get it posted, right?


Anyways, sorry about the most impassioned diatribe on m-dashes you’d seen today :slight_smile:


Trust me, there are plenty of folks upset about their em-dashes.

It can be really aggravating to go to great pains to get something done properly, then lose it to a paste. Been there done that.

And maybe that’s why we’re passionate about proper grammar and such.


Bad writing. Period.


I also can’t stand all these synonyms for “said”, to be honest. Just say “said”. Other words are just distracting. Let the dialogue speak for itself.


Well, like I said. I am grammar-forgiving.


Eww! Yeah, to each their own but I don’t understand this tactic.


I know. I mean, I use other ones… but the more “creative” you’re being, the more distracting it is. “Said” is the invisible dialogue tag, but a lot of authors never use it. They avoid it like the plague.


I’d call that more “discerning” than “nit-picky”




Exactly! I honestly don’t know why. “Said” is usually the best way to go! And of course, an occasional “shouted” or “whispered” is fine, but don’t do it every other sentence.


Yeah. I’m cool with: exclaimed, asked, shouted, whispered, and ‘cut-in.’ In doses. (Others can be ok too, but again, in doses).

But most of the time? Just use said.