What are your “red flags” in books?


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I agree with most of your points, but why don’t you like dynamic action scenes?


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Actually I do (my example was really bad to explain my point) I meant when it is over the top describe to the point where the whole feeling of a fight ends up just being a big sludge of description and not any actual action going on.


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A lot of times, the dialogue tags aren’t even needed to begin with. I also didn’t realize that when I just started out, but when two people are talking, the readers usually know who’s speaking.


I don’t like when there aren’t breaks between character dialogue, might have been pointed out

“What are we gonna do?” Jo asked. “We’re gonna take the fight to them,” Skippy Junebug responded. “They will feel our pain… and then some.” Skippy Junebug clenched his fist, the sound of leather squeaking and stretching. “Ok. Let’s go shoot them with our guns,” Jo agreed. “People die when you shoot them, generally.”


Oh well, in that case I agree with you :grin: But I think a bit of description is necessary to make the scene appear real, anyway it doesn’t have to be overused.


Cliche in the dialogues & too cheesy scenes.

“Like what you see?” Agh! Kill me now!

“Take a picture. It last long.” Kill me three times please!

'He push me to the wall… (and I’m not hurt in any places you know!)

:grin: and when thy tried to copy a story from a popular writer and tried to give it a twist but failed because the voice of the story isn’t there…sad



Hate that.


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A red flag for me Present Tense :woman_facepalming: and inconsistencies in the tense. Idk unless it’s really well written or the plot just calls for it to be in present tense, it irritates me especially when it goes back and forth from past tense and present tense.


not entirely sure if this is considered a “red flag” but slut-shaming the female antagonist (or any character for that matter). I see so many stories that are gaining popularity on here, and it makes me so upset that writers still think it’s okay to describe their characters like that.


I personally hate it when someone puts an excerpt for their blurb. I know it’s supposed to lure you in, but isn’t that the point of the actual blurb, itself? Why put in an excerpt when you can let your blurb lure the readers in?

And when someone puts “Go ahead, try it! It’s really good!” Or something similar on the summary. Like, no. I have never clicked on a book with that there.


Blame the Hunger Games. It’s 1st person present tense. To be honest so is my YA book. I may or may not change it depending on feedback. I’m already 40k words in so it may stay present tense. We’ll see.

For me it’s not having developed characters. If I don’t give a crap about the protagonist after two chapters the author has failed.


•I’m very lenient but if there’s missing words and the grammar is so bad that I have to re-read what I just read to understand it or give myself a migraine from reading it than I often stop reading that book. But sometimes I’ll push through and finish reading the book anyways if I like the idea of what it could be.

•Things that are overly descriptive to the point where there’s no room for imagination. Along with books that barely have any description of anything.


Truly grammar does not have to be on point in the stories that I read, but oh my goodness, when the author tells the story in the format of texting. Also when the punctuation is missing from the sentences as well and everything runs together. It sounds weird in my head as I read it and it distracts me from myself? That is the weird part about it.


Yes! I don’t know. Maybe I get tired of the same scenario in every book.


This is British standard dialogue punctuation.