What are your thoughts on the current organisation of the Multimedia Designs Club (MDC)?

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We’re currently doing some research around the Multimedia Designs Club (MDC), and we have a few questions for all you designers/ requesters out there :slightly_smiling_face:

- What are your general thoughts on the current layout of the MDC?

- Which types of MDC threads are most useful to you, as a designer or a requester? How easy/ difficult is it to find those types of threads?

- What would your thoughts be on adding subcategories in the MDC (a main section for graphics shops, a subcategory for contests, a subcategory for tutorial threads, a subcategory for critique/ feedback threads etc.), kinda like the layout of the Story Services club?

- If you like the idea of subcategories, what categories would you consider to be useful?

- If you don’t like the idea of subcategories, it’d also be helpful to us to hear why :blush:

So we can get a general idea of how you all feel about this, it’d be great if you could vote in this poll:

Would you like the MDC to have subcategories?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (if you’ve selected ‘Other’, please let us know why)

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Thanks to everyone who answers. We look forward to hearing your views! :grin:

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I am not sure if we need MDC at all.

I mean cover makers also have this #story-services:covers-and-graphics and the coders can also get a subcategory in #the-cafe for their codings.


I don’t think that would be an option, to be honest. The mdc is a limb of the clubs, and isn’t limited to just shops and coding :hearts: . There are tutorials, advice given, workshops hosted - it was, and still is, one of the most thriving communities we had in the old clubs :smile: (also, I don’t think we’d ever be forgiven if we got rid of the mdc :sweat_smile:)

But it’s an interesting point to raise, and I’m interested to see what others think! :grin:


Ok :+1: . Can we maybe have then a category/subcategory for tutorials/guides somewhere?

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Yep, that’s what the thread is for - to get different perspectives on what others think on how the mdc can be reorganised, if it should be at all :hearts:

So good suggestion! We’ll definitely be noting it down!

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I don’t mind the current layout, but I think it could use more organization. For example, in the pinned threads at the top, a bunch of the links don’t work and it seems kind of hectic as a whole. It’s easily understandable for me, given I’ve been around the block a few times as far as wattpad goes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a bit difficult for a new user to navigate.

So the threads that are most useful for me are ones where people can share graphics that they’ve made but not necessarily having a thread where people can request graphics. I.e. like graphics stalkers that’s also aimed at helping writers find a cover designer that can suit their needs. But those sorts are barely used these days and therefore are buried.

I think it’s a good idea. It would probably help with organization.

The ones mentioned above sound pretty good. I also know the old mdc had a thread where people could fill out forms and then a few people could give their covers/graphics a shot. So that might be a good idea. I also think maybe having the graphics shop subcategory being organized into subcategories of its own might be helpful. So like a category for cover shops, one for trailer shops, one for group graphics threads, etc.


i think having subcategories will help a lot with organization! as for my opinion on the general layout of the mdc, the infinite scrolling feature bugs me, but that’s mainly a pet peeve.


Same, the infinite scrolling is a bit meh.

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Hi! Thanks for your feedback/ suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mind if I ask which links you’re talking about? If you’re referring to bookmarks, they may have stopped working due to forum/ thread updates, in which case re-bookmarking the threads should work :blush:

We currently have a thread for users wishing to request Graphics here. Is that the type of thread you mean, or are you thinking of something different? :slightly_smiling_face:

This sounds an interesting idea! Hadn’t thought of anything like that - I don’t know if it’d be feasible but will definitely make a note of it :smile:

Thanks again :bluehearts:

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I think it would be nice to have a section for like covers + things offered, a coding area, and one for art (digital, trad., you know).


Thanks for your suggestion! Will note that down :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your feedback! :bluehearts:

Infinite scroll is what Discourse (the platform these forums are run from) favours, and hence probably won’t change.

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I wish there could be a preview on each shop ! Because I am having a hard time looking for a designer that I like with only the shop’s title. Would be nice if we could have a preview by passing the mouse on the title or if designers were allowed to have a sort of userbar !


That’s a cool idea, thank you! I have no idea whether it’s possible, but will note it down anyway :hugs:


It’s a bit chaotic. I’ve only been here a couple of times looking for book covers, and it was a real pain to scroll through all the threads to find a decent cover maker. @_@

In general, I like the threads that display what they’re offering on the title. Pretty easy to find those (unless they use etc. on the title. :unamused:

From the requester perspective, that would be a HUGE blessing, since we don’t have to scroll through so many threads to find a thread that offers the graphics we need.

But from a designer perspective, it might be a nightmare, especially if you’re offering multiple graphics. You’d have to create one shop in each subcategory for each graphic type you make. More threads to keep track of.

Graphics in high demand such as book covers and banners should each have their own subcategory. For less popular graphics, there could be a “Miscellaneous Graphics” section. A “Designer Resources” subcategory would be useful for those in need of resources / graphic tutorials.


I make my own covers but I’d love a subcategory for tutorials. I want to get better and try new ideas but I can’t find good tutorials anywhere it seems like and covers here can be so beautiful but nobody has tutorials on how they made that…


A section for people to request a designer. I don’t know if it’s a feature anymore, but people used to be able to request cover threads or request in the pinned section. Multiple people would design your cover and you could choose a few (of course with payments included)

Is this still a thing? Multiple people have told me that it’s impossible to find a cover designer because the shops are either closed or the designer never responds to the request.

It would make cover requesting a lot easier if we could have a “cover request” section like the story requests section in SYS.


I think it would be fabulous, especially for people like me who want to make their own professional looking covers without Canva lol


Nope, not bookmarks. A number of the links in here: About the Multimedia Designs category - Club Guidelines don’t work.

Yep, it’s what I meant. Maybe making it easier to find would be good? I believe something like that was originally linked in the aforementioned club guidelines, but like it’s not easily apparent so therefore isn’t user-friendly to new users and graphics requesters anyway.

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