What are your vampires like?


Everyone has their own type of vampire. What is yours? Are you an undead bloodsucker of the night who can’t stand the sun? Or are you more of an evolved vampire who can withstand the sun and have a heartbeat? Which one are you?


More like the first. No direct sunlight. So if they happened to wake up they’d have to stay in the shadows till about sunset. Only heartbeat is after a feeding that slowly fades away. Can have powers but many vampires don’t realize it because you have to build them up. Can fly, turn into bats, mist, become invisible in the shadows. Heightened senses.

Weaknesses: stakes (duh isn’t everyone) however a vampire can survive it if given another vampire’s blood fast enough. Beheading, fire.

Holy objects are tricky. If a vampire believes it will hurt them, it will. It also has to do with the intent of ths person wielding the objects. Like, for example, my vampire Haydn grew up Catholic back when Catholics were pursecuted but his family managed to keep it a secret. After the murder of his wife and son and his accidental turning into a vampire, he became a self-proclaimed athiest but was technically agnostic through this point.

Objects hurt him because he heard thd legends and was afraid of it being true. When his character runs off to a church after killing his lover and regretting it, trying to turn him and believing it failed, after a long and tiring night with the priest, he accepted religion back into his life and made a pact with God to bring back his lover under the circumstances thaf if he were ever in danger, he’d sacrifice himself. Holy objects never harmed him after this because they were no longer a negative influence in his life.


Ooh, I like your idea on that.

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Yeah, it’s entirely psychological for them. :slight_smile: OH and the obly time they can stand daylight hours is if in bat form.

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Do you have a book on this Hayden man? I’d love to read it.


The Greatest Obsession, a historical LGBT vampire romance. Haydn isn’t the main character, it’s an engaged human named Elijah from London in 1885.


Ooo, Dylan O. Brien. I see you. :wink:


a gentle recluse who is a hopeless romantic who loves poking fun but he has a monstrous side that scares people down to the very bone cause as the saying goes the nice people are the scariest when their mad



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True! I can relate on an emotional level, lol.


My vampire is seen as someone who can be very rude and closed off, but underneath that barrier, he’s just a man who’s in love but doesn’t want to risk the pain that comes with it. He has a lot of human traits, but he still doesn’t have a heartbeat or a need for food. He’s a bloodsucker who’s lived hundreds of years, and he does have to avoid the sun.


Darling Haydn is beautiful and has baggage that leads his impulses to be quite disturbingly sad.

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Oh wow, you literally just described one of my vampire characters too! He’s rude, closed off, and an introvert who curses himself for having such a damned existence. He’s lived for centuries and underneath his cloak, he is a very considerate and loving softie. He can withstand the sun too, but the only difference between our two characters is that he actually does have a heartbeat.

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Aw… Will he overcome this “baggage”?


I would say so.


Well, I’ma ask you all a tricky question.


Im glad to see some similar vampires here. I was afraid people would say their vampires were straight monsters who can’t love… And I would be shunned for creating a vampire who does want love. :blush: all is well!

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You know the tales of Dracula, right? Do you think your vampires have any connection to him? Does he exist in your world? How did vampires become a species in your stories?

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Of course not! There are a lot of vampire romances that have characters like that. I love them!


I haven’t really thought of that, actually. My vampire does have a backstory that has now been explained and what society he grew up in originally. He comes from a very old time in England where there was a king who ruled the vampires and controlled them at the time.

And yes, I love a good vampire romance!