What are your vampires like?


No Dracula lol.

I haven’t figured out how they were created…they are obviously older than Christ in mine considering Haydn was born in 172 AD and turned in 200 AD. His unnamed douche maker was at least 300 hundred.

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However, my vampire does make a joke relating to Dracula. I can’t remember it exactly, but he said something involving count Dracula but the girl didn’t know he was a vampire so she didn’t get the joke.

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Oh, that’s cool! In my story, there is still a hierarchy in the vampire world. My story takes place in a more modern time, but underneath the human world, they have their own. Its like a separate society. My main character is actually the son of the vampire world’s nefarious king and despises him with all his might. He wants to kill him while at the same time, he also wants to find the murderer of his mother. He has a lot of “baggage” on him.

In my world, Dracula doesn’t exist. But I think I’ve seen Dracula exist in some vampire stories, so I wanted to ask.

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How have your days been going? We’ve just been discussing topics like business partners, lol.

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Girl: “Sounds fun. I’ll be there. You can count on it.”
Him: “Count Dracula will arrange it then.”

That is just a simple version of the joke, haha.

I would conclude Dracula does exist in my world because he is acknowledged in the joke.

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Lol, I see what he did there. :ok_hand:

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A long morning at work, a long day in bed chillaxing lol :slight_smile:

But nah, darling Haydn was born in old Britain, Britannia, to a high ranking Roman soldier and Welsh woman. He lived in style, had an arranged marriage to the girl he grew up with (theirs was a happy and loving marriage) and they had one son and another baby on the way when Haydn was turned. The rogus vampire had been terrorizing their neighborhood and killed them. Haydn sought revenge the next night and bit the vampire in self-defense, initiating the change. The first five years of his immortality were spent hunting the vampire down to finish the job. Ripped him to shreds in cold blood in what would be modern day Turkey.

His full name is Gauis Flavius Vulcan Haydn…all bits are Roman except for Haydn which was his mother’s nickname for him. All of his friends called him Vulcan growing up. Both havs their roots in fire due to Haydn’s tawny hair and warm personality.

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Ooo, god, sounds so damn interesting. I’m trying to write at the moment but your book is really tempting me to drop it and read.

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Everything you just heard is about to be revealed in the latest chapter. He’s going to tell Elijah his story and why he turned away from God (thd murders).

The whole story revolves around Elijah really. He gets engaged to Irina (a woman he honestly loves) and moves in with her and her father. He starts being targeted by Haydn which frightens him. He and Abraham (Irina’s father) try to capture him and fail.

In secret, Haydn and Elijah make a deal, a bloodletting arrangement that developes into a deep friendship and eventual affair over the course of the summer and into fall.


You’re not easing my conflict, are you? :expressionless:

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This is actually my tattoo of Haydn as a bat I got for my birthday last April.


Nope :smiling_imp:


Oo, blue eyes. Cute.


I… I SHALL NOT-- Struggles mentally & emotionally. S-Succumb!

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Screenshot_2018-09-12-16-34-42 Screenshot_2018-09-21-18-41-49 Screenshot_2018-11-05-16-14-24

I actually wept when I saw this lovely new addition to FX’s American Horror Story…no ond looks so much like my Haydn as the beloved Cody Fern as seen as the tragically beautiful and “definition of deserved better” antichrist, Michael Langdon.

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So thats Haydn’s face claim then? :hushed:


Yes as Dylan O’Brien in his Mitch Rapp era is Elijah.


How did you find out about Dylan? The Maze Runner or Teen Wolf? – Or neither?


Teen Wolf when I was younger. Followed his career as time went on. Can you believe that little shit will be voicing Bumblebee?

I’m not even a transformers gal and I am tempted.


YOU’RE KIDDING?? (I’m tired so I’m going to retire for the night. G’night everyone! I hope to see you all tomorrow. :slight_smile:)

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