What are your vampires like?


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Mine (hopefully) are and/or will be like Anne Rice’s vampires. :heart:

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Ohhh, hello new friend! I aim to mix the perfect blend of Rice and Stoker era vamps. :slight_smile:

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I have a total of one solitary vampire character and he’s a grumpy genderless opium addict.
In terms of like, lore, I base a lot of stuff on myths from different parts of the world and the older stories like Camilla and Dracula.


My vampires aren’t undead but rather spirit beings from the wretched plane of Ngaath, a parallel dimension of fear and shadow. There they serve under Emmui-Xil, the horned god of damnation.

Since they’re spirit beings, they can’t directly interact with the mortal universe and so create a lesser image there, the like of which can be incredibly diverse, from a batlike human to a faded wraith or even a monster with hundreds of eyes and mouths and tentacles.

Since they’re not beings of the mortal world, they need the life force of other beings to survive, or their forms will be destroyed and they’ll be banished back to Ngaath. Also their bodies are vulnerable to uv light, silver, fire, certain species of wood and herbs, and sources of high energy.

One key factor is they never truly die, as they can always come back after a certain time, or if their lord calls them to war for an invasion of the mortal world.

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That is one of the most interesting types of vampires I’ve ever read about.


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I have 2 different type of vampire planned for my story:
First one can’t stand the sunlight at all & it has more beastly appearance than the other two. 4 fanged & ofc need tons of blood to survive. This type is the undead.

The second one is sort of mutated from the first type vampire, where the first type vampire infects a human with their blood. They can stand the sunlight, but their ability will be weakened during the day. They don’t have to feed every day, just need enough to keep their body well. But if they do consume blood every day, their power will be as strong as the first type but also lower their resistant against the sunlight. Just normal 2 fanged.


My type of vampire would be a epitome of like late 80’s early 90’s nostalgia, as far as looks would go. No matter where they go their surrounding area would seem as though there was a sort of smoke screen that had cast itself in front of the area. Sunlight can be harmful, but I being rubbed down in sunblock and wearing shades could allow them out for a little daytime fun for about 3 hours but they are extremely vulnerable during the exposure. Majority of vampires, like the pure bloods, are born with a special skill, while turned vampires would have to work to achieve even 1/3 of the skill set the pure bloods have.
I feel like my vampires have a certain animal they could turn into sort of like a familiar, so they keep their animal hanging around them.


In my story, there’s a planet called Karia, which is the source of magic for all who inhabit the planet. There are six known countries, which makes up one large kingdom called the Crystalline Cortex. All six countries are ruled by a King or Queen, and the entire kingdom is ruled by a King—who died, which allowed the Cortex to have its first Queen in History. It’s a very diverse place, so it’s not just one magical race. My vampire is a librarian in Tanza, one of the six countries of the Crystalline Cortex. His name is Bartholomew.

Bart is… stubborn. He loves to mock those who come into his library, which mostly isn’t for books. Aside from a librarian, he works in an undercover organization who have contacts within the Royal Family of Tanza. Whatever they know, he’ll know. He’s also an inventor, who created a device that revolutionized his kind—something that would allow them to walk into the day. Unlike most vampires, he looks more human… it allows him to blend in with the general public, which mostly consists of human-like beings and other creatures. He lures people into the back of his library to kill them. He, then, drains their blood and stores it.

He has a tavern at the edge of Tanza, near the border of Celestine. It’s for vampires who aren’t as fortunate to get blood. There’s only so long a vampire can go without feeding. Once they hit that point, they go through five different stages. During stage one, they’ll start to look even more pale and thin out. Their nails will grow longer, their hair will become thin and frail, and their fangs won’t retract as they normally do. Instead of going back to its normal color after they’ve fed, their eyes will stay red, which means they’re hungry. In some cases, it’ll turn a darker shade of a red, and if you’re around vampires whose eyes are that color, then you are in some deep shit.

During Stage 2 and 3, they’ll be more of a beast. The vampires would have some control over their tendencies, but not as much as they did when they were regularly feeding. They will start lashing out at the smallest of things. They’ll be feverish, manic, emotionless, or ruthless. Their hunger will intensify and cause immense pain to them. Most likely, they’ll end up passing out from it. But when they wake up, they become even worse.

Once they get to Stage 4, there’s no helping them. During the first three stages, if you give them blood, they’ll slowly revert back to normal. But in the fourth stage, it’ll be too dangerous to even be near them. There will be nothing left of them. Their hunger would have seize control over them and they would be more of a monster than a being. If you saw them in this stage, you would be terrified and concerned. It would look as if one touch would blow them away.

Which leads us to Stage Five. Eventually, because of their lack of blood, they’ll end up turning into dust. Once the first few stages began, you’ll see that they’re slowly deteriorating. Vampires in Stage 3 and 4 have caused a lot of chaos in Tanza during the earlier days, but now, it’s quite rare to see them in that state. They’re pretty accepted in Tanzan society, as well. It’s why I don’t really make it obvious that Bart is a vampire. I’m trying to make it seem as if it’s normal.

There are vampires in Celestine, Amethyst, Chalcedony, and Chrysocolla. The sixth country does not have vampires. Instead, they have the Huntsmen. They don’t hunt other creatures, because to them, they don’t pose as a threat. They mostly hunt vampires that stray too close to their border, and in some cases, merpeople. Their scales and heart can be sold for a very high price in some illegal markets, but the Royal Families of the Crystalline Cortex have agreed to make them a protected species. If anyone tries to hunt them, the hunter would be hanged. Even though there are vampires almost everywhere, they’re different and unique.Vampires in other countries aren’t like Tanzan Vampires, and vice versa.


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You guys are so creative with your vampire making. I’ve already asked this before, but for the people who didn’t get to answer, here’s the question: You know the tales of Dracula, right? Do you think your vampires have any connection to him? Does he exist in your world?


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He does? How so? :o


multiple vampire types


My vampires are born and have evolved away from the original vampires who could turn humans with a bite, and are gradually losing their abilities.


My vampires, like many others, are born as humans. But they can only be turned by a deity of Death. So other vamps can’t just go bite a human and turn them.

They’re turned when Death decides to give them a second chance. So she sends one of her deities to handle the whole necromancy part. The vampires are now part of that particular deity’s brood and will help the deity serve Death - mostly by killing humans.

They’re pretty classic in the sense that they can’t go out in the sun and have to drink blood. They only have no reflection in silver - a punishment from Life, the god. So later on they won’t show up in silver backed mirrors nor analogue photographs as they use silver nitrate for developing. And in the olden days they used silver plates to capture the photographs.
Silver is also poisonous and can scar and kill them.

I think that’s about it :smile:


:clap: Lovely. Do you have a book on this? If so, I’d love to check it out.

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