What are your vampires like?


Yes I do! I’m working on a series, I think. So far the first book is in the process of being uploaded and is titled Frej Rising :smile:


I just read some of it, wow. I like it! I’m definitely going to add it to the list of books I’m reading.

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Thanks! I’m glad you like it :smile: :blush:


So we just discuss our own vampire?


I guess?


Is it okay if I tell my one vampire in my supernatural dark comedy story?


I mean it’s not my thread. But I think that’s the point of the thread.

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@Vividly_Fatal This is my OC vampire.

Name: Rosa Alfonso

Personality: Jealous, cruel, obsessed with her master, deadly, social butterfly, stubborn, fashionista, seductive, yandere and sassy.

Origin: 209 years ago, the Spain & France dictators invaded Portagul and the soldiers rampage her hometown. Until a Vampire traveler named “Vladimir Anderson” kills them, before Rosa died he exchange his blood for her and takes her as his apprentice.


Hey its Sneha …how are you guyz?


For me, I have two levels of Vampires. Leechers are like blood-sucking mutants with distorted bodies from no sunlight and a diet of red and white blood cells. Vampires are more the sophisticated, glittering rich men and women with blue-tinged skin and glowing eyes. I don’t know, it’s weird, but my new story on WP features them so ehh :smile:


also aloha :sunny: I’m ness!


nice to meet you!


My vampires are one of my alien races known as vympiri. They are born with snow white skin and are not able to use the magic system until they reach full maturity. To reach full maturity, they must feed on the life force of other creatures, the more life force a sentient being has, the closer one is to maturity. Once full maturity is reached the vympiri can use the magic system and will be given color to their skin.

The vympiri are divided between two factions. Some believe all other races are inferior and only serve as food. These vympiri serve under Dracula. Alucard believes all mortal races are equal and his inspired those who follow him to fight in the Galactic order.


I have never heard of alien vampires.


I am sorry when I hear glitter in the sentence of vampires. It’s makes me think of the abomination of Twilight.


Yeah ive always loved vampires. Twilight ruined that for me lol. I stole love them just not as much as i use to. I wanted to put them in my story though. I have humans, Fae, angels, zombies, werepoeple, humanoid dinosaurs, angel/demon hybrids, and beings the size of planets. In book one Dracula is the main villain and i looooove him. He’s cares for his followers but won’t hesitate to sacrifice them for his cause.

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I only have a Portuguese yandere vampire in a world filled with different monsters, aliens, spirits, demons and sketchy governments based on conspiracies.


Omg a yandere vampire was my first story on here. Well it was about a human/vampire hybrid who was the sun of Dracula. Their was a whole love triangle. Yeeeeaaaa looking back that was def a self-insert XD.

I love yandere characters. So hawt. Being a bloodsucker makes it a bonus. Lmao

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I get that yandere is fascinating of how far they would go for love. But hot is not the word I would be using.


Lol maybe but i have a thing for crazies in anime. Yuno from future diary for instance. Every time she flipped that switch i found myself rooting for her amd wishing i was a damn manga character lolol

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