What are your vampires like?


I like the craziness of the yandere, and scared of coming across on them.


Shot better learn king fu :joy:. No i hope im never put in a position like that in rl. Man i don’t know what id do

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My vampire was originally written as human. So I started with the personality of an ordinary guy (working class, shy, maybe a little autistic) and overlaid that with venom. Few things are worse for social anxiety than perceiving that people smell like food.

Physically: Doesn’t age (but may grow up?), quickly recovers from injury, no pulse nor heart, breathing optional, neutral to sunlight, sleeps at night unless insomnia keeps him awake, unable to digest anything but blood (hasn’t had a solid bowel movement since turning).

Psychologically: No glamour. No mind-reading. Too small a paycheck for fabulous wealth.


The psychological part made me laugh.


I basically took every vampire trope from Lestat to Edward and flipped it. I was like, “All the venom does is give you fangs. It does not inherently come with millions of dollars!” Granted, if you’ve been around for multiple centuries, you may be well benefit from the magic of compound interest, but vampire life is hard – surviving for multiple months isn’t even a given.

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I like your version. But I am still a sucker for the Anne Rice vamps…but 90% of the mains are at least 300, so time and fortune served them well and with the the stuff they probably could have sold at high end auctions and pawn shops for their age would definitely take home some good money.

I guess there is a reason most vamps are rich, but it’s cool to see the ones who weren’t rich to begin with, at least.

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I also like the ones who daunt flaunt their wealth. Like Haydn is so freaking ancient and he came from a well-off family to start with, but he is kigh key a collector and probably sold a lot of his stuff to make it where he is now, in my book. Yeah, he bought a mansion but he’s done NOTHING to it. It’s still this run down thing he brought as a fixer-upper to save money…that place is very overun and in need of repair. But if he’s not in a black tunic, most of his clothes he took from wealthy victims, so it’s not his wealth to flaunt. It’s a facade.

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Oh, I grew up on Anne Rice. I love her atmosphere and glamour! But I am totally incapable of replicating that tone, so I succeed when I go in the opposite direction: quirky, weird, light humor.


I think I read her so often I began to emulate her lol. It’s very obvious who inspires me when you look at my writing lol.

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Every writer in the vampire genre since the 70s has been influenced by her, possibly more so than Dracula. Every modern vampire trope basically started with her.

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Yeah…and it probably should have stopped after her. Vampires don’t seem very vampy anymore lol. Because hers were still killers even if they had a heart.

I can probably add Damon Salvatore to this list…he may not by an Anne vamp but he even likes her.

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Oof, sorry I’m late to getting back to this thread. I like your vampire, as well as everyone elses!

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thanks but it’s not much.


Mine are a combination of both. They are undead and stronger during the night, but they can be outside during the day if they are covered.


One’s a stripper who has a boyfriend and owns two cats, lives in a two-bedroom apartment outside Reno, Nevada, works at a full service nightclub, and the second is a former hunter turned college student who owns a rescue kitty, has a boyfriend, and has an addiction to chocolate.


I think it’s more about the vampire traits as a species than individuals


Am I the only person who has never read or heard much about Anne Rice?


My vampires are a mix of folklore and modern popculture.

They are fast, have great reflexes, their senses are heightened, they can cast illusions, control emotions and the mind. They teleport and can turn into shadows. They have retractable fangs and drink blood. With the right spells, they can walk in the sun, and they can perfectly mimic any voice or sound they’ve heard. Some can dreamwalk. They have incredible regeneration and can only truly die when they are hurt bad enough to go KO and are then burnt to ashes, otherwise they’ll just regenerate once more.

They are weak to extremely strong scents, sound, and light, though. Fresh plants hurt them as much as silver hurts werewolves. Being slapped by a rose can cause severe burns.


the only kind of vampires i know are the ones that sparkle in the sunlight


Those are the vampires that the majority dislikes. Many here mix up their own lore

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