What are your vampires like?



true, mostly people dislike it because when you say something like that they generally would think of ‘twilight’.


Well in that case, mine aren’t too different from everyone else’s. One hails from a different realm world populated by vampires and the other comes from Romania.


Everyone’s vamps are different. Give us some traits; what are their strengths and weaknesses?


My vampires are mortal vamps that dont like sunlight but can still walk in it with some discomfort. They also have various powers over creatures, darkness, and over our perception of things.
They are pure bloodsuckers, and I take a lot of inspo from Anne Rice’s portrayal in terms of attitude/behaviour.


Well…Because stephanie Meyers basically created that concept didnt she?


Kali comes from an Earth-type world dominated by vampire clans. She managed to escape through the RealmVerse and onto Earth. She has a weakness for cottage cheese and macaroni salad, can either subside on artificial or real human blood, but carries a fragment of a stone which maintains her life force and connection to her home world.

She has all the capabilities of a normal blood born vampire.

Marlena is a half vamp–turned at a young age due to malnutrition and near death–but the experience backfired for some unknown reason. Her creator intended to turn her full vamp, but apparently something didn’t work.

But as a result, her lifespan–though impressive–will only be a fraction of that of a normal vampire. (Somewhere between 2050 and 2055, she dies of advanced age.)

Her strength is also halved except in times of crisis or a life threatening emergency. She has the ability to plant suggestive ideas in the minds of her targets, prey, or potential lovers.

And she needs to feed every 18 hours or she’ll go crazy. Unfortunately, her new boyfriend has the same clotting problem I do (Factor Five Leiden) and that’s been causing complications to her present feeding schedule. lol


Anne Rice managed to alienate a lot of her fandom back in the early days of fanfiction on the internet by threatening them all with legal action for writing about her vampires which is why, while she is considered on the forefront of vampire writing in modern(ish) times, she’s not as well liked in certain circles as a person. That said, some of her vampires are wonderfully horrifying.


Quite true…I do believe she’s taken this back? I’m not sure but I heard people saying she did.

But her work is incredible and a massive influence to me as a writer. I guess I was lucky to have been too young to read her work when all of that was going on (I’m 20), so while I know what happened, it doesn’t faze me…I also really never felt the need to write VC fanfiction…so there’s that.


My vampire named Judas is very quiet and keeps to himself. He doesn’t like help from others and will get angry if you get in his way. Deep down he does care but his heart is too cold to show unless someone changes that. Judas is a immortal born from a human mother. More details will be kept secret :blush:


I really appreciate her short stories. It’s an art to get a full plot into so few words but she’s got a knack for it and doesn’t compromise on the characterisation of the cast.


that’s EXACTLY what I was going for :smiley: man I hate twilight and vampires in my novel are like the worst things on earth


In my supernatural story I want one and only vampire argue with old classic vampires. Like today, when elder complaint about the new generation.


Have a human form, so they can go into sunlight etc. Then their Vampire form they take on is what you’d expect. Red eyes, grey decaying skin, claws, fangs etc. Depending on the type of Vampire, they can scream, change their form, become invisible, or dominate other Vampires. They don’t like Fyndfire at all which is what you’ll find Hunters weapons coated with.


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Personally, I am a haemophobic, misanthriopic vampire who can’t stand the sun and people, and the other vampire in my life is one of the characters of one of my books. I started the book as a joke and grew fond of the character with time. He’s a handsome, dominant and royal vampire, he’s everything to be happy yet he’s lovelorn and heartbroken. He’s a heart, a soft one at that, and he’d put his happiness and dreams in a small bottle and threw them to the ocean for the sake of his beloved one. He’s not a hunter, he’s quite friendly and empathic. He’s allied to the enemies of his kingdom out of gentleness and charity. He’s not a traitor, he’s just peaceful. In the opposite of his fellows vampires he doesn’t believe in revenge or the superiority of his race. He has one weakness, his soulmate, the one who’s able to shred his ideal and transform him into a merciless monster. Well, he’s everything I am not yet I love that vampire. :yum:


This is my first original vampire story and I like the idea of more humanly vampires as they don’t stray too far from their personalities and the reason most of them were not found to be vampires as they acted humanly and it would be hard to think that they drank blood. But this is my vampire headcannons for a story of mine and please give me tips and constructive criticism.

Vampires have to drink blood, it doesn’t matter what kind of blood as long as it is blood than it’ll satisfy their hunger. Like Jules despite almost all of the animals in the world being dead, he can still last a week and a half off a 2 pigeons or an eagle.

But things like a lion or a cheetah can last a vampire around a 2 weeks or maybe even a month if they are older vampires and maybe if their cravings aren’t as bad as the normal vampire. When first transforming into a vampire, you’re extremely thirsty for blood and you’ll be extremely thirsty for at least 5 years but it also depends on how long you can last without blood for weeks and if you’re going to the extreme then months and years.

But most vampires can only last 2 weeks to say the least and some can even last a month if they’re lucky and most older vampires can last a lot younger than the normal ones or the younger ones. Being a supernatural creature in a world that doesn’t have presidents or at least not human ones, with supernaturals rulers of every kind of creature and they all rule different parts of earth, like Vampires rule almost all parts of the earth besides like the beaches, the oceans, the graveyards, and some of the forests but the rulers plan on making a treaty with the werewolves and hopefully the vampires plan on ruling some part of everywhere.

It depends on which area you live in, if you live in area where there is a lot of water then your ruler is the mermaids as they spend most of their time in the water and oceans. And so on and so on, and the rulers all own certain parts of the world like the ghosts own the graveyards and have control over the creatures after they die which what they turn into is decided by the angels and demons, you’ll either be a human, a animal, or just be buried if you are not worthy of living or if you wanted to kill yourself then you would either be thrown off what is known as death’s home where you’re either thrown off the top off the building and immediately killed from the impact before other creatures go to eat your body.

You’ll be hanged by your head with your lower half on fire if you’ll burn to death and they hang you to ensure your death and also they do this when you’ve committed a bad crime. If you committed a horrible crime then you’re murdered by one of the demons and better hope that they’ll feel bad for you. You have to depend your ruler tor give you money and do small jobs such as finding building a shed, finding someone to eat, making things for other’s such as clothing, a necklace, a toy for they children. There are different levels of vampires/creatures in every part of the world, there are the poor and sometimes considered the new vampires as they spend most of their money on blood bags because of their thirst and often live in small little homes and can be seen doing little jobs and doing things for the king which gave them at least enough for blood and a small apartment which at the time was maybe 900 or even 1,200.

Then there is the middle class which is for new vampires that had just gotten out of the phase and they were the vampires around the age, 65 - 125 of what they like to call the bloodthirsty phase that lasted for 5 years for most while some couldn’t quiet get rid of addiction and had to have it every waking minute and they were called needful vampires and can be expected to wait at least another 10 years and maybe even 20. As they work for a few years and the hard-working ones might even get a bigger house in maybe a year and a half time or even two. They often live by themselves or get roommates to help pay some part of rent. By the way rent was either money or doing jobs a few times a week just to make it that week or depending on the job, if it was big than you could hope to maybe get half a week.

Last of all, were known as the eternal vampires as most called them even though they weren’t even sure how long they would be living, Jules father was one of the eternal ones being known to have for live for almost 500 years but there were older vampires than his father that were higher in royalty, his father was well known but the older the you are the more known since some vampires have been living since 1700s or even A.D times which are the most well known vampires but they can also be angels and demons and sometimes even dragons but they don’t appear much and only appear during special events such as Christmas and New Years every 5 years.

You can lose your place in being well known and having lots of money if you anger the angels and demons, if you break the rules continuously and if you become burden upon where you live. Now we are talking about the true rulers, the judges and the executioner’s also known as the angels and demons. They don’t live on earth but they however live in space and watch from above and judge the people down below, they own Death’s Home, they also own a few mansions and Greece and America, only residing in case of a wedding, holiday, or a funeral.
There are many angels and demons that reside below but the most powerful ones are known as Esther being the most powerful as she can gift people of abilities and can curse and gift, also giving some vampires the gift of fertility, Alva being the judge and the second most powerful as she has the abilities to read someone’s true intentions, showing if they’ll change, showing if they’re evil or truly good.

Then there is the more violent and more angrier of the two, Bryce who is a transgender man, she used to be a woman but had wanted something to change and had decided to become a man and enjoys being a man but dislikes the hate that used to exist for transgenders and gays, causing her to grow bitter and more angry, she is the executioner and the angel who decides if you should be executed and which death you deserve. She is also known to have a thing for one of the demons. Onto the demons, there are three demons, two men and one female.

There is Darcy who is known to be the leader and one of the most powerful demons around, he is known to be really cruel and often takes evil or corrupt souls to hell where they usually reside when they’re not working with the angels, and he’s known to make evil doers suffer and do painful torture methods in hell. He is known to behead them after torture, to rip their guts out of their bodies, and other countless ruthless methods depending on how evil you are.
Then there is, Cormac who is known to be the more merciful of the three, and giving mercy to some evil souls, or giving the souls a quick death such as being beheaded or tearing their heart out, he is known to care for the evil souls and can see the deeds of every soul, knowing their true intentions.

Last of all is, Bella-Justice and was given the name for her beauty and her love for justice, she was known to bring the souls and can decide if they should be turned or executed and will often choose execution of they had done wrong and give some creatures the benefit of the doubt and send them back as a human, hoping that they’ll last at least a day.

These are the headcannons that I have so far, just so you guys know that I enjoy the more humanly aspect of vampires rather than the more gory and horrifying side of vampires.


So my vampires are cursed Elves (I’ll spare you the backstory). Sunlight doesn’t hurt them, stakes will kill them but so can anything if it hits their heart. They are not your traditional vampires, obviously. They do drink blood and crave human blood. When they don’t drink often enough they become very similar to a drug addict in extreme withdraw, which makes them even more violent. And the closer they get to humans, the more they crave the blood. Humans are literally their drug. They also roam in packs of 50ish and they are extremely violent and have the ability to “lose their soul” where they give into their dark desires and blood lust and become more animal-like. I wanted to make sure that my vampires were putting the evil and ugly back into it, because I am not a fan of the romanticizingof vampires that we have had recently


I’m a fan of vampires that act like vampires and do bad things whether they find romance or not. I love yours. Yours seem badass and has that “terrifying in numbers” vibe.

I feel like, if they did find love, it should be amongst their own kind. If a human captures their heart the idea that they wouldn’t be selfish and want to turn them is a complete mockery of the vampire. A vampire is selfish, even if they have selfless opinions. It may not be in what they say but what they do.

Haydn is rather selfish, he’s in an affair with a taken man. While he never tries to split the couple up, he wants his cake and eat it to. Do whatever you want but keep me here because I love you. I’ll kill you before you die or have an unworthy life. I want to make you a vampire but you don’t want it but at the same time, you should have the life that I lost, which in itself is selfish as it means he’s living vicariously through his lover.

A vampire without selfishness is NOT a vampire.