What are your vampires like?



true, mostly people dislike it because when you say something like that they generally would think of ‘twilight’.


Well in that case, mine aren’t too different from everyone else’s. One hails from a different realm world populated by vampires and the other comes from Romania.


Everyone’s vamps are different. Give us some traits; what are their strengths and weaknesses?


My vampires are mortal vamps that dont like sunlight but can still walk in it with some discomfort. They also have various powers over creatures, darkness, and over our perception of things.
They are pure bloodsuckers, and I take a lot of inspo from Anne Rice’s portrayal in terms of attitude/behaviour.


Well…Because stephanie Meyers basically created that concept didnt she?


Kali comes from an Earth-type world dominated by vampire clans. She managed to escape through the RealmVerse and onto Earth. She has a weakness for cottage cheese and macaroni salad, can either subside on artificial or real human blood, but carries a fragment of a stone which maintains her life force and connection to her home world.

She has all the capabilities of a normal blood born vampire.

Marlena is a half vamp–turned at a young age due to malnutrition and near death–but the experience backfired for some unknown reason. Her creator intended to turn her full vamp, but apparently something didn’t work.

But as a result, her lifespan–though impressive–will only be a fraction of that of a normal vampire. (Somewhere between 2050 and 2055, she dies of advanced age.)

Her strength is also halved except in times of crisis or a life threatening emergency. She has the ability to plant suggestive ideas in the minds of her targets, prey, or potential lovers.

And she needs to feed every 18 hours or she’ll go crazy. Unfortunately, her new boyfriend has the same clotting problem I do (Factor Five Leiden) and that’s been causing complications to her present feeding schedule. lol


Anne Rice managed to alienate a lot of her fandom back in the early days of fanfiction on the internet by threatening them all with legal action for writing about her vampires which is why, while she is considered on the forefront of vampire writing in modern(ish) times, she’s not as well liked in certain circles as a person. That said, some of her vampires are wonderfully horrifying.


Quite true…I do believe she’s taken this back? I’m not sure but I heard people saying she did.

But her work is incredible and a massive influence to me as a writer. I guess I was lucky to have been too young to read her work when all of that was going on (I’m 20), so while I know what happened, it doesn’t faze me…I also really never felt the need to write VC fanfiction…so there’s that.


My vampire named Judas is very quiet and keeps to himself. He doesn’t like help from others and will get angry if you get in his way. Deep down he does care but his heart is too cold to show unless someone changes that. Judas is a immortal born from a human mother. More details will be kept secret :blush:


I really appreciate her short stories. It’s an art to get a full plot into so few words but she’s got a knack for it and doesn’t compromise on the characterisation of the cast.