What are your vampires like?


Eh, to each their own. Edward’s a whiner. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Edward and Bella are perfect for each other on the grounds that in being together they aren’t inflicting themselves on someone else.

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I got to write a little emotional moment in my story. It isn’t much but, Vivian who keeps and teaches young vampires had a little talk with the MC. About what it is to be a vampire, what it is you lost. And it is so nice to give this human gift to vampires. What you miss in the end and how to survive mentally as vampire.

Important stuff. But also touching on a small scale, little hints of humanity.

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Mine are pretty stripped down. I write short stories so I want to get right to the characters and their conflicts without too much explaining. My vamps kill to survive, they get pleasure from killing, they are sexual, they are warm and have heart beats, they die in sunlight. They don’t have the Victorian baggage of mirrors, holy water, crucifixes, etc… They gain strength from their victim’s lives, they become stronger and faster over time and their touch drugs their victims to make them easier to seduce and kill.

They are alone and not part of any vampire society. This may change as I write more, but for now I like that they have no guidance from other vampires and get no help from the silent universe. They have to figure out how to be for themselves.

I am not planning to provide any explanation for their existence. They just are. Like in Star Wars the “Force” was cool until they came up with that Metachlorions thing (mitochondrial DNA?) to give it a naturalistic explanation. Then it was just stupid.

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This is such a commitment to your character. Do you feel that you created him or does he exist beyond you?

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I created him. I created them all, but like a mother or even God, they are of themselves their own people. Influence was drawn from those I care about and traits within myself that I dislike that have actually made me self-conscious about my faults, to better avoid them.

Haydn is his own man, but in reality he is closest to the woman I’ve considered a best friend for almost 15 years, in looks and some of her views on life, but like me, he’s extremely affectionate. Elijah is the negative aspects of me put into a man: indecisive, emotional, self-punishment, etc, but while these things have hardly a thing to do with who I am, they dominate Elijah. They’ve made him a man I despise but yet he’s our protagonist.

Elijah’s birthday is April 6th, as is mine, making him an Aries though both of us are nothing like one. Haydn was born October 22nd, as was my dearest friend that inspired him, and both of them are nothing like a Libra lol.

She always jokes with me, “You know, Heather, you might as well just say you have a tattoo of me on your arm.”

Their friendship (not the romance) is based on our own. A lot of the story is set around the conflicting relationship of Elijah and his fiancee Irina (loosely based on my most recent relationship which actually switches things. I am most like Irina and he is more Elijah. He never cheated on me, though, and is a much better man than Elijah. He’s a close friend to me now), and then Elijah and Haydn.

Theirs is the relationship of truth, longing, friendship, brotherhood, romance, vampirism. It doesn’t quite matter, but it’s obsessive yet honest. The love is raw and pure of heart (but certainly not emotionally healthy for those exact reasons). Irina and Elijah are the picturr perfect romance that crumbles under pressure, that isn’t as good as it once was because both of their true colors came out leading to deception and upset, but they do love each other. They are mistaking love for romance as my ex and I did. We love eachother very much, but we were truly never in love and it shows.

It’s the heart vs the soul, the body vs the mind.

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In my story vampires are blue and shiny and drink veggie juice because they are allergic to meat.

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Why are they blue?


They got bitten by a blue iridescent bug that makes crystallised cysts form under the skin making it painful to move around. reflecting the light causes them to get rlly hot and shiny in daylight.


It’s okay they’re allergic to meat, but why they blue, man? Haha.


But then… is it still a vampire if you remove every single thing that makes it a vampire?

Let’s say it’d be a cat. But the cat now is made of rock, eats leaves, and barks. Is it still a cat?


it’s still a vampire, are twilights sparkling vampires vampires?


i based it off a virus that infects ticks that makes people allergic to meat, not all vamps are the same…sometimes they suck veggie juice and sparkle blue


They still drink blood, but that’s the only thing they have in common. It’s like saying a pigeon and an owl are related because they have feathers

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Technically pigeons and owls are related through evolution. But they are not vampires either.

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Humans and apes are too. Hell, we evolved from rats. But you don’t call a rat a human


I dont know i wrote her as a vampire, people come up with different orgins for vampires so so did i…then my orgin changed my vampire in little ways till hey shes blue and is allergic to meat, don’t have to read my story :smiley:


So just to clarify because I’m drinking and I’m not sure if I misread… meat aside, do your vampires drink blood or sustain themselves on human life like a parasite in any way?

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some of them may be a bit of a social vampire, but no no blood…only thing that a passes their sharp serrated teeth would be veggie juice…but of course everyone thinks they do drink blood or eat people :slight_smile:


So… you call them vampires because the rumors in the book?


You do kind of have a point