What are your vampires like?


Yeah its all rumor and superstition, people think they drink blood and burn in the sun but thats becuase no one ever braves contact, in reality they just get hot in the sun, and only drink veggies. hard to explain that when you get the virus from a flesh eater and it makes your teeth sharp and no one wants to be around ya

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“a corpse supposed to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth.”
thats from the dictionary…not alll vampires are undead
some can go in the sun
not all of them even drink blood
some have people teeth
all and all
my vampires check the box they are supposed to, they are supposed to leave everynight to suck blood- according to myth
in my opinion my vamps are vamps


In my book, The Last Vampire, my vamps are evolved to withstabd sunlight. They don’t share the cliches/traditions, so garlic isn’t a problem, neither are crucifixes, and they can see their reflection.

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mine are mostly normal except they have specific powers depending on their rank in society and obviously, they can’t survive without blood. they also have weaknesses as well so in my book, whenever a vampire comes across ‘silver’, it’s detrimental


So I was listening to a podcast the other day about tonedeafness and agnosia in general, which is the lack of ability to interpret different sensory input. And there are people who have issues with recognizing flat surface art (like paintings), meaning they honestly can’t tell the difference between them or identify them in any way (although those same people seem to be better at dealing with sculpted art like statues). Or the agnosia typically referred to as “face blindness” because they can’t tell one face from another.

And I thought that’d be such a great characteristic of a vampire because it strips them of a certain quality that we call “humanity” (art and being able to recognize each other). Instead of the lack of reflection being the sign of soullessness, what if vampires just had no ability to comprehend art or music and they have no connection to humanity because they can’t tell the difference of one human from another?

Man, that’d make such a great, soulless monster.

No offense to anyone who suffers from agnosia.


Do they still have weaknesses, or are they humans with a whole lot of buffs with no drawback?


They aren’t immortal. They can bleed to death, get wounded. Starve from lack of blood.

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Interesting. Hard to imagine as a main character though.


Do you really mean that or do you mean it’s hard to imagine as a romanticized main character who can fall in love with someone? Because that seems to be all that vampires are anymore.


I mean a main character who can’t connect with humanity. Its an interesting challenge to write it in a way that the reader can connect to.


Lol. You’re implying that anyone with agnosia is inhuman and unrelatable. One in 50 people have a form of it, that doesnt make them hard to relate to. There are other personality traits that make characters more difficult to relate to and more cold.

But it will set up some interesting internal struggles and his struggle to relate to the world around him.


Interesting. I guess you said they had no connection to humanity and I interpreted that as inhuman. It will be interesting to read. Is it from the vampires point of view? First person?


I literally just came up with the idea on Saturday while driving for 12 hours and listening to that podcast, so… it doesnt exist yet.

I do have a very inhuman vampire character I’m working on, though. Hes not a main character and the book doesnt have a lot of vampires in it. Hes just a side character, but one that I really like because of his strangeness.


My vampires have two nipples
just like me


Alright. Is there anything more that defines them as vampires, except for the fact that they have nipples like you do?


They eat only eat vegetables


So they are vampires because they eat vegetables and have nipples?


They are vampires because that’s what everyone calls them
Are you really a cat?


I’m a witness to oblivion. I shoved everything right off the edge and into the void with my paw

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That’s a cool title
How are your vampires