What are your Wattpad Hacks to grow your reader base?

What ways have you hacked solutions to either:
(1) Grow your reader base on Wattpad
(2) Learn who your readers are


Idk if its necessarily a hack lol but I’ve found just talking to people and generally being a friendly and helpful person has gone a long way to grow my readership. While I have no exact numbers I do know if gotten some readers just by being friends with them.

The first time I got featured was when you could still recommend a book to be featured. At that time I never would’ve had the confidence to recommend myself. So I didn’t. I met a girl in the then SYS club and we just chatted over Meebo and then PM when meebo was murdered. There was no expectations of her reading my work or my reading hers, it was just a friendship. At some point something I said about my book apparently peaked her interest and she binge read my book then promptly filled out the form to get it featured. I owe probably at least half of my fan base to her doing that.

And it was all because we became friends.


Comment back when people comment on your story. Talk with them, maybe even take it to PMs and chat on a regular basis. You’ll have new friends, and they’ll come back to read, comment and vote on every chapter.

And to grow reader base… Well, I’m just starting out, so my reader base is quite small. The only way I’ve got 92 reads in 15 days (which is a huge number for me) is because of a whole group of friends from Wattpad that support me and vote/read every chapter.

And be active in the forums. Lots. Not only is it fun, but it can draw new readers to your books because you had interesting conversations with them.


I’d like to add one more point in addition to the above-

Be patient and believe in yourself. Just 'coz you are not getting any reads/votes/comments, doesn’t mean that you give up. Every writer started small. And it’s just a matter of time when you’ll grow too. Hang in there and don’t give up :slight_smile:


Be nice. Engage with the rest of the community through comments, competitions and clubs. Try to reply to reader’s comments when possible. Check out other writers in the genre and talk to them


The main one I’ve learned is using social media.

The majority of users only look for things on Wattpad such as engaging in conversations in the clubs, making friends, commenting and reading on other stories, joining book clubs… the whole nine yards. But doing these things only go so far and it’s no wonder a large majority of users are struggling to get readers…

You have the entire internet at your disposal. Use it. Get on social media that you’re interested in; whether it’s Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube…

Follow other Wattpaders, get shout-outs from them, post photos or videos of your work in progress, things you’re reading, quotes from your stories, and beyond!

It definitely helps!

I mean, just a day ago, I posted a short story for the ToAllTheBoysContest and on Instagram, my post got seventeen likes and then a couple hours later, I posted a quote from the story. That got fifteen likes. My short story? Overnight, it received thirteen reads and four votes. I probably would’ve stayed at zero if it weren’t for posting it on social media.

Not to mention, having people give your book or profile a shout-out is one of the best things to do. I had someone that was pretty popular on Instagram do it and the photo got over 400 likes. And, in just four months, it my story got over 2,000 extra reads!

The next hack would be getting your story on reading lists (Wattpad official, I mean). Up in April, my story got on the TalentScouts reading list and within four to five months, it’s gained over 6,000 extra reads! It went from 4,000 to 10,000!


You can’t just go to someone like, “Hey. Shout my book out wink wink” though, can you?


Haha, I wish. xD But yeah, not really. Many people have different ways of doing it. Like some do it for free where you just message them saying you want a shout-out and then they do it. Some kind of trick you into thinking it’s free, like they say, “Message for shout-out.” And that might mean to message them for all their guidelines and things you have to do. I’ve had some people do this but there wasn’t much to it, like simply following their Instagram account. And then there are people do state specific guidelines like how you message them and being able to follow their accounts (on Wattpad and Instagram). I mean, the popular person’s guidelines were pretty simple. Like tagging friends, give them information on your story, reply to comments on your post, follow her, and say why people should read it. xD


I don’t have any proven, yet, but I have tried tweeting about my work and using tags that might reach another twitter sphere or fandom that has cross-over with my work.

For example, let’s say I listened to the band The Cure a lot when I was writing my work.

Now, I don’t use any actual lyrics in my work (copyright reasons, natch), but the title is based on a Cure song. I mention the influence in an author’s note and I mention it in a tweet and I tag #TheCure.

So, maybe Cureheads on Twitter then see that become curious.

And I feel it’s justified, because, also being a Curehead I know a lot of their songs have a kind of intertextuality with literature, like whether that’s Albert Camus or Penelope Farmer, etc. So, it’s reasonable to think fans of The Cure may also like to read.

And there are characters in the work I’m tweeting about who are Goths.

Anyway, the point is, I’m looking into how I can reach not only those already looking for a book to read, but people who weren’t looking for a book to read but might still be interested to know a book exists that is related to some of their interests.

Maybe, eventually, I’ll get RTs from it.

I have no idea how much this may be effective or not, but I’m looking for ways to bring the audience to me (and by extension to Wattpad) if the audience suited to my work maybe isn’t on Wattpad already.

The challenging part, by my thinking, is researching what cross-over fandoms, movements, spheres there are and then finding what tags they use, then seeing how I can legitimately have something to say relating my work to those things.

I do not think this works if someone just spams tags.It won’t seem authentic or be as ethical.


To me, I don’t feel like there is one way or another in terms of gaining popularity on Wattpad, it goes across as luck. If you write a popular genre, then more people are likely to stumble across you work, if you write a smaller genre (I write Historical Fiction) you’re pretty much ignored. I’ve also found that a lot of books promoted by Wattpad are similar in genre and plot line whilst everything else is brushed aside.


Most users have already mentioned the main things eoth the first question, so that’s all sorted :wink:

When they vote or comment, it always lays to look at theit bio. Sometimes you can pick up a trend that way if the readers aren’t silent. Usually with a trend, there could be users who say in their bio what type of stories they pike - eg - fantasy, horror, psychological stuff, etc, etc.

That’s one good way I’ve found that helps figure out what type of traffic you are generating.

Oh, and enter comps. The more reading lists you get on, the more likely you are to be found. This also helps woth interaction with users on the threads, which most likely use the app. The newsfeed is a powerful way to find things that other users you know like and find. I’ve found plebty of books that way, includong user based competitions. There’s so many different outlets


I don’t generally bother, I prefer readers to come if they legit like my work. I feel funny even promoting on social media, because I haven’t quite yet gotten out of the mindset of my work being diaries of my life, in abstract form.

  1. I spent a bunch of time reading all the guidebooks by other users on how to get readers. Then I’ve tried out different things myself to see what worked and what didn’t.

  2. And for learning who my readers are… I’ve used the stats page that shows demographic. Besides that I basically only know who the readers who’re also serial commenters are.


I like what you said above here. That ideally we can help you understand who your niche audience might be and then helping find your niche audience so you can interact with people who will most likely love your story.


Thanks for sharing how you feel. I will definitely keep this feedback in mind about more niche genres and the pain-points of writing in that niche.

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Interesting technique!
When you say “enter comps” where are you entering this? what do you mean?


Thanks for this. Yes, it is definitely hard to understand what your reader base likes to read unless your readers identify themselves by commenting. There are a lot of silent readers.
This is insightful feedback for me. Thanks!


When I mean comps, I mean user made competitions. They create them to help generate traffic and promote other users. If some of the competitions or user who create them end up being a little well known around the users on Wattpad, it can help generate traffic and gain different readers.

And of course if some users are always finding and entering these comps notice others who do the same, they end up tagging them into other ones as well and help each other out.

It’s a really interesting way of not only promoting yourself, but also finding other users who do the same sort of thing. It’s a different method of support in a way.


(1) Engage and befriend other writers – especially those in your niche/genre. I see a lit of people talking about socialising being a waste of time, but the more people that can identify you the better – like a stage where someone can spell out your username and/or pen name.

(2) Keep readers enagaged with “fun stuff” like promotional one shots etc.

(3) Be consistent and frequent. I also hate putting all my focus on one project. You’ll never know what will take off, so throwing out ideas and being quick to either work on or discard them based on resder reception helps.


You’re very welcome! Glad I could help despite it being a rather short answer :sweat_smile: