what are your writing rituals?



So I came upon this cool infographic the other day

and i came upon the “get-in-the-mood” part.

Honestly, I have to get somewhat inspired by something I did or saw to even get myself to sit down and start typing, but it’s always satisfying after I finish :ivan: And then I started to wonder.

How you get in the mood for writing?


I find a song to put on repeat.


I’m very easily distracted by my surroundings, so in order to concentrate and get in the mood, I make up playlists for my stories.


ooh, i have a couple of those!


I make playlists on youtube of music for specific books so that when I need to get in the mood or start writing I have that as background music to motivate me and keep me writing, plus it keeps me focused.

Also, a lot of times I’ll make myself a cup of spearmint tea. The smell gets me into that creative mood, and it’s good for me. Plus, I can’t say this is completely true, but I think some research suggests that herbal teas can stimulate your mind.

If I’m really in a rut, I might go for a walk and simply think about my story to generate interest. Or I’ll remind myself that I’m only doing a little bit.

I have my writing broken up into 5 15-20 minute sessions or 5 one page sessions where I sit down and write at least one page in that sitting, and I try to ensure that I do a minimum of 3 a day but I aim to get 5 done, that way at the end of the week I’ve completed between 21 and 35 pages, and because it’s shorter bursts of writing, I can motivate myself to do it easier because it’s not some giant looming task. Also it allows me to think in between pages so if I get stuck on something or need to look something up, I have time.


woah, it’s awesome that you have your creative process divided up in a way in a way that works for you! honestly, that takes a lot of knowing yourself to find. props to you!

also, i have to drink more tea. the scent and taste always puts one in a better mood, don’t you think?


I agree! Tea and Coffee are amazing helps for writing. :coffee: :tea:

Thank you! In all honestly, I actually borrowed the concept of diving up my writing from an author who commented on one of my insta posts with her writing ritual and it was really inspiring. She does longer jaunts of writing and has more time to do more, so I adjusted it a little bit to my schedule, but it was very helpful!


I like the image there. It’s really kewl.

My ritual is writing after work. A lot of the time, work feels unproductive, so writing after dinner motivates me to write since I didn’t do much during the day. I listen to music all the time while writing. I do bursts of 20 mins with 5 min breaks. I can do that for hours on end if things work out. When I do write, I tend to do 5 hour stints. I find it a lot of fun. Getting into a ritual like that everyday does tend to take a toll a little, which you can just take a day off from that.

I find that I have a lot of motivation and passion for writing as I delve into it more, and I’ constantly learning too :slight_smile:


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I don’t have rituals. I just write what pops in my head and hope to god it works ;-;