What body insecurities do/did you face as a teen?



Well damn. Forget I said anything.


A body insecurity that I still struggle with today into my 30s that I struggled with just as much as a teenager is cystic acne and the scarring it’s left behind.


My biggest issue for years was that I had REALLY bad acne, so I took Acutane for 9 months. Now I rarely have acne!

Acutane can be a really dangerous drug, especially for women, but I’m thankful I took it.


That makes me so happy to hear. While not being intersex myself, as a young girl I had a friend confide in me that he was (though of course back then they called it something else). The concept of his parents being pressured into needing to choose whether he was a “girl or boy” and have surgery was just so shocking to me, only to find out what his experience had been when he reached puberty and felt brave enough to tell them he had always felt like a boy. and ever since it’s something I’ve cared about. So, from one stranger to another, please accept my well-wishes! <3


I love this! My legs are covered with scars from self-harm. And I mean covered, from the knees up, both of them. I was ashamed of them for a long time, and even when I moved to the desert I refused to wear shorts. One day I decided I’d had enough, and that if someone had a problem with those scars, that was on them, not me. No one has ever said anything about it. One time my 12 year old sister made some vague comment, I think I’d complained about an accidental scrape I’d gotten and she said it just looked like the rest of my legs and that she didn’t notice it. It was the way she said it rather than the words themselves – she understand I was mentally ill and that these were part of it, and a part of me, and that that was okay. That’s when I fully accepted it.

Now I wouldn’t get rid of them even if I could! They are a reminder that everytime I thought I couldn’t go on any further, I did. And I’m here. They are battle scars. I know it’s a different situation from yours but I just love that you decided to love the scar, see the good in it, and be empowered by it! <3 <3


Yes, please never, ever tan on purpose! I’m pale AF too but I embrace it ever since my mother had melanoma. I was 13 and used to lay out and I stopped. My grandpa had it too but I didn’t know him, then I might him as a teen and he was literally deformed from skin cancer. He was a trucker so he was exposed to it constantly. His face was covered in scars, and his left ear is completely missing. It’s just a hole in the side of his head!

Never ever ever tan my friends, it’s not worth it! /end PSA lol


That sounds awful. Im sorry.

I wouldn’t tan, especially because it is not worth the sunburn that comes with. I have had one too many and I don’t need skin cancer. It also makes one age faster and I like looking younger than my age.


Thank you for your kind words, they went straight to my heart, really. My relatives did never accept my intersexuality and asexuality, and they still dont, but I am who I am and having a big ego helps in these conditions. As long as people love themselves, they can’t feel the hatred of anyone. I learned that people did hate who I am but they have also hated the neighbor for being rich, the cook for being talented, the singer for being famous, the policeman for being unyielding … people love to hate and they don’t hate me because I am intersex, they hate me because I am not like them. They don’t hate all those persons because they are whom they are, they just hate them because they are afraid to love them, they judge them because they are afraid to know them. Too bad, they are missing out. There is so much beauty in difference, and difference most of the time makes a difference :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I’m sorry for your difficult experiences but you have such a good attitude! I really admire it. I find it despicable that people could hate someone from something out of their control and that is biology. I don’t understand how they don’t realize that. You can’t argue biology, and someone who is intersex has their own completely valid biology. Keep up the good attitude, it’s really inspiring! <3


I was fat and ugly as a teen… and I still am now at 22. If you wanna details, ask away :grin:


Thanks for your sweet words again, I agree totally with you. With acceptance people can do anything, because most of the time the hurt comes from within. When people let their guards down, they know that will be harmed, but if they surround themselves with their own love and their own self-esteem, I think they can achieve everything they want. :yum:


You are awesome! Thanks for sharing!


thank you. :heart:


Welp I’m Hispanic and have brown skin unlike 98% of the kids who went to my old school, I’m short, and have a horrible amount of hair on my arms which I often got teased about. I have extremely chubby cheeks and think I’m on the heavy side for my age. I have an unhealthy amount of scars covering my arms, thighs, hips, and ankles. I’m flat chested which makes me feel like less of a woman. I’m Insecure about a lot of things to be honest, not just my physical appearance. I’m insecure about my intelligence, and social standing. I begged my parents to home school me so that I wouldn’t have to have people constantly around me, judging my every move.

Now I have no friends and am started to think I let my paranoia get the best of me. :see_no_evil:
but then again I’m 13 so what do I know-


my stomach. ever since i was a little kid i could never keep my eyes off of it and notice how big and squishy it was. also, the fat on my legs/thighs. i would spend hours watching them expand when i sat down and i would pinch and shake it. as a teen (i still am one, btw) it turned into hatred of those features and eventually became body dysmorphia, though im positive i had it as a kid too.