What can I do now?

book 1 is approximately 63,000 words, book 2 is approximately 24,000 words how can I make the word count longer without padding it?

Expand the story.

Add really slice of life moments!

book 2 starts with talking about the fake antagonist trying to take the protagonists powers away for secrets then the newest arc is about werewolves and the first of all shapeshifters. The protagonist has a past with them even more than his friends when it comes down to his past.

I don’t understand what you want me to do. Sit down, look at your story. Make an outline. See where it can be expanded.

I’ve answered this question more than once. You have to rewrite it and do everything I said in my earlier responses to you.

There’s nothing else to do, Michael. There’s no magic button that will expand the story. You’re going to have to start over and rewrite a more complex, fully developed novel.

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I’ve reread about 3-7 times I just don’t think people care… :cry:

Why does it need to be longer? Sometimes a story only has a novella’s worth of content in it; there’s nothing wrong with novellas

I heard that if there’s a sequel that second book and further will need to be longer than the first books.

While that often happens because the world-building grows more complicated and publishing companies start giving writers more leeway with word count, I don’t think that’s specifically a rule. What are you planning to do with these books? Wattpad, traditional publishing, self-publishing, something else?

Self publishing.

Not to sound blunt or rude, but do you have any descriptions at all?

Body language, smells, weather… there are all sorts of things you can add without making it mindless fillers that does nothing for the storyline, but rather makes the story come alive in the reader’s mind.

One of my readers praised me for how I added a description of smoke from a cigarette. It doesn’t have to be big, long descriptions, but just things that add character to a scene.

It does.

What are you talking about? I broke out a detailed list of what you need to do.

This has nothing to do with people caring – lots of people replied. This is about you creating a solid book 2 for your series, and THAT will require starting over.

do you think adding the first generation of shapeshifters will be good? because it was going to be put in book 4.

I haven’t read any of it. NO ONE can tell you what to include in the book. YOU have to make that decision.

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Okay. Then I guess your story just doesn’t have more to it than what can be said with 20k+ words.

I just had to check, and my word count sits at 24917 at chapter 11 (so far my books has 102 chapters), so you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little baffled at how you can complete an entire story - with descriptions - in just 20k+ words.

I’m still working on the series.

Self-publishing is more forgiving of unusual word counts than traditional. You essentially have two choices:

a. leave the story as is and sell it is as a novella – be fully upfront with your readers about it and price accordingly.

b. go back into the meat of the story and rework it entirely. If it’s sitting at 24k now, you’ll need to double the word count to make it a novel, which means it needs way more plot than it currently has. It might be helpful to look at story structure guides (e.g. Save the Cat Writes a Novel) to help with plot development.