What color is your reading preference?


Just curious.

  • Black
  • Tan
  • White

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On the app, there are multiple reading color preferences.

I used to be tan, but now it doesn’t matter xD


I didn’t know that. I’ll be back to answer next update.


You forgot option ‘No color. I’m a web user’ :sob:


Black for sure.


My tablet has this neat app setting that adjusts the colours and brightness to be really comfy in the white setting. So white all the way!


Any setting other than black hurts my eyes tbh.


This would be me too LOL I said it before, I’ll say it again, I didn’t realize how badly I needed a dark theme on Wattpad until these clubs. And I’m not just talking for reading, i want a dark theme for the whole enchilada :laughing: This has helped me so damn much it’s incredible. Nothing will take away the marching ants I get around letters, but it’s eased up everything else and it has been glorious


did you know there’s different fonts, too?


Not on the web there isn’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But that isn’t an issue for me since Wattpad already uses a sans-serif font and that’s what I need. Serif and cursive fonts are where I have issues. Times New Roman being the industry standard absolutely kills me :laughing: About the only thing I might need from Wattpad on the font front is something a bit thicker. Some of the lines get a little lost.

However, it would still be nice to have that option on the web. Right now reading on the web version of Wattpad is probably a dyslexics worst nightmare. My dyslexia is mild compared to others, but if I struggle with it I can’t imagine how somebody with a far more severe case does.


Aesthetically I like darker schemes, but for my own reading purposes, I choose dark text on a light background and then use the blue light filters on my devices. If a device doesn’t have its own filter then going with a sepia/tan scheme has a similar effect.

(If we were talking video, I like the ‘theater’ mode that darkens/greys-out the surrounding screen a bit.)

Also, I tend to use read-aloud or narration when it’s available on my device/app in conjunction with reading the text. It helps me concentrate using multiple sense. Sometimes, I listen only, and that’s a different experience. I find it helps me to ‘hear’ errors that weren’t apparent when I visually scanned the text.

(And for video I use the closed captions if available.)


I like it on the app. I think it’s bigger than whatever font type you use, I think.


I mentioned dark theme as kind of a simplification. When I’m writing, what I really go for is “Terminal Theme”. By this, I mean classic Linux Mint terminal. I’ve found going back to GUI formats … kind of a strange sensation.

It’s a bit like a little sister pulling on your hair and bopping your nose. Cute, even pleasant at first. Then it starts burning like a Minecraft nether.

I like terminals for a different reason most programmers do, as I find both GUI and Terminal easy to use. It’s that color I like in terminals.


Black, so I can read at night.


Yeah that’s the reason i read in black too!:joy::joy:


Black, definitely. I wish it was available on the web :sob::sob::sob::sob: please wattpad I’m begging you. :disappointed_relieved:


I’m fine with the how the site is now, but a dark theme for reading would be great.