What do teenagers talk about?




they talk about nonsense: movies, books, pop culture, music. Sometimes discussions such as how nice or bad a teacher is, school in general. They talk about all sorts of topics. I usually don’t think about it too much when choosing a topic for a dialogue.

What range of age are you talking about?


I have a 13, 14 and 15 year old. All I hear about are memes, YouTube, video games, BTS, Wattpad, and Instagram/Snapchat. :joy:


I still talk about that stuff and I’m 19. XD


I had a teen fiction book up on here so long ago and i’m looking at republishing it - the characters were in the 16 to 18 age range. I feel so old now like a 23 year old pensioner who just the other day had to google what ‘dank’ meant :skull_and_crossbones:


I’m 33 and under normal circumstances that’s not really considered old at all, but–see–the internet makes time travel faster than the speed of a political scandal.


I feel like I need someone to physically sit down with me and explain, in detail, what kpop is :joy: I’ve heard the name ‘BTS’ and from what I gather they are like, the One Direction of Korean pop but I’m sure there are many more groups and fandoms and it’s this completely different subculture


Got time? I can give you a breakdown, but it might take a minute lol


Go for it! :joy::joy::joy:


One Direction is talented and beautiful, but I guess the biggest loss in translation is trying to explain these Korean groups as boy bands. See, when you think of boy band, you think:

-Great Looks
-Nice Dance Moves
-Decent Singing

Basically a swoon-worthy crush for anyone 10 - 14. Then, there’s BTS, EXO, Blackpink (girl group), etc. Because South Korea began investing heavily in pop culture to generate what’s known as “soft power,” crazy amounts of money and time went into cultivating these groups. Here, in the West, we talk about the Big 5 publishers, b/c they’re simply the end all/ be all of publishing, aside from self-publishing, right? In Korea, they talk about the Big 3 entertainment companies.

BTS came out of nowhere from a completely new and obscure company.
-They don’t just look handsome; they look otherworldly perfect. Seriously, I’ve heard so many guys joke about questioning their sexuality after really looking at the band members. It doesn’t hurt that plastic surgery isn’t taboo in South Korea, although that may be trending in a different direction soon.
-They don’t just dance. When they perform, it’s instantly clear that they put crazy hours into getting every single thing right. And, when they mess up, members have been known to literally burst into tears. For fans, that level of dedication would tug at anyone’s heart strings.
-They don’t just sing. They write their own music and infuse it with English lyrics so it can be enjoyed in the West. The translations often show very intricate metaphors. The music videos are works of art.

Now, inevitably, when something gets a ton of people clamoring about how great it is, there’s an instinctive desire to avoid it at all costs b/c it can’t possibly live up to the hype. I mean, it’s not like 10 year olds are creme de la creme talent scouts, right? lol

But, in this case, I’ve listened to all their albums, seen most of their videos, watched interviews by them, etc–for parenting purposes, for real y’all–and I can say that as someone who actually used to write music semi-professionally, they’ve got the x-factor. They’re pretty good. Actually, I’d put them closer to Beatles level than One Direction. :slight_smile:

Anywho, don’t take my word for it, kill time and check them out. I’d start with Serendipity by Jimin and then spiral down the rabbit hole from there. If, however, you don’t want to question why you too have become one of those weirdos (like me) saying, “Actually, they’re not half-bad,” then stay away. Far, far away. It’s safer lol


Not sure? Lol, I’m not exactly normal, since all I really talk about are books and life things. But school? Uhhh bands maybe? New movies? I honestly don’t know, but those are my guesses.


Youtube. Sounds odd, and I myself am not a teen anymore but when I am around some like cousins and such, I hear them chatting on about youtube. Sometimes also just boys and girls of their class or a new movie or show they watched on Netflix. Actually I noticed a lot of their talks have to do with internet activity. Often they will even just show each other stuff they found in instagram, facebook etc.


as a teenager, from what i know we tend to talk about:

  • memes/tweets/tumblr posts
  • school work and stuff
  • how we barely have lives
  • movies we’ve watched recently
  • dumb things people said and/or did
  • university applications
  • books
  • how gosh-darn close our exams are
  • jokingly how much we want to die

and a few other things that are kinda specific to my school and my classes


school/grades, smoking shit, beating some kid up in the hallway, how they got suspended, kpop, memes, social media, dirty jokes, and teachers they dont like


Oof, grades, teachers we hate/love, whose broke up with who and whose dating, political issues, yogurt flavours, memes/twitter stuff, funny things from the past, did someone gets suspended again, college, books, tests, we should all jump of a cliff or plan a sabotage of our school’s electricity to get a day off.


Are you a trend follower? Or are you a trend setter?

After reading all the answers above, I’m happy I’m old. Those kids don’t have any idea how to entertain themselves. It must be boring to be young, and they don’t seem to have any inspiration around that helps them to get out of it. So? Give them something to talk about, your next story for instance, about teenagers who do all sorts of fascinating things instead of talking endlessly about others who don’t have a life either.


Pop culture, teachers, what other people are doing in their grade, politics (at least my friends talk about politics and we are all in high school).
I remember in 9th grade, all my friends were reading books like anything and they aren’t exactly nerdy. Granted the genre was mainly chick lit but still.
Including talks of politics can help add humour to your book because god knows how funny it has become.


With friends: Pop culture, memes, Youtubers, Movies, Books, Girls/Boys, Politics (for the 15-18 range), School, How little sleep we get, Parents, Gossip, Video games

With best friends: Basically all of above plus insecurities and secrets.


Each other.