What do you do about writer's block



There’s a tone of people who struggle with writer’s block, and there are so many different ways we all deal with it. But what do you do to get over it? Take a break from writing for a week or go out to get inspiration? How long does it last for you?


Have you tried looking at the writer’s resources on wattpad?


I find that my writers block is usually about a certain scene or a certain story. I find it helpful to write two stories at once, when I’m stuck on one I switch to the other. I also find that co-writing helps or having a writing buddy, having someone to run ideas off of and get feedback is super helpful.


I write something else and then come back. Or I watch my favorite TV shows/movies/read books that motivate me. or I’ll just write until I’m okay with what I’m writing and fix up all the crap that I wrote that doesn’t make sense HAHA


I love how you deal with writer’s block. It seems faster to get over it and maybe I should try the same thing if I can juggle two stories at the same time


I have or I mean I skimmed through it. It sometimes helps a little.


Different things:

  1. Set a timer. Sit at your computer with the internet off and the door closed until the timer goes off. Spend the entire time staring at a blank screen if necessary.
  2. Write an interior monologue from the point of view of each different character where they’re talking to themselves about what’s going on right now and what they think about it. Sorta fun to do from the POV of minor characters.
  3. Groom your timeline. Look for inconsistencies.
  4. Go back to that earlier scene which is mostly okay but has something not quite right that you can’t put your finger on. Rewrite from scratch, with a completely different take.
  5. Write a scene you plan to not include in the book.

I find often when I’m stuck it’s because the story wants to go off in some new direction and I haven’t figured out what that is yet. Most recently in my current book it was because my protagonist was about to team up with my villian, and I wasn’t ready for it.

Edit: So I guess what I’m saying is I think the best way to deal with writer’s block is by writing; doesn’t matter what.


I force myself to write, so my writer’s block only lasts for a few moments. :woman_shrugging: I started doing this because I realized how much time I’m wasting by just looking for inspiration rather than writing and being productive. I mean, if you really want the story done, you’d get it done no matter what. Writer’s block is a form of an excuse to not doing anything because there’s ideas literally everywhere. Anything and everything can be converted into inspiration, you just have to find it. But forcing yourself can help get through that blockage and find that inspiration because you’re just pushing yourself through that wall.

Another way to help force yourself is by doing the Word Crawl challenge where you write a certain amount of words in a short time frame (like 200 words in ten minutes, for example). This can help because, while you’re under pressure, it’s best to not overthink through things. This is how I got into writer’s block in the first place because I was thinking too hard and arguing with myself over certain ideas. Instead, you want to just write whatever comes to mind at the moment and try to go with the flow.

The first step to writing is just finishing the first draft at any cost! It doesn’t matter how it’s written, how perfect it needs to be, or whatever. Finish first, revise later.


I wholeheartedly agree with this.

For me, if I am writing and I hit a wall, I do a few things:

  1. Throw something random in to mix it up. Like a small twist
  2. Write a future scene that I am dying to get to
  3. Write just the dialogue of the scene I am stuck on
  4. If all else fails, start over with a new scene or in a different place

Ultimately you have to trudge through it. I think if you are just creatively stuck, then changing the scene, or tackling another scene, is effective. But sometimes, you just gotta write it anyway. Sometimes writing a crappy scene allows you to see the flaws.


Thank you so much for this wonderful advice. I really think it’s going to cure my weekly writer’s block that I often struggle with. And again thank you.


I’m struggling just liked how you explained. I kept trying to change things up while trying to write and doubting myself. But thank you. I’m sure this is going to help me a lot. I just need to learn how to push myself past the blockage to get that inspiration we all love. :grinning:


This is something that I love to do when I’m stuck. Throwing something new (and often crazy) into the mix always hypes me up and gets me going. :wink:


Thank you. I’ll be sure to do that it for sure will help. :grinning:


I say this a lot, but writer’s block hits me often when I know whats supposed to happen but feeling that I don’t know how to write it. My response to that is to just say screw it and write it anyway.



In all seriousness, I usually find that reading other stories helps to inspire my creativity. Sometimes however, all you might need is a break.


I love to read similar stories and ask myself what I can do differently that everyone else is doing the same thing for the plot.


Music! Depending on the mood of my characters or whatever is happening when I leave off an a story, I pick a genre of music and just listen to a bunch of songs. At some point or another, a certain song will help me kind of create my own version of a music video for my characters, and it helps with my writers block . :blush: