What do you enjoy seeing in a blurb? What do you NOT enjoy seeing in a blurb?



People are super kind on the thread, so don’t worry. :smile:

Yep. I remember I got a critique on a blurb where they said “You just explained what happens in the entire book” and I was like… “Nah my dude, that was just like… Less than half.” :joy:


I has no worries!

Lol, I can see this playing out :joy:


It was such an odd critique - especially since they hadn’t read the story. Like, if I could sum up what happens in 70k words this fast, I’d probably be doing something wrong :joy:


Yeah, that would be rather odd XD

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Hahaha this is brilliant!


Now I have to rewrite my whole summary :sob:… Nah, just kidding. Seriously, this cracked me up.:smile:


I can’t top @ebba-the-storyteller’s list. Pretty much covered my peeves.

Actually I do have one that turns me off.

When a blurb is zillions of text like the first page of the book. My attention goes haywire when there’s more than three paragraphs. More for the fact that I’m trying to workout how I’d fit all that text on the back of a back cover design.


What I do not enjoy.

  • When the blurb is just the MCs kissing or having eye sex.

  • When the blurb is a fight/action scene

  • When the blurb involves dialog

Literally anything else is much better.


I don’t read further if the blurb starts with ‘In which’ or the awards the book has won. Or if the blurb includes elipsis and weird paragraphing that’s meant to have some dramatic effect. This might just be me, but I’m not really intrigued by blurbs that ONLY contain a poem of sorts (when the book isn’t poetry). Most of the time anyway.


I’m with the others saying don’t make your blurb a random scene from your book. What and how is that going to tell me about your story?

What I do like, is if people include their uploading schedule (and stick to it).


Well, and suddenly I feel a lot better about my own blurbs. Ahem.

Kidding aside, it’s hard to say what I really enjoy in a blurb—usually it makes me want to read a story if it tells me something about an interesting, unusual plot. I suppose my favorite ones are those that really tell me what to expect and what the story’s about. Humor is appreciated (if done well) but not necessary.

What I don’t enjoy… well, obviously, grammar/spelling errors, yes-or-no questions at the end (open-ended questions can work, depending on the case), certain stock phrases (aka the “average teenage girl/boy” and so on and so forth), short excerpts (seriously, guys… they tell your reader nothing, except maybe your writing style), and, for me personally, overly dramatic openings. You know the type. “Worded. Phrased. Written. Protagonist has a super badass tragic backstory and something something dramatic involving survival and trusting no one”… nothing wrong with it, just too dramatic for my tastes. I’m not overfond of melodrama. That’s really just a personal thing though.


I really dislike summaries that lead with ‘watty long list’, ‘fiction award winner’ like that stuff can be included at the end or something, but it’s useless to me to see the first 80 characters of a blurb wasted on something that doesn’t tell me anything about the story.

I’m not a big fan of quotes used as blurbs at all.


This is probably just a me thing, but I really dislike excerpts from the book. I’d rather have a description of what it’s about