What do you guys think of Inkitt?

I am very much happier on Wattpad with all of my fantastic readers.

I woke up to see this. You’re very kind to say this.
Your writing is so good!

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Thank you a lot much! You’e the best reader I ever had ^^ :heart: :heart: :heart:

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You should stop, my brain will inflate with your kindness.

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I don’t have much opinion on Inkitt. I have published my story there with a few chapters but I don’t have any readers there.

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It’s nice for what it is. I still prefer Wattpad.

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I only have my fanfic up on Inkitt but I think I only have like two readers over there :joy:, so not much going on.

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Inkitt is harder, idk :confused:

Yeah, I feel that the social aspect is missing and there’s basically no interaction between readers and writers.



I’m a constant user of Inkitt because a few Wattpad authors prefer to post their content there nowadays. With Inkitt, there’s basically little to no social interaction between the writers and the readers. You’re given the option to comment, review and vote and all but the comment section is not as alive as Wattpad because it’s not placed at the end of paragraphs but rather the end of chapters.

Also, Wattpad is sort of more organised in terms of website usage and mobile app usage. Inkitt is less than impressive when compared to Wattpad in those areas. And the access to notifications is slightly better than that of Inkitt. Wattpad simply has better UI and customer service than Inkitt but that’s probably because Inkitt is still gaining fame and popularity.

However, Inkitt sort of holds an advantage over Wattpad now simply because of the exclusive content that you get for free over there. While on Wattpad you have to susscribe to Premium and pay for coins to read Paid Stories, on Inkitt, everything is generally free.

One thing that both apps have in common and is a disadvantage to most users is their bad search engine. Wattpad had a really bad search engine to the point where I had to refer to Google to look for my story if I had unfortunately not saved it to my Library or Reading List. Inkitt is the same. Since Wattpad upgraded themselves, it’s slightly better now but only if the story is famous.

Another good thing about Inkitt is that, it allows you to basically rate the author in terms of plot skills, punctuation, grammar and all that. The writer literally gains more thoughts and opinions from all readers to improve upon their writing skills if they want to grow.

However Wattpad takes the win in terms of writing experience. With their new feature where you are allowed to actually put a few notes on the character’s development, where you want the story to go, few details that most of us actually end up forgetting and this helps our stories to achieve a good standard in some peoples’ eyes.

Kind of long but this is my view on Inkitt and Wattpad so far.


I think you are very right

I tried using Inkitt too, but I’ve since switched from there to here and Royal Road. Inkitt’s forums aren’t the best unless you’re looking to trade reviews with other authors, but the main issue I had with the platform was 1) Inkitt seems to relentlessly push abusive werewolf/ billionaire/ mafia romances, and 2) the formatting options for chapters are pretty poor compared to Wattpad and Royal Road. On both Wattpad and Royal Road you can add images and therefore customize your scene breaks and add chapter banners, which are features I adore and can’t live without.

The only think I liked Inkitt for over Wattpad was they had more options for changing the reading display (I really do not like reading from the Wattpad website because the font and font sizes don’t work for me. The mobile version is much better though). However, Royal Road has more options than Inkitt, including the ability to alter the page width, so I pushed Inkitt to the side in the end.

I don’t really consider Inkitt’s review system a bonus. I believe the review system should be for the readers, not authors, which is why I’ve always disliked Inkitt’s because most of them are overwhelmingly positive and left by authors who hope you’ll give them a positive review in return (aka, a not a useful measure readers can use to gauge the stories quality).

Royal Roads reviews seems to be a lot more honest, which is something I love because I don’t want any potential readers to get half way through my story only to discover it’s not for them. I highly doubt Wattpad will ever introduce reviews, even for Paid Stories, which seems a little shady since both the author and Wattpad are asking us to pay real money for them and there’s a zero refund policy in place.


This is very insightful feedback!
I don’t have such an in-depth opinion honestly, but my experience was that Inkitt is just… the same stories over and over again. Primarily werewolf stories. And while I love me some wolves, it gets a bit tiring eventually. There’s probably other stories, but the ones I saw dominate were mostly werewolf.
I also wouldn’t have minded that so much, if they weren’t all… well, the same more of less. I just felt like I was reading the same book with different character names.
Wattpad has a much larger variety – or at least the variety is easier to find, lol. And I really love the community here, like the ability for readers to leave comments and be able to talk to them about the story, it makes me super happy. :relaxed:

I have done a whole chapter on whether Inkitt is a hit or miss in one of my books. Therefore, based on all the pros and cons i have collected, Inkitt is definitely a miss. Not a hit.

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I agree, the only saving feature on Inkitt is this option to change the format of the writing. However, I actually enjoyed Royal much less than Inkitt because people can just shut down your story with anonymous votes.

And I hate their frenzy over werewolves XD

Inkitt and Royal Road are both misses to me

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