What do you guys wanna read more of on Wattpad?


Title pretty much sums it up


Good science fiction.



The long version, however?


I’m tired of cliches… so I want to see more realistic portrayals of people. Where’s the realistic guys who are neither good or bad? And why are the arrogant, selfish boys attractive to girls? They’re ABUSIVE. And can we just acknowledge how horrible girls are to other girls…? I mean, if a guy is abusive, he’s automatically defended by girls. They’re all like, “He’s had a troubled past… he was abused and mistreated for so many years as a child!” But you know, if the girl is abusive or even shows one ounce of selfish attitude or arrogance, she is automatically hated upon and everyone is like, “JUST DIE BITCH.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


I wanna read more romances that aren’t full of fantasies. Like I want to see two unattractive people get together. I want to see more slow-burning romances. I want to see more stories that actually portray a realistic intercourse scene… In a lot of stories, there’s no consent and the “action” isn’t described as well as you think it is. In fact, many sex scenes come off as cringy because the writer either can’t write it well or they never researched it well enough.


I’m not a fan of the genres on here because the majority of the stories are full of romance. Now, sure, I love romance just as much as the next person… but these are full of cringe-worthy moments and characters. Whenever I see any such story, it automatically comes off as a Twilight inspired story and that’s where I lose my interest. I just want a story that doesn’t have romance as the main plot point. It can be a sub-plot, sure. But I want something that gritty and angsty, like someone learning to become a vampire or trying to hunt them or something. I don’t know. Where horror, mystery, and thriller come in as the main genres.


Many stories I’ve often seen are just full of stereotypical, white-washed characters. It’s hard to find a story that has a diverse casting choice. This goes for race, personality, and appearance. Just about all characters are thin, most likely athletic or muscular in a way, they’re often extroverted, and more. I’m interested in seeing characters that are more relatable and different. Where’s the characters that aren’t athletic? The ones who are chubby, overweight, or obese? Where’s the introverted characters? Where are the people who have their noses stick in books, who fangirl on specific shows, movies, music, and books? Where are the people who are disable in a physical sense, like the people who have no arms and legs, or the people who don’t have a developed brain and are mentally children? I want to see people who are different in every shape and form.


And finally (though I probably could think of more pointers), I want to see more genres being mixed together. While I love stories that are simplistic and easy to read and understand, I’m also interested in reading stories that are more complex and full of unpredictable outcomes. In other words, I’m interested in reading stories that have more than one to two genres. And I’m not meaning something like a romantic comedy or a sci-fi romance. While those are also good, I’m more like talking about something more extreme like a sci-fi fantasy or a thrilling paranormal mixed with science fiction. This is also a reason why I’m planning a sci-fi fantasy that are split in the middle. There’s aliens, witches, vampires, mermaids, advanced technology, corrupt “government,” and more. Even the witches and vampires are classified as alien species as they come from other planets. The mermaids were created by the “government” from a science experimental catastrophe (they were trying to make an army). The story is full of fictional religions, languages, and cultures. It’s something I’ve never done and haven’t truly read, but that’s also because I haven’t been able to find a story like this. So I’m interested in reading more that are a mixture of genres and have such complex ideas. It truly fascinates me!


Something original, no cliche.
A story that its main genre is not romance.
Any sci-fi story that is actually sci-fi, not a werewolf that happens to find a time machine in one of the side chapters!


Agreed! Romance is fine, but it doesn’t need to be the main focus of every single book :joy: Sometimes I just want a straight-up thriller or sci-fi story without an awkward love triangle, thanks

I really love to read good sci-fi stories and noir crime thrillers (stories from the point of view of an anti-hero or criminal), but it’s kind of a niche genre on wattpad. Also, I would love to find more stories that have super original, engaging plots that mix genres and defy reader expectations at every turn. It’s no fun reading a story where you can predict the next chapter every time!


More heart, I guess. It’s not so much the topic (but I am very closed minded with what I read), but choosing the story you can pour all your passion into.

I also think that families are a thing that most don’t really touch on as much as they could. They seem to always be either rich and disinterested or poor and abusive. I’d like to see more middle class, nutty family dynamics.


you write good science fiction!



  • Magical Zombie stories

  • Werewolf stoires without romance

  • Vampire stories without the abuse turned to insta creepy romance.

  • Mystery Detective supernatural stories

  • Fantasy but with an old lady as the main character

  • Good supervillain stoires


I love all of these


Less billionaire bad boys, or gangsters.

Where’s all the blue collar workers?


Good horror.


I want to see more disability/mental health fiction. Something that’s been well researched and not thrown at a character, especially a celebrity who doesn’t even HAVE them (I mean don’t give Justin Bieber autism. He doesn’t have it). I like stories that depict it really well and aren’t ameteurish or whatever. You know, where the writer actually KNOWS what the heck they are doing.


Haha me too. Im sure there are some but I wouldn’t mind more.


I want to see more experimental fiction. And more litfic, meaning something really deep. (ღ˘ᴗ˘ღ)


Experimental fiction?


Yup! ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)


I’m uploading a story soon with a MC with aspergers. I researched the hell out of that. And I totally agree with more disabilities, and ones that aren’t romanticized. I’m hoh and from a deaf family and I am very critical of deaf characters. It seems like they always have a romantic counterpart who is selectively mute and all their teachers are so accommodating and that is not public school with disabled students very often.


I’d like to read something original that the author put their passion into. Something with a unique voice, interesting message, and interesting characters.


Good comic fantasy, something that give gives me a good chuckle :slight_smile: