What do you like to read about?





Fantasy! I love classic fantasy with lots of magic and magical creatures in. Not so much straight sword and sorcery usually, though I have been known to read it. More elves and dragons and demons :joy: ooh, and faeries. I also love urban fantasy, sci fi fantasy, supernatural horror, ghost stories, some paranormal romance (if the ‘romance’ part ends up making redundant/obliterating the ‘paranormal’ part, I’ll get bored). Historical fantasy is also great, though I do love ‘normal’ historical fiction set in the middles ages up to the early 1800s. Love me some mermaids, lol, and have a huge soft spot for vampires and werewolves that are actually scary. I also find books with unreliable or ‘unusual’ narrators really interesting.

Also, gimme the romances where the partners are already together before the story starts. I love reading romances where the partners know each other really well already.

I think you could probably conclude from that list that I don’t like reading ‘realistic’ genres half as much :rofl: idk why, really, I just want to experience something completely new and get lost in it, I guess. I’m pretty open minded though, I give most things a try even if it’s not my usual sort of choice.


I like reading anything that has good characters and character development. Something I can relate to. Of course, I really enjoy the Y/A Genre. I’m also a sucker for a little science fiction, dystopian, and romance.


I like romance but I also like action and badass female roles.


Tbh, I take to fanfiction in general. I tend to be attracted to angst, but I love happy ends. I also like character-driven stuff and stories exploring different types of relationships, whether it be romantic or platonic, functional or in complete disarray. Also, I take more to male characters for some reason.


What fandom(s)? I like Harry Styles fanfics


Various fiction-based fandoms. I’ve been obsessed with Heroes of Olympus for years, but I feel kinda distant from it recently.


I like reading story where you almost are together with the characters throughout their journeys.




I enjoy reading mystery thrillers 'cause I get invested in trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s fun, though I’m not that good at figuring out what’s happening, lol. Also, fantasy and paranormal. I like entering a new world, knowing about it’s people and creature. Very intriguing. But, honestly, I’ll read anything if the story attracts me, I don’t have a borderline when it comes to reading.


That’s awesome hahaha. Lots of options😁.


Pretty much fantasy and science-fiction. I like the worlds, and how our hopes, critisms, and all we view our real world, can be put into metaphors into those worlds.

But I admit that I enjoy thrillers… when done really well… which is very rare to find. :slight_smile:


I like it when movies are like that! I’m always trying to solve the mystery with them😂


I know right! So fun :smile:


I read a bunch of things!

Fiction: YA and adult. Historical fiction, fantasy, historical fantasy, retellings, romance;

Non-fiction: science, philosophy, psychology, mythology, theology/religion.


Wow that’s a lot!:grin: