What do YOU listen to when you write?



ohhh i love Two Steps from Hell and Audiomachine <3 I love Thomas Bergersen really. Also i love Brand X Music and more. Finally i found someone who hears the same music than me!!


Cinematic scores are my favorite! I have listened to The Hobbit and LotR soundtrack way too many times now, but they are so good!


Queen, Pan!c, Styx, Elton John, Fall Out Boy remix’s, more queen, and ABBA.


Same here! Two Steps from Hell was one of the greatest finds of my life for music, I never am disappointed with their songs!


For the book I’m working on now, SO much rock. Thousand Foot Krutch, Red, Starset, Nine Lashes… And some EDM stuff, too.

And I’m so glad to know there are actually people out there who listen to Two Steps From Hell


Oh! rock is a big one for me too!

And yes, I am an avid listener xD probably cannot stop even if someone paid me, their song False King fits well with my Bloodstone Chronicles, so I am loving it up right now!


I haven’t listen to everything by them yet (I just listened to False King :slight_smile:) but there legit is not a single bad song they have made. If I had to chose a favorite one by them it would have to be the first song I ever heard by them and the one responsible for getting me listening to orchestral-type music - Starvation


Oh that’s a good one! I haven’t listened to it in awhile! I can’t really choose a favorite by them in all honesty, haha :slight_smile: Though I do have a soft spot for my first, which was Protectors of the Earth!


Such an epic song! :heart:

Have you ever listened to Eurielle? YouTube wisely suggested her to me while listening to Two Steps.


I have! And I suggest her as well, I think she is a beautiful singer and did a great job singing Luthien’s Lament from the Silmarillion!


Yes! I wish music like this was more popular


Ikr? I have been waiting for it to come on the radio at some point, but it never does! But they’ll always have a fan in us, haha


Definitely agree. Ludovico Einauldi is also my favorite composer :smile:


I don’t listen to anything while I write. I quieter it is the more I like it.


It really depends on what is happening on the book right now, like, music which would work as soundtrack if this was a movie, so when it’s a calm scene in an Elegant Party, some classical, when shit is going crazy and there are shoots around and cars crashing, more aggressive pop music usually does the trick


I do the exact same thing. Peaceful music at peaceful moments; energetic music when the moment is appropriate