What do you love about Wattpad?


We tend to mention features of Wattpad that we like changing. We all love Wattpad and so much about it… What are those features you think shouldn’t be changed and what is special about Wattpad to you?

For me it’s the community. I have met many nice people. I have learnt so much from authors and readers.

I think Wattpad should never become selective. The fact that anyone can make an account and write and read is a bonus. It’s open to all regions unless there are restrictions within regions. Global aspect of Wattpad is bonus too. It’s a privilege to be exposed to a vast audience who speak so many languages and have so many amazing cultures


I was about to say the same things as you,Wattpad really does have a strong community, I love how supportive everyone is of each other! :heart:


I agree. The support is just phenomenal at times. It’s so mind blowingly unbelievable. I become lost for words thanking readers and authors at times. There are no words to express gratitude to their kindness.


The community, the opportunity, the connections that can be made. I just finished reading Follow Me Back on Kindle, and in the acknowledgments, A. V. Geiger starts by saying “thank you” to everyone that read the story on Wattpad before it professionally published. I think that sums up a lot about why I love Wattpad.


Like you said, the opportunity it gives. I would have never started writing if it wasn’t for Wattpad because I thought my words were pointless and couldn’t reach anyone. Now, I have a way to do so!


Exactly. In today’s world, there are lot of people that see writing and words as pointless. God knows that if I hadn’t found a community, I would have stopped writing due to the lack of support from the people whose opinions I care most about in the world.


Its just amazing the spirit of the community. I also have the book in my kindle and will read soon. That’s a lovely tribute from her. Wow. That’s nice. :+1:


I second that. Wattpad gave us chances


For sure. Writing is such a lonely activity. We need support to keep us going. We need encouragement


I read the ebook in 2 days :blush:. Woulda read it faster if it weren’t for that work thing.


This is a bit random, but I always see people keeping track of how many words they’ve written in a week/day/mont etc, do you think this would be cool to do? Like, are there any benefits to it?


I’m doing it now for my Wattys entry. The benefits: you feel the need to write that word goal every day. The downsides: you feel the need to write that word goal every day.


Lol, yeah, I think I might start, what do you think is good word goal?


I’m doing things a bit differently. I’m using this here website https://www.pacemaker.press to do it. So when I started, I entered in a final word goal. (I put 50K, but I don’t know how long the story is going to be. Seems like a good start.) Based on the time given and the other info that you enter in, it will give you a word goal for every day. It’s worth checking out!


Thank you! I’ll check it out and see if I can use it for my writing!