What do you mean when you say that you 'save' threads from Clubs?


<3 <3 Screenshots, emotions, feels…LMK how you save threads, great conversations, etc from Clubs. If our Clubs db disintegrated today and all your post history was lost, what happens?

To give more context (and hopefully assurance)–I used to run a website solely focused on letting people save their conversations w/ friends. Conversations have strong, important memories and emotions tied to them.


Hmm, I didn’t ever think of saving threads before. If I like a comment a lot, or if I want to remember a conversation, I usually just screenshot it :grimacing:


Oh ok, this is me.

So my Mac is 7 years old. It’s running low on storage.

I keep a list of links to specific comments or threads if I want to remember things (or blackmail people in some cases) rather than screenshots because it takes up much less space and processing power for my little old computer.

If I lost all my post history, that would be unbelievably destructive. I’m part of a couple big groups that would probably crash if everything just disappeared, particularly my fantasy battle thread that I help run. We rely on old posts to keep track of submissions, round champions, and round ideas.


That sounds like a more effective way xD I keep links to the threads I know I need to NEVER lose, but others, I just save certain aspects if I think they’re important.


I know the old software was frankensteined like mad, but might be worth looking into if you can at least add an archive button to threads. That way those who want to back up a thread can.

Otherwise I guess people can just transfer them over here (if/when this becomes official) on their own but that might be a pain in the butt to ask anyone to do.


This might be an unpopular opinion but I don’t mind if the old threads are deleted so long as we have advanced warning of when it would happen. That way, we can backup what we need to save.



Like maybe closing the old software to new posts, but allowing access to it like an archive?


This might be the best solution. This is what I’m thinking.


If maintaining the server for it doesn’t cost a lot, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. @prisim @uncleL


That could work. But my thought was a button to download like a plain text version of the thread for people who don’t want to lose it.

I personally have no need to archive anything but I can see why some people might.


I keep it in my list of subscribed to threads