What do you struggle with that your parents can’t relate to?



Long story short, I write letters addressed to my (potential) future children. I mostly just want to be able to talk to them as a peer about things that matter to them, rather than only having the perspective of being their parent.

When I’m going through something, I try to write about it in the moment so I’m able to talk about what’s hard, what is/isn’t working, and what’s giving me hope. I hope that one day I can give them to my kids when they’re in similar situations, or at least that I can read them myself and remember what it’s like to be in their shoes.

So that said, as I do this, I want to make sure I’m writing things that are relevant. There are a lot of personal things I have written letters about, but I want to make sure I’m not overlooking other topics that might not have been as big of a struggle for me, but are still important. Are there situations where you find it hard to relate to your parents, or wish that they knew/remembered what it was like to be in your shoes?


This is a beautiful idea.


Aw that sounds lovely, except I am still in the i dont wanna have any kids phase. My mum can’t understand my teenage angst. Being angry for no reason, I blame puberty, and she gets twice as mad at me. Sigh.


My parents don’t understand why I want to go into cinema instead of business. Like it’s simple really:

Because cinema is something I actually have any sort of skill in :rofl:


The only thing that I can think of is my personal struggles such as my social anxiety. It’s so hard to talk on the phone and talk to people outside the internet, and it’s hard for them to understand. They say “they know it’s hard” but they really don’t. And it’s the same with my siblings as well (they tell me the same thing). All they say is “it’ll go away as you practice.” I have practiced and I don’t see any difference whatsoever. I just hate trying talking to people. End of story. So I wish they didn’t push me to make me talk to people. I’ll try my best, but I can’t make any promises.


That’s what I struggle with too. I have a circle of about four or five close friends that I’m alright to socialise with, but anyone outside of that and I become a jellyfish. I like texting and talking here on the forums because I can actually think on what I’m going to say so I won’t stutter, stumble on my words or become a statue who wishes to jump out of the nearest window. I am getting better at talking to people in general, but social anxiety can be a pain in the butt :joy:

@dearoffspring I love that idea!


My parents don’t understand my love for everything Wattpad-reading, writing. Even when I published my first story last year, all they could say was “Why the need to publish a story?”.
As a mom, and wife, they want me to concentrate on my duties first. I’m ‘selfish’ in their opinion for prioritizing Wattpad at times- the times when I’m free. My time, tbh. None of my siblings are into reading and that makes it very difficult for me to explain my views at times to all of them.

As a mom, I’ve given my teens the freedom to make their choices and stick with them. Make mistakes and learn… Respect their choices…