What do you think of Werewolf like stories with Unicorns instead?

What do you think of Werewolf like stories with Unicorns instead?


So… Wereicorns?

You know, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. I mean, I just wonder how they would transform? Would the horse legs come out first or the corn on their head? How badass would they look? Is it all rainbows and fluff? Or dirty and growly?

That is something!


Sorry, I had to :joy:

Seriously though, it would depend on how it’s executed. But I’m intrigued by the general idea. Out-of-the-box ideas always make me curious and interpreting mythical creatures in a new light even more so.
I was actually reading an episode of a webtoon today that mentioned a debate on wheter unicorns in that world should be considered a dangerous species or not and there was a short glimpse of a person, who was most probably a unicorn. He had his hair geled in a way so it kinda looked like horn and a tattoo of a horse.

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Ahaha, Supernatural gif! Yeah! Debate on whether people who are unicorns for real are dangerous or not… :smiley:

There’s one for everything, guess this proves it again.

I mean, usually people associate unicorns with rainbows and being peaceful and whatnot, and werewolf stories are pretty gritty and bloody often. But who says a unicorn story can’t be edgy?

True! That is very imaginative. Very Steampunk goth like City of Bones!