What do you think this poem means?

I’m living between
the ticks and tocks
of the clock
in my brain.

I’m drowning in a pitch of grey.
I’m jumping from
the hour hand
to the minute hand
but I can’t escape the case.

I want this day to end,
I want this pain to end
but time is
still unawaken
and unshaken.

Perhaps deep down I know
I don’t want this day to end,
I don’t want to escape the case.

-I don’t want this poem to end.

anyone can understand what this can mean? what rating do you give it?

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My best guess on this one is that the narrator is living between the ideas of time/reality/existence in the known sense. Escaping the “case” feels like a metaphor for being trapped by existence or the body. There seems to be a want to be awakened before physical death and yet a fear of not wanting life to end. Perhaps they cause their own grey state of being unawakened and this last part is an acknowledgment of that.

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sounds like a good guess. i wrote this poem but i reread it so much that i felt that it became meaningless if that makes sense.

Why is that?

it happens sometimes when I reread what I write so much that it turns to something so stupid. I end up deleting it.

I’d just keep it a folder on your computer if you don’t want to deal with it. It’s good to go back and look at your work. Maybe it doesn’t speak to you right now because you got what you needed to emotionally from it by writing and engaging with it.

yep, i usually reread it after few days. It helps.

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this poem is so beautifully written wow


thank you!

Makes me think someone is in a painful situation that they can’t remove themselves from and that it is drowning them, but they really don’t want the day to end, they just want the pain to be gone so they can enjoy the day instead.

well, it is more than that but nice guess!

This… is depression in a nutshell.

who is depression? lol.

I’m talking about the mental illness I’m way too familiar with. :smirk:

yep I get it. I’m familiar with it too. It was meant as a joke.

Oh dear. Not enough sleep last night. My sense of humor is still asleep, it seems. :laughing:

it’s okay. it’s not like i’m good at jokes lol.

Maybe you’re in between stages of your life, and afraid to take the next step (leaving the safety of the case). It’s scary to change, but we all change, we need to do the things that we don’t yet know… But we don’t always want to change

This is a good poem and gives the readers an opportunity to think of this in their own way, and apply this to their own reality.

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I think that they feel like time is trapping them and going by really slowly. I really like this poem and the imagery so I rate it a 8/10 or 9/10 :slight_smile:

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I think this person is dying
Inside he can’t stop his crying
Seconds feel like hours
The torture and pain makes him cower
He hangs on to dear life hoping he’ll drop
Not wanting a safety net if he falls on the spot
He pleads for his life then wishes he was dead
Moans and laughter came out till nothing again was said

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