What does a Forensic Psychologist do

A have a friend who signed up for it and he says that they just store the evidence, but when I Google it it literally says nothing about evidence.
As I am still saving for a computer to go for a Criminal Justice degree, I’ve also thought about Forensics, because I did well with fingerprints in high school class, and they said that that was forensics, but apparently they’re different things ??? I’m so confused :joy::joy::rofl:

From what I understand some of them work in corrections, some help with training police to deal with mental health crisis and some do research.

They’re a specialised doctor of psychology. It takes several years post-graduate study to become one. They may treat offenders, assist with profiling during investigations, consult with prisons and judges on best route to rehabilitation etc

I think your friend just works in forensics. A Forensic Psychologist is someone who works with police/ detectives in the criminal justice system in regards to solving crimes, ie creating a behavioral profile of a serial killer. They may give psych evals to inmates, or provide expert testimony. A Forensic Psychologist either has to have a doctorate in forensic psychology, or have a doctorate in psychology with a certificate in forensic psychology.

Yeah I think he got it confused. As others have stated forensic psychology is basically profiling of the killer. I don’t know if you ever watched the show Bones but Sweets is a forensic psychologist that played a big role in the show.

I’ve never heard of that but I’ll check it out!
Oh well, he applied for forensic psychology 🤷 I’m not gonna tell him nothing :joy::joy:
But I did just find out that forensic technician is the one that father’s evidence and I can do that through a criminal justice degree so I might just do that

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