What Does Everyone Think About The New Offline Reading Limits?

We’ve been discussing here, and there’s a poll in the first post for your opinion, but I’ll sum it up for y’all.

Wattpad has now made it so that you can read a maximum of two stories offline on the app, UNLESS you buy premium for unlimited access. This is a universal feature with the new update.

So what do y’all think?

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It is literally not good. TBH. It is my library, if I want to save up to a 100 books, it is my space, why would wattpad want to interfere with my library space?



I hate it so much because it makes me think about two summers ago when I didn’t have WiFi for like four months and all I did was read on wattpad and now I won’t be able to do that so I’ll literally just be bored out of mind until I get to a place that has WiFi since I don’t have much data for my phone.

My problem is I only get one book available offline and honestly if I end up without WiFi again for awhile I might just quit wattpad because it’s so annoying that we used to be able to save them all offline for free and now we have to pay for it. Like I don’t care about the other things really I mean the ads are annoying but I can live with them but this is just a big no in my book.


Paperback novels and books will always be there. I will rather buy and have them in my own collection than pay for an ‘offline’ book which I will probably delete after reading. What’s the point? It doesn’t make any sense.


Can you share a screenshot with us?

A pain, my tip is to go Amazon (Kindle) and buy a ton of free books. There is a surprising number of free Amazon books!

(I know this is about WP but just a suggestion)



My problem is I don’t have a job and only get money on my birthday or Christmas.

Yeah I know I just I’ve been here for so long that I’ll probably just migrate to another site like ao3.


Ouch, you poor thing!!! :heart::heart::heart:

One is REALLY terrible. Did you piss off someone at HQ? This actually sounds like a punishment, and not a nice way to help you out with the overwhelming datas on your phone…

I, for one, I’m NEVER updating the app. Nu-uh


Dances in 2017 version


Honestly pisses me off that premium users don’t get a limit while we do and their reason for it was to free up storage and make the app run faster.

I didn’t even update it I just opened the app and went to the library and got hit with this.


We haven’t gotten an answer to that question despite a staffer being asked directly four times.

(She ignored it every time. And also the fact that it was plastered all over the threads on this.)


Must have updated on its own… That sucks…


In my experience it’s not even that bad of a storage that it takes up. Like it’s well worth the amount of storage for how many books were at my fingertips when travelling without data


It really is and it just annoys me that they think that we have money to buy premium or don’t apprentice the fact that we can read a maximum amount of books offline whenever we want.

Thought I’d mention this as well my friend also only gets one available offline. They had two yesterday then today it degraded.


Really? Damn… I don’t even read on WP that much anymore, but I’m annoyed at this for everyone else who does


Neither do I but it’s just the fact that I know I’ll be moving in the near future and probably won’t have WiFi for a month or so and can knock out a book in like an hour. It just annoys the hell out of me.


Yeah I feel that. Three books is not enough. I, like you, can knock out a book pretty quickly


Rip wattpad you destroyed yourself with one update.