What Does Your Book Cover Mean?





I love that song :joy:


Who doesn’t?


Lucifer himself.


That seems to work well with the theme


Wow. A lot of symbolism. I likeit. It needs a great font and title to complete the greatness of the cover :+1:


Cool. I like dark covers. Yours is nit too dark but I still like it and I admire the time you too to pick the pictures each with a meaning.


Oh that’s so sad; the way she died :frowning:
But i love how you created the cover. I would love to see how it looks.


It’s simple but very much captivating. Nice :+1:


Okay. I’m going to flex my cover (and possibly give all my secrets away)

The Lightning Girl.

  • Blue background: There’s actually a marketing technique behind this decision. Blue is a calming color, and it’s eye catching and people are more likely to click on it.

  • Red jacket: Red is the complementary color to blue. It adds modernity and style, and is aesthetically pleasing. Plus it makes the whole cover look brigher and more vibrant so more clicks.

  • Protagonist in superhero pose, smiling: Cause we gotta have our girl front and center. Duh. I comissioned an artist for this, and honestly it’s the best purchase of my life.

  • Lightning strike elements: Promotes strong visual emphasis of the title. Plus the lightning strike on her face plays into the story.

  • Comic book font: Strong yet fun title, to reflect the comedic tone of the book. (On the flipside, it has mislead some of my readers into thinking it’s an actual comic o.o)

  • Stickers: So Wattpad has a ton of stickers to slap onto your cover. You gotta show off your stickers and feel special!


Why would you want to mislead the reader? Wouldn’t that lead to disappointment from comic book fans, and perhaps reduce clicks from readers who actually want a text story?



The name of the book Umbra. It’s about soldiers that are turned into monsters through medical procedures. I wanted the cover to look like a Rorschach test, because there’s an element of psychological horror. The elongated font on the U is supposed to further the feeling of unease. I wanted it to hint that the book was something unnatural.


Oh no I didn’t word that right. It’s unintentional.



Here’s the cover for my story that I explained up above. It’s a simple cover but I really love it.


Love the titling :ok_hand:


Thank you. :blush: I decided the lime spacing between the words looked best when they all touched.


Woah, like you guys go so deep into the logic behind your covers. And I’m so feckin superficial–I only want to make click bait :sweat_smile:


It’s more or less you’re trying not to mislead the readers while still trying to be unique with it. People always judge the book by its cover, no matter what we say that we don’t. For example:

This is actually an important scene in the book. The clothing of the character says where he is from, and the bandages on his fingers on the wall is definitely from the kite strings. The cover stays true with what is in the book.


So like, I have very brutal opinions.

You basically have two to four seconds to entice the reader enough to check the book out. It’s tough in a bookstore, and it’s tough especially on Wattpad because you’re bombarded with bookcovers with every scroll.

Do people really care about what the character is wearing or the symbolism behind the flourishes of orange color that alludes to the citrus plantation your main character grew up in? I think not.

People just want an exciting cover. They’ll click, thsy’ll read the blurb, read the first chapter. They’ll drop it if they don’t like it. With Wattpad, you rank higher with engagement, it doesn’t matter if the first reader doesn’t like it, cause with that ranking you’re going to get someone who will love every word and every space between the words of your book. It’s a win situation for you.

The symbolism is just the romanticized afterthought. Sure your readers are going to appreciate and dissect it.

P.s. ever wonder why romance books and fantasy books look the same? And most teen oriented books on Wattpad use a minimal “aesthetic” picture with handwritten-type font? It’s the marketing technique.


This cover does stand out and gives me super hero vibes :+1: